The Gate

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Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017



The Gate



The gate of hell shines bright with the glow of fires burning bright on the other side. The  fires burn high calling to it all the lost souls walking dead high above on the surface of the earth.  For each lost soul that feel the fires calling them there time is short for once they enter the corridor leading to the gate there soul is ripped from them pulling them to there doom. With the screams of many echoing through out the space all around arms stretching out from the fires of hell reaching out for something they will never feel again. We each have are own time to meet are master when the reaper shows himself within your dreams you no your time is has come there is no time to prepare yourself no time for goodbyes once the touch of the reaper has been felt you are in a blink of an eye taken from all you have known down into the fiery pits of hell to join so many other lost souls. For some death is the end of all they know there world is gone the family they knew is no more and for them there is nothing more but for me death will be the start of a knew journey moving on through time a spirit able to see into the souls of many moving from one realm to another until I am once more reborn into human form to start over a new cycle of life.


By Bunzy August 2017

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