your sexual orientation

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its an article about acceptance of ones sexual orientation despite the society's thoughts on the matter.

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017



your sexual orientation….


We grow up in societies where the only way you can be who you are supposed to be is by being what society wants or thinks you must be. I often wondered how you would wake up one morning and decide that now you think guys and their strong scents, sense of humor, warmth and touch do not have to affect you, that the girl who seats across you in class or at your office smiles different, and you actually take time to focus on that, that you love how she holds things like they could break or how she fits into her pants or how her skirts make her bum look perfect and that that is not a bad thing and in that moment you look at her and think that if she missed school tomorrow or took that job in another department or office branch you could miss her. That you want to meet up with her in the corridor or say hello while you ride the elevator after holding it open for over a minute because you heard her talk in the corridor.

Because of her you cannot go to bed at night without a smile and the idea that she will never be yours because society expects and raised her to be straight which makes her obviously straight is killing you. She likes the guy who you happily talk to every day and see nothing in the line of potential boyfriend and she is close to you now because she believes he will notice her this time and all this while you are looking at her wondering if she can ever discover that beside her is someone who would kiss her if she let her and love her better….

And the worst part is there is nothing you can do because sometimes you also question yourself because you want to know that it isn’t normal to like a girl, and you are not normal then… because you truly like a girl …and it feels okay.

Brenda Mukisa.

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