Talking to Teens

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I was talking to some teens in my area about things, this is what they told me. (Names of the teens will not be used)

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017



I was talking to some teens within my community of my small break from Booksie, and they had things to tell me about themselves. One girl around the age of 14 told me that she feel into a deep depression a few years back. She felt highly obligated to achieve great things to fill her mother’s expectations. She is a middle child who was only seen for achievements. She told me she began to lose interest in the things she loved. She felt more like a robot than a person. Her self-worth decreased and she believed she had no purpose in life. She would go to the kitchen at night and get the sharpest knife and put it to her waist. No matter how many times she held that knife in her hand she couldn’t cut her waist. One night she picked up the knife placed it to her waist and started crying. Her mother heard her crying and hurried down stairs. She saw her daughter sitting on the ground crying with a knife to her waist. She ran to her took the knife and comforted her. She cried in her mother’s arms. Her mother got her help the next morning, and since that night she feels happier and worth something.

(I will tell you one of the other teens stories tomorrow.)

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