a creepypasta story: scarred Takeo

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its about a boy who makes a deal with a monster to live his injures and get his revenge

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017





A creepypasta story: scarred Takeo

By: Andrew Walker


It was a bright and sunny day. A father and his teen son were in the woods looking for something. the man had long black hair and had brown eyes, he had a military uniform on. The boy had short black hair and grayish blue eyes, he had a grey jacket and a black hood that hides his mouth, a pair of blue jeans, boots and a beanie. As they were playing in the woods a man with a mask on walked up to the father and pointed a gun at him “hey... you remember me?  you took her from me... you fucking asshole” the enraged man said taking off the mask. The father's eyes widened “ it was not my fault...there was nothing i could do” the father said. The man fired, shooting the father in the head, The boy heard the loud noise and went to look for his dad, he wonder for a bit  When the boy came upon a clearing there was the man standing over the father's body, the man noticed the boy and pointed the gun at the him“ i’m sorry but you have seen too much ” the man said. the kid turned to run, the man shoot the kid right above his left eyebrow, the ma shot again ripping thru the kids right ear and tearing up his cheek, the boy tripped and fell then rolled over to try to get his foot unstuck, but the man walked up and stomped on his shoulder dislocating it” where do you think you are going” the man said. The boy went to kick him off but the man was ready, the man reach into his pocket and quickly pulled out a knife and stabbed the boys free leg to the ground, the man walked a few paces back and shot him in the chest. The man went over to the father and ripped off his dog tags then walked away leaving the boy to slowly and painfully die of blood loss.


A womanly figure was walking through the woods, this figure had half white and half black face she had on the white side a green round eye and a wide green grin, on the black side he had a blue round eye and a blue frown the figure had a top hat on, she wore a black suit with a blue dress shirt and walked with a kane, as the figure was walking along when she heard a loud pop noise, then another and another then one final pop, so she went to investigate, when the figure got to the scene the man was gone “ huh wonder what happened here” the figure said. The figure walk closer she stepped on something “oh what's this ” she said. she heard a groan “i think i stepped on someone” she looked down to see a kid laying on the ground with a great big gash on the right side of his head  and a hole in his chest“ help me... please” the kid weakly said. The figure face went all white with a full huge green grin “help you, i got it, want to make a deal,so i save you, and in turn you work for me...and in a way you can have revenge (long pause)... deal or no” she said happily. “deal” the boy said coughing up blood. The figure reached out her hand for the boy to shake it “ repeat after me, i your name accept this Torihiki and wish to be saved by me, then the deal is set and can't be broken” he said. The boy laid there for a second then put his hand in the figures hand “ i T-Takeo h-hoga accept this... what?” takeo asked looking at the figure. “ Torihiki means deal and it happens to be my name” Torihiki said. The boy started over “ i Takeo H-Hoga accept this Torihiki and wish to b- *coughs and gags* be saved by you” Takeo said. Torihiki’s hand started to glow and there was a burning sensation in Takeo’s. The pain was like having all of the skin on your hand removed all at once, the pain was too great that Takeo pass out. Now done with the agreement, Torihiki pulled out the knife from his leg,  pick up Takeo and started to walk off when she noticed a bag that had the Takeo’s last name on it, picking up the bag they left the scene of the crime .


When Takeo woke up he was in a room he had never seen before it was really old room with nothing in it but a bed, the door to the room was only half of one, the floor was this brown color, at this moment, he noticed that he was strapped to the bed he tried to move, but there was a sudden pain in his chest, deciding not to move to much, he put his head down a saw a mirror on the ceiling he saw that he had a bandage wrapped around his chest, the top of his head,his right cheek and his right hand.  After sitting there a while he heard the half door open, a teenage girl walked in with a chair and placed it right next to him, she sat in the chair “how are you doing... are you in pain... Torihiki-senpai told us all about you” she said. Takeo looked at her she had long black hair and green eyes, she wore a red boys hoodie with flames on the front, over sized shorts and really old shoes, he looked at her hand and noticed a scar that made a symbol it was a circle with line coming off of it like a cross on the bottom line there was a thing going around it  “i'm...good, who are you?” he asked. The girl got up and put her hands on his shoulder “ i’m dawn... uh this is going to hurt” she said as she relocated his shoulder. Takeo groaned in pain not wanting to scream “ sorry” dawn said they sat for awhile then The door open again, they both looked at the door and two teen boys walked “hey guys” dawn said the boys walk up to the bed placing something down “ hey, how is he” one boy said. They looked at takeo, he looked back, the one that spoke had brown eyes and blonde hair, he wore a green tank top, a pair of jeans, he had a pair of goggles on his head and a pair of blue sneakers. “ he is fine mason... just needs his meds” she said. Mason turned to the other boy “ hey Ethan, you know where his meds are, right?” mason asked. Ethan nodded and ran out the room, Ethan was a small boy for his age he had brown hair and bright blue eyes, he had unbelievably sharp teeth, he wore a blue t-shirt with blue shorts with no shoes. Ethan came back with a big medic bag, dawn pulling a small syringe out of the front pocket and poking Takeo’s arm with it “ get some sleep bro and get well” mason said.


Slowly Takeo’s eyelids shut and he fell asleep. The girl went out of the room to get something, when she came back she had his dad’s one shoulder bag and a knife that she found, she put both on a makeshift table that the boys were making for Takeo, they all left then came back with more stuff to put in the room such as a desk, a wardrobe, a lamp and other things they found and made for him. The girl walk over to him and took off the straps keeping him to the bed “ welcome to the family” she said with a grin.


im sorry not finished



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