A Strangers Message

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You know the language of love from a stranger always starts with a smile. What is the true story always depict in few words here ? Let us listen now. :)

Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



Forget the day when you first met a stranger here,

Some people cannot forget the way you always welcome guests here,

I like to thank you for this regard,

Everyday uncommon noise run around this greater world we like to observe silence,

I dont see you will ever find yourself in this story,

But I want to tell you something even in your endless victory,

This world is a small place in the distance of few words made to make a heaven so unique,

Do you ever follow with the pride to conquer this wisdom ?

I see you many time here asking for some accessible time you can use as what they count more than this talk,

May you are invited here,

Again my thoughts feel there is how wisdom is not our end,

It starts somewhere knowing someone cares,

Yet no inimitable earliest days exposed humans towards this knowledge,

If you like to maintain focus over time,

I like to learn something from you,

This is a time you will observe silence,

More you know how the Sun smiles around our window like a gifted secret of the supreme foundation,

How will someone around this pool keeps up dwelling in everything I told you now ?

Examine this marginal test,

We buy lots of owned possession shining where life starts over a new climate,

The way that went wrong is so finding wonderful ideas listening to the life around a simple thought,

I have illustrated this now,

If you like the energy radiant from the Sun endlessly shaping our climate,

More you know the ever ending path for fair trusted practices,

Someone will wake a call for this decision you always come up not wasting time,

Only roles we can play is certain,

Nothing strange is uncovered here,

I have only told you about a admission of the belief that avoided war today,

It is always unavoidable investing for the wonderful virtues in every human life here,

Yet we feel the message is always unheard,

Since this didnt started with us,

I only became the magic of a new role model to illuminate a good care we need to build around us as welfare for this society,

Our family is the way to wealth promised to give life the depth of all things happening anywhere,

For the call has come for a time that dwells within this good message as you can be our example,

If you are lost,

Start cultivating friendship one day will discipline our existence as a blessing here,

Far you can make this account in real life,

Ignore many expectation of the opposite that is never so true yet subliming our request in a human storytelling of the future,

You have bought this goodness from a heart that will make its pure love for a contribution,

If you know before time make our history as a single stake that accounts for everything so told,

You may know the emotion I write for our common reason never ends in this epic,

It comes endlessly in a vision our leaders are so gifted,

I dont want a change that admit we can give the broken part of our history to call out for reunification with an external worldly pleasure,

For all you are comes up grading a corner so loved for this plan,

I didnt take earning that set standards on a fiction I havent told here,

This is certain,

Only one day counts when we need the way how we want it,

Your story come before this supreme foundation with many contribution of the largest heritage of our times,

If you love it,

You must not share the given hope that divides us,

If you can assemble something good as a message,

I know you are so special in your beloved home,

Let us take a journey in time the heavens never have thought a human will need to make it for our loved ones here,

I feel this care in you,

So will be written in everytime we will give credit for all blessings someone gave from the life of all endowed possessions in this world,

We know this sacrifice of a time unheard but given for managing the gift of our creator,

This given grace is our strength,

So may all kindness from heaven know you more than few words here,

Let us fulfill a plan God has made for our purpose here,

I have recited this failing steps you fear will take the life out of a kindness God once made this for all here,

Yet if you cannot count on everything that is ever told you from infinite cosmic language,

Dont fear,

Love will never know your care unless you act,

Let us build this hope in all,

Our services give the world around a fruit of this labor,

For this is not a mind you know exist yet will leave the story in every blessing for joy,

I have told your understanding once exceeded what you can be,

Here this day is our start at the bottom of Gods love for this creation,

Let the God who listens every word in a human bond of HIS creation,

Take our gestures in a common message enlightening a gift near this business we call as life,

May this always stay together as our Christmas gift always ever..


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