the noble businessman

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Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017



In a small, provincial city there lived a famed jubilant and gorgeous businessman known by the name Eddie who was very triumphant in his business deals, other competitors were in immense envy.As time passed by these business competitors developed such hatred they all decided to send employees of their company to join his so they can get Eddie’s business policy, get double salary as they would be working in his company as well.


One day, there was a huge job vacancy in  Eddie's company these employees attended the interview, joined Eddie’s company. Matthew, Philip, and Sam got to know of his business plans  before  Eddie was able to strike a deal.


They stole his  business plans, purchased all the shares and stocks of Eddie's companies.Eddie loses all his businesses. He his forced to walk out with a minimum of ten thousand dollars with him.


Eddie went to a secluded place and rested under an apple tree.He sat under the tree in depression and anguish.He prays loudly looking at the sky, ‘’I lost everything’’.’’Please help me restore my businesses’.Miraculously an apple falls down from the tree.Eddie holds the apple and looks at the top, there laid a worm.The worm starts speaking ‘’Don’t worry Eddie’’.Eddie was shocked and said ‘’Am I hallucinating, a worm speaking’’.The worm replies’’No Eddie you are not hallucinating, I can solve all your problems’’.The worm instructs him to eat the apple so he may have special powers.


Eddie puts the worm in a box, goes to a casino, The minimum amount to participate is five hundred dollars.The host asks what would be his jackpot number.Eddie asks the worm secretively.The worm says ‘’three’’. Eddie tells host “Number three “.The ball spins and lands on number three.


The organisers of the casino tempt him to play another game.Eddie plays.The host asks what would be his jackpot number. Eddie asks the worm secretively.The worm says ‘’nine’’.Eddie tells host “Number nine “.The ball spins, lands on number nine.Now, he had enough money to start a business.Eddie asks the worm what business should he do.The worm advises him to start an automobile company.


Eddie’s automobile company has mopeds, scooters, luggage, carriers, and buses. He gives his company the name dedicated to the worm.He sends out advertisements about his new company.Eddie hires brilliant engineers to work under his company.


The worm advises Eddie to take over and purchase all the stocks and shares of Matthew, Philip and Sam’s companies.Eddie does as advised by the worm.They realize their mistakes and go to Eddie for help.Eddie asks the worm secretively whether his enemies have to be helped or not, The worm advises to help them but ask them to write a bond that they will always be loyal.Eddie instructs them to give a written bond.They agree and work as employees under Eddie, remain sincere throughout their lives.


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