Your Endless Victory

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This is a modern christian way of understanding one good message. I have only explored this within a simple thought that gives life for all people who understand we need peace for prosperity. Let
this shines everywhere. :)

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017



Crashing through reunification of fruits impending before I fight this enemy,

I am not eager assembled here for war facing you when all God never asks,

May your mind whrils unclear and unholy in possessions,

May your body peals dry and compels its skin in victory,

May your soul let alone in this Earth and rather bewilder Gods likes,

In this confusing time I wanted knowledge excels in action,

My conscience tell me I am not given for hatred,

Yet we pray for goodness in all,

Even when we tolerate wounds be so heavy find peace in my heart,

Yet I see our noble days stirred this glory in a birth of kindness,

He who deserve this happiness slay ready to fight us,

For given up in this world's delight I am not alone in this Earth,

May be it is a terrible sin if we wanted our human family break up end in hatred,

Yet who is denied bread and butter may spell doom for his freedom,

How better be innocent protest cast the silence of heavenly fulfilment for your weakness find peace in all ?

May won our hearts for this compassion,

Treasures stolen for my veneration may not stain red in this ocean,

We had enough paralysed in a time bringing us life-long misery,

Yet your grace be our unforgettable gesture reminding us we must cease not to forget our saviours sacrifice,

Finding this hope everywhere may this age doesnt end confusing your mind,

Learn to put up ungiven in a prayer who will achieve serenity for peace,

Listen never untrue that the indestructible Self limits its slayer without rebirth,

For birthless is God's favor has thrown this body entered into lifetimes lifeline as your character here,

I ask when no one cares for others,

Will your grieve be immovable in very true love for new gains ?

How will you forget this pain for changeless constancy in your soul doesnt cry yet which is born as grieve is a weakness for some certain inevitable ?

Begining when God manifested this thought of an extraordinary Self in us,

Through the cause of natural fetters of duty if knowledge is your consistent result in action,

Will you waste the half-done work many branching into another day in the fear our action may violate the very ethics how we treat others here ?

This honeyed ritual has its pleasures robbed may proclaim there is constancy in man who seeks this wisdom,

Your useless fractures of human wound is a misunderstanding when whatever you must do now is unclear,

Be fond of a mental equilibrium to achieve the perfect state yet to be unheard desire always letting you fall asleep,

You have to guard this fortress,

How fortunate we are when you face these day in living like a art without attaching loss here ?

When God needs a delight from HIS creation,

The wavering wanting choices make a man with his senses unrestrained repugnance
into moral discrimination,

I ask all the perceiving sage,

When God gave all HIS plan be the sacrifice in the highest mountain,

For this God who wanted is that all be successful in our life worth investing emulating this passion in all ways of life,

A eager follower accounting firsthand experience from earliest days we kept track of a simple favor,

This occupation someone gifted us as our existence,

Leave back within us obsession to be the sort of hero not wasted in words,

Every undone selling God believe came from reworking our living saga to use the best of this time and space,

When loyality God represented in giving us this day in HIS creation always evergreen,

It stood for representing our enthusiasm far given through life itself snuffed in your attitude as our example,

If we take pride about this honesty we will discipline never having to lose this arguement,

Every issue question our bond for humanity listening to ideas within,

If you practice this integrity in the first place,

You will be winning to be successful in God's devotion,

Always trouble follows us tempting loss if you catch this pride to be HIS children,

Imaging taking the cross our saviour had to travel by this bank so tired,

Yet the world lead on the shoulders of gaints fanatical not in a moment gives rest,

Always compelled through inaction what they did for unfair trade,

Like a lesser artist finding new shapes of love each pebble sits and dream up the selfless drop of thirst,

Our saviour never looked back yet commanded all his directions through a spirit of a selfless action,

When God finds a home for HIS beloved son,

The wheels of your wallow senses pick some rituals born of the path to the uplift of our fellow-beings,

I am not superior yet crumble in all that beings perish as example act shedding selfishness in pursuing knowledge,

Yet I am not the doer how no noise in mistakes paid attention for Gods unconditional love,

Here our heritage in this universe escapes boundless into full faith I gain clear vision in conform to human nature,

Yesterday my deadly enemies seek desire and disgust I may deceive and degrade the very essence of the product of true nature,

What I never will understand is the intellect of the supreme soul in this prayer I may always remember HIS sacrifice which we bring home with us each day ?

