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This is a note to my future wife who I haven't met yet.... _/|

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017





My life has been a journey, to find you. I didn’t know who I was looking for but I knew I found it once I saw you. Long, sleepless nights plague my mind wondering and hoping. This is a note from a past me to the future you. I don’t know what you look like, or what you sound like, but I know I will fall in love with all of you from the day I met you. My path to you is no a smooth one and wouldn't want it any other way. Along the way, all my memories and experiences will sharpen me, shaping me into the true man that will meet you and sweep you off your feet but right now i’m not that man (at least the time I am writing this)


Writing this note fills me with warmth to your arrival, and i can feel that it is going to be so soon that I will not and could not have time to react. I’m not the kind of person to cry easy, at least not anymore, but writing this note makes me a little teary eyed. The reason for is because you will make me so happy and I would only want to give you the same feeling back ten fold. You make me feel so impatient because I just want you to be here now. I know that you would make me feel better by comforting me, and seeing your smiling face as you support me in all things.


Fuck, i’m crying, look at what you did. I should actually thank you because whenever I can I will take it unload all the stored up tension. I never cried tears of happiness, this feel so weird!

But in a good way. Hopefully the path from you to me is not as shaky as mine. I would hate to hear of the injustices made by other people to you. I know you will put part of my life back together, but I also have to pull my own weight. So whatever it is you want to do and whatever is you went through, I will be there to reach my hand and pick you up again. I do this because I know you will reach down and pick my heart off the floor. This mish mash of thoughts i hope to be understandable because my mind is just pouring out and I can’t stop. Once my hands hit the keys, there's no point in stopping.


All this time I have been searching for you, high and low. All the wasted time not knowing you. I don’t want to waste a single minute with you, in the good and bad times. You will be my muse, because in the end I just want to impress you with what my mind can do.


The basic theme is this, if I rambled on too much for you. I love you always and forever, even if I don't know who you are yet.



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