A Maze Zing

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I was just at a poorly-kept hedge maze in the dark, and I was pretty freaked out. It inspired this story Shout out to Joe Stuart for commenting on my last story. Don't forget to like, comment,
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Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



The hedge was green in some parts, brown in other parts, and completely nonexistent in the occasional stretch, replaced by a short fence. On the contrary, most of the hedge was overgrown and dusty. The beginning was amateurly hedged with dead leaves and branches covering the ground. It was supposed to be waist height but it followed no such rules. It was the middle of the night and nobody was around. What an amazing hedge maze.

Davis was bored, as many people tend to be, and decided to venture intrepidly into the said maze. After all, what could go wrong here in this ordinary universe?

Davis stepped in the maze, prancing over top of the cut off hedges. He noticed that where he wanted to go was a little bit overcrowded after making a simple left, right, then left turn. He ran through, remembering the movie, "IT". Soon, Davis would become nothing but a memory.

He felt something tugging him violently into the maze. He tried to resist, but it was to no avail. The ground opened up to reveal what seemed to be the digestive system of something you would only read about in a story.

Davis noticed an electric hedge-trimming chainsaw next to a decaying, scared body. Well, it was scared, and for a good reason, too. He was dead. With a zing of energy, Davis made an attempt to grab the chainsaw, turn it on, and use it effectively. He slashed behind him, breaking him loose. Knowing what to do, he terrorized the inside of the beast, and it opened its mouth in a scream of agony. Davis was carried with the air of the scream and launched out of the creature.

All covered in blood, bruises, and digestive acids, Davis managed to get to his feet. That was when he noticed his friend. He ran up with a big smile on his face.

"You just got pranked, baby!" Davis' friend shouted, laughing.

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