The Treat of October

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This is a good o'l trick or treat story for the holidays!

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017



Trick or treat night, any normal day but with a little spookier vibe. The three best friends Alex, Sean and Chris go out for a night of scare. All three of them love Halloween and trick or treat night in general. They go out to hang in the cool October weather and get some candy, what else can three high schooler's do? Their a little bit on the rebellious side, so they tend to have fun different ways. Before they go out to get the candy and scare a few kids, they take part in some narcotics. They each light 1 joint to themselves and get their mind right. The smoke has been officially set into the dark Halloween sky with 1 in each of their pant pocket for later as well. They start the night off just around 7:30, trick or treat starts normally at 6:30 but since their the cool kids they start when they want. Each of them walk out in their own costumes, which all look like normal baggy clothes all purchased from thrift stores. What the actual costumes are supposed to be I don't believe they even know, they just want candy and that is exactly what they got. They see their firs victims about 10 minutes into their night. They see 2 children dressed up as some pyscho ghosts. They want their candy so they go up to them, Chris says "Hey boys, nice costumes." The boys continues walking, their parents probably taught them to not talk to strangers espically on this type of night. Alex then yells "Hey losers!" at the top of his lungs, only to have them start running away. Sean then yells "Get them!" and  the three chase them down. They catch them and shove them on the ground, the boys are very scared. Chris then says to them "We didn't want to hurt you, we simply had to tell you some very important information". The 2 kids look at each other in confusion, Chris continues and says "I can't believe you are wearing those disrespectful outfits" with all three of the best friends red eyes staring at these kids. One of the little boys in a very scared tone stutters "Wh wh wh, what do you mean?". Sean says "You mean you haven't heard about the ghost of the town?". The other little boy says "We just wanted to be a scary ghost". Alex says "Well we have some bad news for you, every trick or treat night, their has been a ghost of the town walking around making sure nobody has on the exact same outfit that you all are wearing, he claims that it is disrespectful to him because when he was a boy, just about your age back in the 1900s he went out to trick or treat but his family was extremly poor so he had to dress up as a generic not scary ghost, and eventually after he passed away he came back every trick or treat night to scare kids and steal all their candy and good time because of all the years of bullying he had delivered on trick or treat". The little kids look at each other in fear and run off, leaving all their candy right where they were sitting. The three friends start laughing, Alex says "I can't believe those suckers fell for it, so gullible". You see, the three kids are just bullies who want as much candy as possible, and they will do anything to get it. Chris says "Hey guys, let's go get some soda's" so the gang ends up at the closest gas station gettinng all the highest calorie soda they have, and when I say getting I mean stealing because they have no cash and even if they did, well that would end up else where. So they make the escape and end up chilling outside the place for a few minutes. They were all checking phones, texting, drinking the soda and just laughing and having a good time. Chris then says "I'm gonna light this last one up now" and Sean and Alex say alright but save theirs for later. They are chilling on the side walk, with Chris smoking not giving a care about anybody passing in and out of the store. Then they see a good friend of theirs, he pulls up with his windows down blasting loud rap music. He gets excited to see them and goes over and talks to them. They chat for a bit and then the friend goes into the gas station to buy some cigarettes. While he is in their everything betweent the three is pretty quiet, not much conversation. Next thing they know, a elderly cop car pulls up to the parking lot and parks right in front of them. The three sit their in complete shock as they know they all each have illegal substances on them and just stole from the gas station they are lotering outside of. Chris puts his smoke out and throw's it away in a trash can right beside them. The cop gets out fast and says "Boys, over here", they know they have messed up. The cop says to Chris "You are out in public illegally smoking, you must not be the smartest". He then says "I know all three of you just stole from this gas station that is why I am here". The cop puts Chris in handcuffs and puts him in the car. He then talks to Sean and Alex and says "Do you all have any on you like he did or no?" Sean then says "no sir". The officier then says "is that why I smell it coming from your pants?" Sean and Alex sit their in silence as the cop pulls it out of their pockets. He then puts Alex and Sean in the car. All three of the boys have two different criminal charges. The officer in the car seems extremly upset driving them to the police station. He continues to say "You all lied to me, I hate liers" and then says "I also got some compliments about three teenage boys scaring and bullying little kids tonight for candy, would you all know anything about that?" They each say no. Soon enough they are driving and arrive at the police station, but before turning his car off he puts the car into drive and continues driving past the station. The boys say "Where are we going?" but the cop just says "Don't worry about it, criminals". 15 minutes have passed and the boys are very scared because they are on a dark back road and the cop is driving at least 20 over the speed limit. A few minutes later the cop pulls into this giant driveway of this ran down mansion. He says "get out" as he opens the backdoors. He says "go right into that house" and the boys just look at each other with a terrified look on all of their faces. They continue to walk up the scary steps, wondering what in the world is going on. The cop then says "enter the door and go to the upstairs". They continue to do so, they get to the upstairs and its just 1 giant dark room, the cop slams the door shut behind them. He then continues to scream "You all did this to me, you all are the ones to blame" but the gang does not understand him. He says "you all tell a good story, how about you tell me that same story you told those two little kids tonight right before you stole his candy". Alex says "What? What do you mean?" The cop says "Don't play stupid with me,  I heard everything you said because I am that ghost you all talked about, I was the poor kid who got picked on for not being scary enough, I bet they all think i'm scary enough now right?" The boys are completly scared in a way they never thought they would be. The cop says "all you wanted is candy, right? Well I have some candy". He continues "let me go get it". The boys wisper to each other "what is going on?" The cop comes back and says found it, now go ahead and eat as much as you want. The boys sit their. The cop insists they eat it, the boys say "we're full", the cop yells at them to eat it and so they do. They all eat 1 piece. The cop says "see it is good isn't it?" while eating a whole bunch of it Disgustingly. The cop says "Man I just love halloween night, it is my favorite holiday". Then out of nowhere the boys just fall over and pass out. Next thing they know, they wake up in their bed shaking with the thought to never go trick or treating again.


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