May your loved be besides this care,

Some costumes as womb envelops seed be perfect pass into your heriditary before you were born later,

Here God gave evidence when you give to HIM full faith re-establishing grace and glory sheltering through evolution many births again will reinforce this story of the miracles of Gods work many have known in the path all follow and flows in the fruits of service,

We serve love in the right way of looking at things,

May be the hope of material gain is your perplexed nature of work on this planet,

But who daily instructs what do you do here know the cause the content of achievement is the enlightened respect and taking this happiness as Gods reward,

Free like a offering the fire of staying hungry always will make your homage to wisdom and knowledge,

A penance of everything must sacrifice as flaming fire before the knowledge in this world as time will be respecting who shelters you when a man find himself in belief your endless victory is the product that purifies your work here,

I prepare my instruction you may always debate on the nature of work,

When you are spurred to work by wisdom,

Knowing who purifies your mind,

Always played many roles in renouncing knowledge for the balanced mind,

Here all senses command offering their deeds that rest on their objects,

Understanding such tranquility that doesnt take rest on the body,

I know you as a cause your family is rewarded here,

Like sunshine be never nervous and agitated by its heat,

Your energy flows into a self-realization unaffected in the bliss of the begining and end taking reposed being happy,

This contention restrain contentment lies within for evading spiritual darkness in God peace who is the refuge of all beings,

May you ask God again in everything I meditate seeking action as the path,

Will this entertain into absorption of all struggles that cleanse my mind and give courage avowed in the ultimate goal of a kind heart ?

If this despair not straying within and become tranquil in windless lamp,

For whom this heart be the delight of peace and unity of being one,

May your mind reach this supreme goal like a reincarnated home of my perserverance and our determination above all things that stop our sustainence for peace and hope ?

If who communes within and consumes this tattered cloud curbing its gentle help to rain a difficult birth to obtain,

For my path strive and actually find you nothing more to know in everything I am lower than this Nature be glory of the glorious and the wisdom of the wise,

May your thoughts manifest this seeker in the Earth flings all beings into delusion as such pure soul is difficult to come across,

I alone offer what till the time of all realisation know there is more to know God the invincible who never forsake this body and imperishable who has self-control of our existence,

When night commences I ask you,

This reality from the secret of work made our story so humble before one home,

My acts does straddle in a heart be so heavy for I loved ignoring this will fail me within,

I travel your praises everywhere in this prayer,

Unless your endless victory in all beings are the truly preserving boom,

My worship makes us immersed in this universal glory,

Knowing when vision of truth is a renunciation that all human beings rise from where they shine,

To realise and enlighten them is my glowing lamp of wisdom,

Until ignorance bliss darkenss,

This eternal message of our heart will seek your own revelation as the unity of all consciousness in creation,

Having known you I know not only how to measure in my material gains,

But be the pride of my home you have animated this existence of the glory I sustain in your world,

In the heart of all life covering the three world,

May your praise be glorious and colour the sky above for this promised help always,

This universe is the refugee of our existence,

We seek knowing this and may our homage flow to your mercy always,

I beg forgiveness as you have seen us,

Here let charity from the end of true results I have achieved here,

Only remains as my attachment,

May I place the eternal circle picking up the fragrance of your love as my vital memory,

When this Sun illumines the world with its energy I sustain life as my existence,

Let a spring be born nourishing the divine and demonic nature,

This day is a birth of your kindness,

May the tomorrow I will be born auspicious,

Assemble all the gifts as your blessing,

For a time God will listen and run after all these three devotions,

A faith asks let this ritual always follow knowing you more always here,

Let this victory, prosperity, wisdom and growth be our ends living to your advice and grace...

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