The Qar Return

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This is just the first chapter of the book, I will be uploading more probably inconsistinlty cause im incredibly lazy.... This book is about a race called the Qar who have not been seen south of
the mountains for centuries and will detail in the next chapters about how and why they are coming down and in such great numbers.

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017




I knocked the arrow to the string and aimed at the huge humanoid shelly creature that lay before me but my aim was blocked by a branch so I had to wriggle further down the tree to get a better viewpoint.

 I whispered to the camouflaged boy lying beside him “That creature down there is a Qar, they will kill you without question so remember boy, don’t treat them with mercy!” I finally got the vantage point that I wanted and aimed again this time my arrow had a straight sight line into the creatures ugly tormented face. I held my breath, drew the arrow, and let it loose as I jumped down from the branch and saw that the arrow had struck home right in between the Qar’s eyes.

 The only way that the scholars had found out to kill the Qar was to either stab them in the forehead in between their eyes, shoot them there or to burn them beyond recognition. The reason this was the only way to kill them was still unknown but all the lead scholars in the realm were working on finding this information out.

I quickly grabbed the shaft of my arrow with one hand and placed the other on the Qar’s forehead and yanked at the arrow. I heard a Slap as the arrow came out, pushing the flesh out and letting it hit the creatures body again. I advised the boy “Remember that one arrow could just save your life in the future. Better time wasted then dying because you ran out of arrows.” As I thought about how strange it was that there was even a Qar this far south, they hadn’t been this far south for centuries…

 “Raweret when can I start going on these mission by myself?” questioned the boy to me as I turned to him with an exasperated look just like the other times the boy asked this exact same question.

 “When you learn everything, you need to know! I’ve told you this several times now!” I answered back to him for what seemed like the hundredth time albeit a bit brusquer then I had meant to “Come on we have to get back before dark.”

 I walked on knowing the boy, Peler would follow. Though I didn’t see that we were surrounded by hundreds of tracks each with the strange foot shape that belonged to the Qar… huge three-pronged hooves with an indent in the centre.


Later after they return to their house

“Peler you need to draw with your legs not your arms. The bow requires more strength to handle properly than what your arms alone can draw upon.” I berated with eyebrows raised in exasperation.

 “Yes sir.” answered Peler in a tone that entirely said he didn’t care anymore “Can I leave now? I am sick of the sight of that god damned straw target!” he complained in exasperation.

 I started to respond in a voice that clearly meant that I had answered this question many times before and the answer wouldn’t change “Well instead of being sick at the sight of the god damned target, hate it, use your hate to get all of your s- “ I stopped as I heard a stick crunch behind me. Dread started to make its icy way up my throat as I whirled around and managed to knock an arrow and draw the bow that rested in my hands within seconds. I aimed at the intruder and was about to let the arrow loose as I noticed who it was.

 “Getting a little bit rusty in your old age Raweret? You normally would have heard me from 20 meters away and had your bow knocked, drawn and aimed within a second.” Taunted a man that I knew all too well.

 “Whoa there Garel you can barely even lift that sword you insist of keeping.” I bantered back at him “You just sit at that big old dusty desk of yours and pretend to look busy with the affairs of the castle!” I raised my eye brows and started to laugh as Peler looked on in curiosity.

 Peler thinking that the man must be one of the castles officials, questioned me “Who is this?”

 “This man is King Garel, he is the one that founded The Kings Scouts which is the group you belong to. He will be the one that you take orders from once you graduate from Scout trainee to Scout.” I replied thinking the pride in my voice was too evident.

As Peler was about to say something the king gasped as if in shock about some thought or occurrence and gasped out “Run!” before he dropped down to the floor as still as the dead and I saw the thing that stood behind the king…

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