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Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017






It stands tall a monument to time its twisted branches reaching out in all directions each representing a secret hidden in time. Like the tangled twisted world we live in each limb represents  a different emotion in life weather its a feeling of sadness, jealousy, hate, happiness love or truth there they are reaching out to you like your lovers hand reaching out for you to join him in a moment of sweet bliss.


Over centuries past young lovers have sat below its heavy branches kissing and talking away the hours each word spoken soaking deep into its aged bark, a young man carving his lovers name deep into the stump so one day they may return and remember the good times already past. With each day that passes in time another new secret is held by the tangled web of branches if only this statue in time could speak the words of many what secret could be told of times past.


Like a skeleton standing  the test of time bare yet full of beauty the light passing through its stick like frame casting  shadows across the ground each painting there own picture of what stands above them. The wind over time shaping it to what you see today how long will it live and see the passing of time fall before it. I hope it continues to stand tall watching over the lovers that chose to lay beneath it soaking in each word they speak never telling the secrets but always keeping them deep inside like the love of that special person you wait for your whole life.

By Bunzy 3rd October 2017.

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