Are You Worth It

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If you ever feel listening to your heart, spread this message as your life worth living here. Let us excel this in your worldly pursuit. :)

Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



Ask yourself,

When you are alone fighting for this life,

May this silence be gone whatever answers our gratitude,

Question again,

When you are afraid how low you will go,

May this journey be gifted whatever offers our care,

Lucky always,

When you are aimless with a good idea than a bad one,

May this purpose be giving whatever kept our thoughts,

Allow yourself,

When you are struggling for help get you out of disaster,

May this fortune be growing whatever reasons our respect,

Answer thoughtfuly,

Strange and unfathomable ways of God are thrown into this life,

Your trials is very tempting to say about your fate,

Greet respectly,

All the endless pursuit of happiness to be made in this sacrifice,

Offers a falling specimen for this perfection happens for the good,

Yet every trials knows all the tricks by whatever reasons it greets,

This unpalatable situation since the beginning of time,

Ask now you know why when your lucky escape is a Gods favor,

Does it get any better than that ?

If so still keep your heart smiling,

And dont stay comfortable without one's journey for growth,

If you are trying to build fantastic fortunes and great nations,

Where God favors is a peace of mind in your possession,

When this happens to open the door first with sweet praises,

Dont stop contributing to our world without the lightness of our beings,

If you allow this heart and true mind to turn dark,

By your ignorance your mind may start plotting vengeance,

May situations you encounter don't plot any harm against anyone,

In this prayer everything does start from your habit making a future,,

Some rituals you made as new insights understands this message of compassion,

From understanding is what you are going through always here,

This guides the reason to tell how tall are you now,

My house looks for answers unlocking this external rituals in action,

Tell us all this moment God has a nice surprise waiting for us,

When you greet a day with this investigation,

Let Gods love have a special message for everyday ahead,

Finally are you worth it ?

If you dont have a answer,

Dont panic,

This moment is so refreshed in every blessing,

You must start living worth contributing,

Dont struggle surviving without living this moment,

Dont regret,

This life has a teacher,

You are the light for this loved saviour,

How perfect you make this aim,

Always do act truthfuly,

May your humbleness greet Godhood in this loved home,

Falling this hearts greetings,

May all here be so blessed wherever life starts giving results,

Be faithful for all you are respected here,

Learn to give this back endlessly,

May you live a life worth making all happen,

Where your family shines,

Here you need some savings worth living for,

Everyday let this aspire the dearest credit of your hardwork as this exchange,

May you exercise this everyday,

More contributing yet keeping this delight always here,

Let God keeps all forgiveness you are offered,

Here in this world be the worth in your wordly acts,

Be a worthy human in your lifes message... :)

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