A New Philosophy of Living

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The time for existing is over, it is time to truly live.

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017



“To lose is a lesson in learning how to win, to win is but a chance to say we did not lose.”

Needless to say, I am not at all surprised by the nature of man. I’ve come to accept that humanity itself is a cursed species, however we have been offered a key to salvation, one we refuse due to personal or shall I say “Humane” pride and ignorance. His name? God. 

Don’t bore me with your keyboard daggers and holy water, proclaiming my belief is to be a fairy-tale while you stand and oppose against something or in this case, someone you say doesn’t exist.” How come you get to have an imaginary friend?” you know?your discontent and discomfort about my “nonexistent” God? Your logic? I don’t see debates over unicorns and fairies. Want to know why? because for someone who isn’t suppose to be real, he sure gets a lot of hate and “facts” piled against him trying to disprove him.

Whats the point of disproving,something that doesn’t exist? 

but, I digress. The barbaric and sinful aroma of man, it’s quite customary, dare I say even hereditary as I too see them in me. The lack of empathy, sympathy and remorse do not startle me, it’s hypocrisy and false sense of peace do not sway or move me. Maybe it is a sign of my transition in my life from humanity to spirituality, a growth step away from my flesh and worldly thinking. It is a challenge not easily sought after if not called to do so. 

Prayer is power to the tongue of the believer and I intend to stand by my sword, as a knight would to his own, yes, a knight of God, can’t help but admit I enjoy the sound of that. In my human body, I duel day and night within myself. Spirit and flesh at consistent war and it is only by faith that I persevere. Every day I learn, and I grow to understand that my bible will not save me, studying the word will not save me, my words and deeds will not save me, going to church and singing in dads choir will not save me.

what will is my belief in his divine word and he himself, the love and trust I put into him. By faith I am forever redeemed through the life and death of the still yet living messiah, son of the living God whom is Jesus.

This is not religion, this is not a cult, this is not a building and a book, I am of sound heart and mind despite popular belief of a follower of Christ in this day and time. I will not settle, there are no more acceptations, I will permanently void myself from any person, place or thing that does not coincide with my agenda in the pursuit of Christ, I have not the time to be idle in sinful natures nor have I the stomach or tolerance for ignorance as I have found it to be blinding none the less blissful. I will suffer, be let down, forsaken, possibly even die for the sake of my faith. Let it be known, that if I do... I was greeted with a “job well done.” to continue on to my promised forever, I am not dead, I am alive in my heavenly father! :)

My advise in the mean time? keep losing and a win will be well above worth it. 

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