Why Sam left Lilly

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Why Sam Left Lilly

Everyone likes stories right? I mean, stories are a part of life. Ever since childhood everyone’s been a part of stories, listening and reading. So, like every other stories I will start my story like this.

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Sam in a little beautiful town named Happy town. Sam was a very shy little boy. He was so shy that he wouldn’t talk to many people, especially girls. He was so afraid of girls that even just thinking of talking with them his legs would shiver. So, he never had a female friend he could talk to, but he always wanted one.so even though he didn't believe in god, he prayed for one. So it turns out there was actually a God and Sam's prayer reached him.

So God ordered his servant to find a girl for Sam from the special list. Well, special list was for those who didn’t belong in normal groups. Even Sam was one of them.

So the servant asked the God 'ARE you sure?' only to realise his grave mistake. God jumped out of his throne, his sound so loud that it shattered the glass off the ceilings. “How dare you, you little puny prick, to question my authority?"

The servant nearly shat himself. No one dares to question God.

Hence, the girl for Sam was presented in happy town. She was thekind of a girl who could easily hide her sorrows behind the walls of her beautiful smile. She was a kind of a girl who could bring the breeze of joy to people around her and she was an exquisite psycho.

That's who she was, Lilly.

So Sam and Lilly met. Off course.

That was a start of a blooming friendship


Days drip by, monsoons come and go, but the string between Sam and Lilly never broke.

They fought a lot, but would always get back together before the morning shine.

There were two things Lilly liked a lot, Candy and Almonds. Never was there a day When Sam forgot to bring an almond or candy for her. Later she stopped eating candy, it was making her all fat, but there would always be a place for an almond in his pocket. He didn't bring all those things to have a place in her heart, or to impress her, for him she was like his own.

Though the Rainbow shone every day in Happy town, there wasn't always happiness. Things change. Sam became selfish. He wanted Lilly all by himself. He didn't want to share her with others. A Devil made his way in his heart.

He forgot to bring her almonds, he forgot to make her smile and he forgot to do everything for her. He forgot about her happiness.

"No" Sam said. He went on to fight with the Devil. He didn't want to lose Lilly.

But there was a problem. There was a Devil inside Lilly too. Anger.

She was the angriest little girl in Happy Town. She used to get so angry that she wouldn’t even think before saying out the words.

This made Sam hurt. Even if the whole world stands in line and tell him things one shouldn't have to hear, he wouldn’t budge an eye. He didn't know why it hurts when Lilly says it but he didn't want her to say those things when she was angry. He wanted her to control it.

She wouldn't listen.

And that day finally came when Lilly got so angry that she told Sam to take back his almonds. She shouldn't have done that. It made Sam very sad, so he told her not talk or meet with him ever again, hoping that she would ask Why?, Which she didn't.

Sam waited and waited for her to ask her why?, so that he could tell her about her anger and how it makes him hurt when she say those things. Sam gave up Hope and went back to Lilly, but now it was her turn to turn the wheel. Now Sam knew, it will take her days to listen to him.

So Sam left the place, sad, He didn’t want to stay at a place where Lilly wouldn’t talk to him, he didn’t know what to do except for boarding a train under that stormy night and go to Neverland. He didn’t know what made him do it, only thing he knew that he wanted to be away from that place. He could have returned in the morning, she’ll never know he had gone away and things would go back to normal. He didn’t want that, she’ll never know what made him do it. She’ll again get angry and say mean things.

He thought maybe if he would be away for a day, she would understand that it was her anger that made him go away, and maybe she would change. But things didn’t quite exactly happen like that.

Lilly thought Sam left her forever, which he promised he will never do. She searched him like a maniac all over happy town never to find him. Everything changed because of a stupid thought Sam have had.

She didn’t talk to him when he returned; she blamed him for leaving her and hurting her, which he did, unintentionally. She vowed never to forgive him for life. The thought of knowing that he made her cry killed him, so he never thought about it, so he could never tell her sorry. He was sorry for his stupidity. There was nothing he could do to take it all back. For her he had become wrong.

Up there, even god was confused. He couldn’t take the grin of his servant’s face. Every time he looked at him he was like 'see I told you’. God so wanted to go down and punch both their faces, and tell them to behave themselves, he didn’t, he had his alter ego and he just couldn’t go down and appear just for two people, so he waited, he was god, he cannot get wrong, even god began to have doubts.

Days had passed by, Lilly still wouldn’t talk to Sam, she had hidden behind her friends shadows, Sam could never talk to her in front of them, and she had created a wall between them, in fact Lilly was only girl Sam could talk about anything without having any fear, now it changed, he couldn’t look at her face let alone speak with her.

She would never know why he left her unless he would tell her, which he couldn’t, because he was getting afraid of her, now he was sure he could never tell her. So he decided to write to her, well, he did, but he wasn’t sure he could write in straight lines so he printed it and it would be less dirty.

Sam always knew that their story wouldn’t just end in few pages , there were thousands of pages left to be written, he wanted Lilly to know that he didn’t leave her, he left because he always wanted to be with her and how could he leave the best thing that has ever happen to him.

If only Lilly could understand why Sam left her?





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