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A man approaches a young girl late at night. But who is the predator and who is the prey?

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Kiyoshi watched the girl as she shivered down the main street. No one paid any attention to her. But he did. She bravely tried to hold herself in a way so as to not seem affected by the harsh winter breeze. Her clothes were far too thin. He wondered if she was one of those runaways that were so common nowadays. Usually it was spoilt rich kids who couldn't take their parents nagging anymore so fled the nest; some kind of Romeo and Juliet situation, without the messy end. Not this girl. She was too young to be in a romance of any kind and her clothing didn't look expensive. Abandoned maybe? How perfect. Smiling to himself, he stood up and threw some cash down onto the table. The cafe bell tinkled as he exited.

She was quite a way down the street now. He sped up a little to catch up, but made sure not to run too fast and make it obvious. Reaching her right side, he casually placed a hand to her shoulder.

'Are you lost little girl?'

Stopping in her tracks she simply raised her head to stare at him. He felt thrown for a moment. Normally kids like her would push his hand away and yell, or at least give some sort of reaction. But not her. She just kept staring with her deep, dark eyes.

'I'm not lost Sir. I'm going to buy medicine for my mother. She's been very ill recently.'

'Oh aren't you kind? But isn't it awfully cold out here for you not to be wearing a coat?'

'I don't feel it. I'm fine.'

'Well if you're sure. How about I buy you something warm to eat though? Just so I can be sure you won't catch something. You wouldn't want to make your mother worry, now would you?'

She considered his offer for a few minutes then slowly nodded her head. He offered his hand, she took it and he began to lead her along the street.

'Oh how could I be so rude? I never told you my name, nor asked for yours in return. I'm Kiyoshi Saito.'


'You don't have a surname?'

'Mother told me to never give it away. Surnames can be powerful.'

This child. She was becoming more and more unnerving. All of the previous children were more modern in their speech. They talked a lot more too.

As they walked she barely spoke, only nodding or shaking her head in response to his questions.

He took her into a wide alleyway; small enough not to be seen by outsiders, but large enough to do what he had been planning for all night. Stopping just ahead of her, he lovingly stroked the knife which waited patiently in his jacket pocket; the knife which had snuffed out so many tiny lives. How perfect then that his next victim should be called Hikari[1].

'I thought you were going to buy me food.'

The first time she sounded doubtful. He relished this. It was his favourite part of the hunt; when the prey finally realised that they were in his trap. Something wasn’t right. Normally they would start crying or keep asking him where they were. There was only silence.

Suddenly the streetlights outside of the alley blinked out. Darkness consumed everything. Straining his eyes, he pulled his phone from his pocket. The light was small but it worked. Green eyes reflected it back at him. Cats. Dozens of them. With them came the foul stench of rotten flesh. His heart raced as he looked for a way out. Carefully, he began to make his way towards the other end of the alley, his original purpose forgotten. The cats reluctantly parted for him, albeit leisurely as if they somehow sensed his fear. Almost there. He could hear the voices of passers-by. The engines of taxis.

He ran.

He tripped.

One of the stupid fucking cats didn't move fast enough. A sickening crunch reverberated his jaw as he collided with the damp concrete.  Pain exploded across his face and his eyes blurred. The phone jolted from his hand and skidded into the wall. The cat yowled and sped off somewhere, hissing furiously. Before he had a chance to recover, something jumped onto his back. Thick needles dug into his shoulders and kneaded them. He tried to crawl but the weight was too much to move with. A hot rank breath blew across the nape of his neck. Rough scraping noises echoed in his ears, much like sandpaper on flesh. A ragged scream tore his throat when he finally realised that it was his own skin making the sound.

It stopped as soon as it started. The pressure disappeared from his back. Strong hands dug into his arms and flipped him. The night sky above him was partially obscured by a lithe figure. The figure turned slightly revealing some of the facial features. Large globe-like eyes, reflecting light like the many cats around them. Furred ears twitched, emerging from an unruly mass of black hair. A leonine smile dripping with his blood.

'Not nice to lie, now is it Mister?'

There was a strange rumble to it but he recognised that voice. The girl. Hikari.

'You...what the Hell are you?'

Purring. Claws burrowing into his chest.

'Why, I'm just a poor cold little housecat. From the moment you spoke to me I knew you were the one. The scent of death surrounds you, human. I thought you wouldn't take my bait, but it's hard for you to ignore little girls in need, isn't it?'

Her hands moved to his torso, claws menacingly close to bare skin.

'No one will miss you. I'm just glad I have something satisfactory to bring back to mother, not like the usual strays wandering around. Healthy strong medicine. Your liver will do just nicely.'

Kiyoshi Saito choked on his own blood and bile as the monstrous feline tore open his groin and feasted on the steaming innards.

A few people walking past the alleyway noticed an unusual number of cats around but thought little of it.


[1] Light

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