This is a story about finding love. This is a story about fighting death. This is a story about losing someone. This is about me, Emily.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Emily goes to the hopital for a routine checkup. what comes after shocks her.
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Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2  “So what does the pamphlet say?”- My mom asked arranging her hair. My dad wiped his mouth and said, “It says th... Read Chapter

chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 We reached the hospital at around 9 in the morning. While my parents talked to the receptionist, I headed for the washroom.... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 4 I smiled back at him. Dr. Kimball turned to see who I was smiling at. He turned back and smiled at me. He cleared his throa... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 5 My first week at the hospital went by peacefully. Following the same peaceful routine: Wake up. Have Breakfast and ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 6 I smiled at him thinking how could his timing be so good? “Kimberly, what are you doing here?” “Mom and dad s... Read Chapter

chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 I tied my hair up into a bun and wore a sweatshirt over my uniform. It was getting colder as winter approached. I went to t... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

  CHAPTER 8 “I only have two more weeks at the hospital left now.” I told Mr. Seymour who was apologetic about yesterday... Read Chapter