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I smiled at him thinking how could his timing be so good?

“Kimberly, what are you doing here?”

“Mom and dad sent me. Can’t you just come home?”

“No, I still have so much to do.”

“Then just come home and do it. They keep nagging me to come here all because of you.” J patted her head and smiled at her.

“My dear little sister, please bear them for a while.”

“But J-” He covered her mouth before she could complete. I looked at him smiling. “You really don’t want me to know, do you?”

“You’re giving up?” He asked shaking his head.

“No, I’m not.”

Kimberly removed her brother’s hand and hit him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t have you exposing my secrets.”

“Whatever. You’re coming home?”

“Not today.”

“Then will you please call them? They’re worried.”

“Okay, I will.”

“Okay then, bye. Bye Kimberly.”


We watched her walk away. I turned to him and smiled. “Okay then, J. I will leave you to your work.”

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah, why you have some work?”

“No, just asking.”

“Okay, then. Bye.”

I walked back to my room to have my lunch- an orange juice and three pills.

Just as I entered I saw that my mom was talking on the phone.

“Yes, I’ll be there tomorrow. Thank you.”


I squealed and hugged my mom from behind. “You’re taking the job.”

“Yes, you happy now?”

“Very, very. But not as happy as you.”

She hit me on the head and hugged me back. I was really extremely happy that my mom was going to the trip. I had to thank Mr. Seymour for this. After lunch, I went down to the garden to talk to Mr. Seymour but he wasn’t there. I looked for him for a while but wasn’t able to find him. I guess even he is out for lunch. I went back to my room and figured that I would meet with him later. I texted Lillian:

 How is your practice going on?


Great. What are you doing?

I’m just chilling. How long is your practice?


Why? Oh My Gosh, Emily Parker are you missing me already?


Yeah, but not as much as you are missing me. JJ


How did you know? J


I have telepathic powers. Remember?


Yes, since middle school. I’m sorry I wish I could text more but I have to go break’s over and I am the head cheerleader. Bye, I’ll call later.


Enjoy your practice. J

I picked up the magazine and started browsing through it when it hit me.

Mom was going on the trip; Lillian and Ben were busy with school activities

and dad was busy with his meetings which meant that no one was going to


be visiting me for a while. It would get lonely for a while now. It was kind of upsetting that no one would be there. Just then mom came in and sat beside me on the bed explaining the dos and don’ts and more. She was very worried of leaving me alone. She said that she had to go home to pack for the trip tomorrow.

“Honey, call me okay. If anything goes wrong.

“Everything’s going to be alright.”

“Yes, but call me okay?”

“Yes, just don’t worry and enjoy the trip and write amazing articles for me to read.” I smiled at her saying this. She smiled back and kissed me on the forehead. “Okay, then. I’m leaving. Take care, okay?”

“Bye mom.” I walked her till the hospital entrance and waved at her. Her blond hair illuminating the light from the sunset she looked really pretty.

I was walking back to my room when I bumped into someone.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m sorry too.” I looked up and saw that it was the girl from the other day. She was one of the interns. She was tall and slim. She looked at me straining her eyes and smiling. “Hey, I’ve seen you before.”

“Yes, I’m one of Dr. Kimberly’s patients.”

“We came to your room yesterday, right?”

“Yes, that’s the one.”

“Oh, I’m Kim Stewart, by the way.”

“Emily Parker.” We shook hands. She said that she had some work and she left. As I walked back to my room, I looked out the window and saw that it was getting dark and cold. I ran to my room rubbing my shoulders. Just as I entered I saw someone sitting on the couch. He stood up and smiled as he saw me coming in. I was confused as to why he was in my room now.


“Hey J, what are you doing in my room?


“I’m sorry to just barge in but Dr. Kimberly told me to take some tests while he was out and I came in here but you weren’t there so I just thought that I would wait for you.”

“Oh, Okay.”

I sat down on the bed as he checked my blood pressure, took a blood test and some other tests. He looked really serious as he took the tests. His hair was brown but looked almost hazel because of the lighting. His green eyes fixated at the clipboard and then at me. He smiled and said, “Well, your blood pressure is normal, your blood test result will be back tomorrow and

you haven’t had an attack for a week now which is good and Dr. Kimball will tell you more tomorrow.”

