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For the people who know what its like to be misunderstood

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017



When i was 17 i was in a meditation class with a man that had depression. He was talking about hes experiences and the problems he had. At the end when we got back in the car i told my mum i understand where hes coming from and she said 'i think it runs deeper for him'.

Why  is this so common for me, i know you dont get it. Why ive been in my own little world for so long.
Ive been called immature often for seeing the world so bleak but its like it was never taken seriously. I never wanted attention or symapthy i just want to be understood.
You could never understand why i fail do overcome things so easily.

My life seems so comfortable compared to some peoples so i tried to help you understand but its like no one can.... the degredation of words made my mind poison itself. I can not excape what has been taught over years. The story in my head doesnt make an inpact by the words i speak, it is simpily the matter of fact that you are not me.

The reasons for the actions i take and the things i do are lost on you. When i say you, i mean some of the people reading this, the people around me, the people i know.
No one will truly ever know me because no one i know has been where i have stood and not many people have.
I am just like you but my poison has also made me different, something most can not comprehend. I wish it werent true because i want to connect to you but i never truly have been able to.

I am a color that no human can see, a color you can not comprehend because you only know what you can see.
I imagine many feel this way, like me... a few out there trying to find their reason for being.

So heres my positive in the negative. Maybe people dont understand, but maybe we can help them to a little more. The truth is, no one will ever understand you the way you want them to, but that doesnt matter. Out of your stange mind will come amazing things people have never seen or heard before.

Your perfect because you are misunderstood. You are something no one has seen before, so use it.

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