What has this world become?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Aren't robots cool?", said Mikey. "Making them is so much fun!". I didn't agree to that. "Robots are capable of many things. Upgrading them to new designs is completely wrong Mikey, they might turn against us. Against humanity.", I replied with a serious voice. Mikey didn't really pay attention to what I just said so he just rolled his eyes. 


It might sound stupid, the hole robot turning against humanity kinda thing, but it's not impossible. I'm just trying to get others to believe in that, it will happen some day. 


While we were still building our new robot design, mail has arrived through our door. "New mail Mikey. Have a nice day!", said the robot post man. "I really hope it's the undergrounds.", said Mikey while grabbing the letter and opening it.


Heres what it was inside:

" Results of the new robot design. 


Hello there Mikey. We see that you haven't given up yet, even though it was three years of not getting accepted. Each new design that you made these past three years have been amazing, but not good enough. The fighting mechanics are awful of your current new robot design. He barely even understands our controls. The voice commands do not work and the robot seems a bit... Rusty. 

We are really sorry for declining your design once again. Maybe try next time... Or dont... Have a nice day! 



The UnderGround

Robot Fighting Team "


"Well that was a bust... Again. ", I said with no surprise. 

Shile I was turning around to grab my stuff and go home for a break, Mikey, with obvious anger and disappointment, scrambled the letter and threw it away while screaming. "This is not how they are supposed to treat me!", said Mikey. "I made perfect designs, perfect fighting robots and they still declined it?! They must hate me or something!". "Chill Mikey. Try next time. ", I replied while walking away through the door. "Oh I will..... I will try next time... And this time... I will win... ", said Mikey with an evil voice. 

Walking away from his workshop I took a walk rather than a vehicle because I want to enjoy my time spent here until I am gone. No one really remembers the old times where there was actual, so called, nature around the cities. They say that there were beasts that could tare you apart if you arent careful enough. They also say that there was lots of crime and murders but today... There is nothing of those things. No beasts. No crime. No killing. No nature. The oxygen is produced some where deep down and connects us with pipes that oxygen comes through. 

Everything is boring here. Theres nothing that will catch your eye and make you stare and say: "Wow, that is new and original". I wish I could turn back time and make things as they were before... Heck, like I know how things actuslly were. 

I made it home relatively quick seeing my robot guardian making some dinner for me. 

"Hello there master."

-"Hi Veto. I didnt know you knew when I was coming back. ", usually Veto makes some food when he knows when Im coming back. 

"Master, this new design the Leaders of thid city gave me, has an option to hack through cameras and such. I have located you through those. "

"Hacking? Thats uuhh... Isnt that too much? ",  I said in fear. 

"Do not bother master, go lay down I am about to bring you some delicious food! "

I went upstairs to my bedroom. Where I find lots of blueprints on my desk. Seems like someone was here and it sure wasnt Mikey. I ignored it as if I thought that the mechanics came in to give that upgrade to Veto. Still, that seems a bit too much for a simple robot. 

I layed down on my bed, turned on the TV and Veto comes in with the food. 


"Here you go master please enjoy!", said Veto full of happiness. 


"Thanks Ve--", I said and got cut off in the middle of the sentence by some strange and strong shake. I looked at the news as it seemed like we were in big trouble. The Fusion nation attacked us again! Last time this happened was 2 months ago and we arent prepared for another attack. Our shields are low and our fire power is almost at zero. 


Is this....... It for us? 




Submitted: October 05, 2017

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