“Thank you, that’s good to hear.”

“Where did you go?”

“Oh well I was seeing my mom off.” He kept the clipboard on the table and stood next to it with his back touching the wall. “Is she going somewhere?”

“Yes, she has this trip for her newspaper for almost a month or so and she’ll be writing articles too.”

“That’s really great.”

“I know it’s been her dream since she joined the newspaper, to be on the field and report or write travel journals.”

“You sound really excited.” He said smiling at me. His smile was different today. It looked peaceful or worried. I couldn’t say.

“Well, anyway it’s getting late and you should get some sleep so, I’ll leave goodnight.”


As he left the room, I felt a chill it was really cold and since mom wasn’t here I guess I was kind of scared sleeping alone. As soon as I closed my eyes my head was full of scary thoughts. I couldn’t sleep like this. I sat upright on the bed and tried to think of happy things or anything but ghosts.


There was a knock on the door which shocked me. I pulled the blanket till my chest as I sat upright. “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” I let out a sigh of relief as the voice belonged to J.

“Oh, come in.”

He came in with an earpiece hanging around his neck. He wore a white coat over his uniform which made him look like a doctor. His hands in his pocket as he stood tall smiling. I was going to ask him why he was here. Just then he spoke. “I’m sorry to barge in here like this again but do you mind if I stay here for a while?” It was kind of weird because I’ll be alone in a room with a boy but I was kind of relieved too because this meant that I won’t be totally alone. “I can go if you’re not comfortable.”

“No, it’s okay. You can stay.”


He sat down on the couch opposite to my bed facing me. He put the earpiece in his ears and I picked up a magazine and started browsing through. I looked over at him after a while. His hands were folded on his chest, his eyes closed and his head slumping forward. He looked cute in a way. I was still looking at him when he lifted his head and looked at me. I turned quickly on instinct. He rubbed his eyes and laughed a little in that amusing way. “Were you looking at me just now?” I felt my cheeks burning.



“Yes, very sure.”

“Have you been awake this whole time?” I nodded. “So you weren’t sleeping and just staring at me?” He smirked as he said this.

“I wasn’t staring at you.”

“Okay.” His words and his tone were not matching. I tried to change the topic. “Anyway, why did you come here?”

“The interns are having a party downstairs in the intern room.”


“Oh, and they didn’t invite you?”

He laughed. His voice echoing the silent hospital room. “They did. I just didn’t want to go.”

“Okay.” I said using the same tone that he used.

“Really, I’m telling you.”


“I’ll have you know that I’m the life of the party of most parties but I just didn’t go today.”

“Okay.” I said smiling and dropping the tone in my voice. “Um, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“There was something else in my report or Dr. Kimball said something about me, didn’t he?” This was something that I had a doubt on for a long time because Dr. Kimball would talk only to my parents about my condition now and he never told anything to me.

“Why do you ask?” If he was nervous that he’ll be caught he didn’t show it.

“Well, Dr. Kimball hasn’t been saying anything about my condition getting better or going worse. He just says that it could improve and you come for my check up and then you come in here after a while. It kind of feels like you’re making sure that nothing has happened till now. Is something wrong with me?”

He stood up and took his earpiece out. “Is this because you don’t believe I was invited to the party?” I let out a worried laugh.

“No, it’s not. Just tell me, is something wrong?”

“No, Emily, nothing’s wrong. Don’t worry, okay? ” I didn’t say anything if there was something wrong I wanted to know what it was. “Trust me.”

He looked at me intently with his green eyes. His voice was low and felt really sincere. I smiled at him. “How can I trust someone whose name I don’t even know?”


“Speaking of which did you figure it out yet?”

“Yes, I think I have.” I said trying not to worry too much.


 “It’s not Jordan I’m very sorry. You’re taking ages to figure it out.”

“Really? How long do the others take?”

“Well, my friends figured it out from my family and the others are still guessing.”

“I tried to get it from Kimberly but you came.”

“That’s cheating, you know? Well, anyways it’s already 11 now. I’ll leave you to sleep. Good night.”

“Good night.”

As he was walking towards the door, he turned to look at me. He said, “You’ll be okay in no time.

“I’ll trust you.” I smiled at him hoping that he was telling the truth.















Submitted: April 09, 2018

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