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I'd be really glad if you could check out my first poem in English!

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017



One color,

One story,

But no dollar,

No glory,


Can you find out what I’m talking about?


The sky,

So clear,

No clouds to cry,

No thunder to hear,


It opens the view,

To open space,

Just a few,

Can win the race,


Higher and higher,

Further and further,

It burns like fire,

They’d even murder,


But the heaven  wants something else,

Truth, trust and honesty.

People should break out their shells,

That is on what we all shall agree,



Stands for live,

From our body, three of a quarter,

Live, like in a bee hive,


Our hive is our planet,

Billons of people live on it,

An egg formed ball of rock and granite,

A miracle that we all fit,


The Seven Seas,

Full of water, full of live,

Habit for millions and billions of species,

Like in a bee hive,


Although our wisdom has grown,

From the ancient roman,

Today a lot is still unknown,

To the modern human,


I bet you have a clue,

The color, I’m talking about is blue.

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