Seduced By Chance

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Mature Audience is Strongly Advised. This is a must read!

Seduced By Chance is the fourth Installment of the trilogy; Betrayal of the Past, Forever Mine, and On the Wings of Love.

Shaylynn Forrester, all grown up; vivacious, beautiful, and the youngest triplet of the Forester Dynasty. Follow Shaylynn story from her first true romance, her salacious adventure along the way,
in addition, her the quest to establish her existence as an independent woman.

This story will introduce Keiwan’s Revenge, Keiwan’s Revenge II, and Keiwan’s Revenge (A Twist of Fate) All three of these novels will be for publication in the year 2018.

“In remembrance to the lives lost by the act of a misguided soul in Las Vegas. You are not forgotten in our hearts and your love ones will forever be in our prayers.”

Love and Hugs,


Table of Contents

Chapter One

Submitted: October 04, 2017

CHAPTER ONE   SAN DIEGO UNIVERSITY San Diego, California Shaylynn pulled into the students’ campus parking lot of ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Submitted: October 06, 2017

CHAPTER TWO LA GRAN TERRAZA San Diego, California A waitress walked to the table “What would you two like to order?” ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Submitted: October 05, 2017

CHAPTER THREE PINE VALLEY ESTATES San Diego, California   “You have been quiet the entire ride, you all right?” ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Submitted: October 08, 2017

CHAPTER FOUR RANCHO SANTA FE San Diego, California Julie rolled over on her back. Javier propped his body on his elbow. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Submitted: October 08, 2017

CHAPTER FIVE GALLERY HOTEL AND CASINO Bamboo Café and Bar Las Vegas, Nevada Julie scooted her chair back. Dijon stood. H... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Submitted: October 09, 2017

  CHAPTER SIX HARRAH’S RESORT AND CASINO Las Vegas, Nevada Shaylynn walked out of the women’s restroom, and glad... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Submitted: October 11, 2017

“Are you still with me readers? I have to sincerely apologize for the lengthily chapters, however, I will be shortening them in a tad. I am only trying to bring you halfway through this blissful
journey. Therefore, if you have made it thus far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Love and Hugs, Kemy
Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Submitted: October 11, 2017

CHAPTER EIGHT OCEAN BEACH San Diego, California   “Fentin I asked you to wash my back.” “I thought I was.” ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Submitted: October 13, 2017

CHAPTER NINE THE ESTATES AT SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS Lavender Hill Las Vegas, Nevada Kincaid sat up. He reached over for the te... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Submitted: October 14, 2017

CHAPTER TEN HOTEL BAY HOTEL AND RESORT Monte Carlo, Monaco Shaylynn placed a pair of emerald diamond earrings in both lobes a... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Submitted: October 15, 2017

CHAPTER ELEVEN BAY RESORT HOTEL AND CASINO Monte Carlo, Monaco “Yes, my name is Fentin Windsor and my wife Shaylynn Wind...... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Submitted: October 16, 2017

CHAPTER TWELVE JIMMY’Z NIGHT CLUB Monte Carlo, Monaco Shaylynn placed her purse down on the vanity surface. She opened her ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Submitted: October 17, 2017

CHAPTER THIRTEEN BRERA HILL ESTATES Milan, Italy Gisele and her assistant stepped back. Both women looked at one another.... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Submitted: October 18, 2017

CHAPTER FOURTEEN PINE VALLEY ESTATES San Diego, California Shaylynn placed her key inside the lock to her entrance door and t... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Submitted: October 19, 2017

  CHAPTER FIFTEEN JASPER ESTATES Moscow, Russia Federation The Next Morning Shaylynn rubbed over Kincaid’s bac... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Submitted: October 20, 2017

CHAPTER SIXTEEN FENTIN’S BAR AND GRILL San Diego, California Fentin sat at his desk. He rubbed over his wound. He thought b... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Submitted: October 21, 2017

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN RITZ-CARLTON Cancun, Mexico Quinton lifted his suitcase from off the bed. He walked to the door and positio... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Submitted: October 22, 2017

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN OCEAN BEACH San Diego, California Shaylynn threw her clothes into the luggage. “All the damn diseases ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Submitted: October 23, 2017

CHAPTER NINETEEN KL HOTEL AND CASINO Minsk, Belarus “Boss the top floor cannot be assessed without a key.” “Shit, I... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Submitted: October 24, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY GRANDVIEW LANE ESTATE Minsk, Belarus Mr. Livoski hung up the telephone. He massaged his neck. Someone knocked ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One

Submitted: October 25, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE BOLSHOI THEATRE Moscow, Russian Federation Someone knocked on the door. Shaylynn clenched the towel ti... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two

Submitted: October 26, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO THE ESTATES AT SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS Lavender Hill Las Vegas, Nevada Two Weeks Later Kincaid glanced ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Three

Submitted: October 27, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE FORTRESS OF GOURDON Monte Carlo, Monaca Countryside Matao and his men stood in amazement at the amazing ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Four

Submitted: October 28, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR ESTATES AT SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS Lavender Hill Las Vegas, Nevada One Week Later “Baby, do you have... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Five

Submitted: October 29, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE ESTATES AT SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS Orchard Hill Las Vegas, Nevada Matao walked out the bathroom. He towel ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Six

Submitted: October 30, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX OCEAN BEACH San Diego, California Predawn Hour Matao and Shaylynn walked the quiet beach early in the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Submitted: October 31, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN LIVOSKI’S HOEL AND CASINO Las Vegas, Nevada The Next Morning Kincaid read over the contracts and t... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Submitted: November 01, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT FENTIN’S BAR AND GRILL San Diego, California Later That Evening Fentin pulled his vehicle in the r... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Submitted: November 01, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE ESTATES AT SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS Lavender Hill Las Vegas, Nevada The chauffeur pulled the limousine arou... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

Submitted: November 03, 2017

Epilogue ESTATES AT SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS Lavender Hill Las Vegas, Nevada Eight Months Later  “Baby, push.” ... Read Chapter

Note From The Author

Submitted: November 03, 2017

Thank you all for reading, Seduced By Chance. It took soul searching to extend the chapters. This novel had officially ended... Read Chapter