The Becoming of The Broken-hearted

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story of the three versions of a person after a broken heart.

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017



The becoming of the broken-hearted


There are three ways to become after having your heart broken.


#1. You become a slightly less version of yourself. You were not robbed of your heart but only a piece. It has not destroyed, but only chipped your armor. You are still you, you shed some tears for your lost time and you move on. This isn’t exactly as lovely as you are thinking. People struggle with being fine. Inside voices say, “its ok to cry more,” and you know that – expect that actually – but you don’t have the heart wrenching burn to cry any more than you already have. You think there’s something wrong with you? Maybe, but we are all wrong on the inside. But you feel fine, years or maybe just months put into a relationship, but you feel okay.


#2. You become the cynic. You were wronged somehow, they broke it off and stole your heart, a thief you trusted. You are bleeding black on the inside, your tears run down your cheeks only as a sign to others to not mess with you. At this time, you are your own weapon, words fly like bullets at others so they can get a taste of what you went through. You might swear off relationships for a while, deciding that the pain is too much to do it again, no one can be trusted with your heart so it’s best to be alone. But can you be trusted with it? Can you be trusted not to let it turn black and jaded? No, but your mind is being drowned in thoughts of mistrust. Your guard is up now and no one is getting through ever again.


#3. You become the shell. You cried your eyes out for days, falling asleep to the sound of you own sniffling. You shut down for days, never wanting to go back out into the light of day, you’ll never find anyone like them. Whether it’s a fact or not isn’t relevant. You think you’ll never feel love again, but you will, you just have to wait. Everything you see reminds you of them, “they used that cup once,” “they sat there when they told me I was beautiful.” Words spoken for the mouth of your heart breaker play in your mind like a movie, one after the other, tearing you apart emotionally. Are you doing it to yourself? Probably, but you feel empty – a shell – so you play this over to remind you of the feelings you had. But the feeling won’t last, once the movie is over you’ll go back to the shell. But it will pass.


Three ways of the broken-hearted. They are not meant to be pleasant, but you become one of them. But not forever.

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