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this is based on a real life experience in elementary school. (names are changed for security reasons.)

Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017





My name is Jarrard Lowe, I'm non-religious, and my favorite hobby is reading, and I am going to start sixth grade tomorrow! I haven't been this excited for anything in my whole life! I have a feeling that sixth grade, will be the best grade in my life. I went to bed early last night, say a solid, eight-o'clock p.m. I woke up, my head buzzing with anticipation, I put on the outfit my mom had laid out for me and ran to the bathroom to comb my hair.

¨Jarrard! Breakfast is ready!¨ My mom called up the stairs to my room.

¨Alright mom! I'm coming!¨ I replied hastily as I flew downstairs. The smell of waffles and scrambled eggs hit my nose, Mom had prepared my favorite breakfast! I bounded into my seat, and pulled the nearest plate of waffles towards me. I took at least three waffles, then drowned them in syrup.

Mom's cooking was the best! After I bolted my three waffles, my mom brought over the scrambled eggs. I loaded them onto my plate and ate them ravenously, even though I wasn't late for school,

¨Slow down Jarrard,¨ my mom said reproachfully, ¨you might choke, and we can't have that.¨

¨Sorry Mom,¨ I said, my mouth still slightly full of scrambled eggs, ¨I'm just so excited!¨ My mom smiled at me and left to go get dressed. I scraped the last bit of egg of my plate, and patted my stomach. Great night sleep? Check. Great breakfast? Check. Great attitude? Double check.

My mom came out of her room dressed in her favorite pair of sweatpants, and a light grey running shirt. This was her ¨comfort¨ attire,

¨We're a little early,¨ she said, glancing at her watch.

¨Fine by me!¨ I said as I jumped out of my chair, ¨I'll go get my backpack!¨ I ran to the front door where my favorite blue-grey backpack was laying on the floor. I snatched it up, swung it over my back, and ran to the garage and jumped into our old Honda. I rode shotgun (because I was already taller than my mom,) snapped my seat belt into place, and Mom backed out of the driveway then started driving North, to Winsdale Elementary.

We arrived, I was shaking with excitement,

¨Have a good day honey!¨ Mom called out of the window. I waved as she drove off. I turned on the spot and faced the front doors of my school. I breathed in deeply, I could smell the asphalt of the parking lot, I could hear the voices of hundreds of students talking, saying goodbye. I walked through the front doors, into the large central hallway of Winsdale Elementary. My class was number seventy-one, on the far East side of the building. My teacher, Mr. Jones, was relatively new to teaching, having only started two years ago.

I purposely shuffled my feet on the newly waxed floor to make small squeaking sounds, which kept me entertained until I reached my classroom. I stopped in front of the door of the classroom,

¨All right Jarrard, here we g-¨

¨Marlon, did you hear about the party I'm planning?¨ I was cut off by the sounds of a rather loud and slightly haughty voice, and the laughs of three other students. I could already tell that they were not the best of crowds. I quickly threw open the door of my class and dashed inside. The interior of the class spoke of nothing but learning, charts of mathematical symbols dotted the walls, but the most eye-drawing object in the room was a massive picture of space, which dominated the back wall.

The shrill bell rang, and I heard the deep, yet gentle voice of Mr. Jones say,

¨Alright class, that was the bell, please find your seats,¨ his voice was so welcoming and warm, ¨I'm not too strict with seating charts, so please sit anywhere.¨

Everyone found seats in one place or another, and we all fell silent,

After a while, Mr. Jones sent us to lunch at 11:45 a.m.. My mom had packed me a home lunch, a turkey sandwich with apple juice and a bag of Skittles. I smiled as I opened the pack of Skittles, but just before I could dump them all into my mouth, the pack was ripped out of my hands.

¨Thanks for the snack!¨ It was Mariah, the girl who I glimpsed before school started, her friends laughed stupidly. My instincts told me I should ask for my Skittles back, but the way Mariah and her friends were staring at me made me lose my nerve. It's okay, no need to worry, they are just a pack of Skittles, I told myself. I opened up the Ziploc bag containing my sandwich, and took a few, slow bites.

After lunch, I went to recess. Mariah and her friends had taken to following me around and whispering rude things in my ears, which eventually escalated into Mariah throwing a rock at the back of my head. Before long, I started crying. The end of the day couldn't have come sooner, faster than anyone I left the classroom and sprinted down the halls of the school towards the parking lot, where my mom, and the black Honda were waiting for me. But I didn't tell my mom about what had happened today, I lied and told her my first day was great.

I had thought the coming weeks we're going to be better, I was very wrong. The ridicule didn't end. More taunts, more insults, more throwing rocks. But luckily, I was able to keep my grades up, despite all the stress and tension. But one day, the bullying was stepped up a whole to a whole other level.

At recess, while I was climbing freely around the cold monkey bars, Mariah and her friends silently snuck past me, grabbed my backpack from behind the slide, and dashed off towards the outer edges of the school. For a while I didn't realise what had happened. But when I did, it felt a bucket of ice was poured into my stomach. Most of my assignments and homework had been in there, now it was gone, probably never to be seen again. I dropped from the monkey bars and began to cry again, this was almost too much to handle. At the end of the day, I returned to the parking lot, once again, but my mom noticed something was wrong,

¨Where's your backpack Jarrard?¨ She asked.

¨I forgot, I left it in Mr. Jones Class,¨ I said in a monotone voice.

The next day, I approached Mariah,

¨Um, Mariah,¨ I said, my voice trembling with nerves, ¨could you please give me back my backpack?¨ She just stared at me incredulously. It was starting to creep me out, eventually I gave up and sat back down at my desk. After a few more weeks, nothing changed, only this time, more teasing, more insults, more throwing rocks, but finally I reached my breaking point. I turned around and faced mariah, I was a good three inches taller than her and more muscular, I slowly started running at her.

I was at full sprint before I shoved her with a the strength I could muster. Mariah went flying backwards about two three feet before she hit the ground,

¨Don't ever mess with me ag-¨

¨Hey!¨ I turned to see one of the playground monitors walking up to me, my heart suddenly felt as if it was full of lead,

¨What did you do that for? You mister, are coming with me to the principal's office!¨ I couldn't even find the words to defend myself, I just followed the monitor all the way to the main office, where she guided me into the room that obviously belonged to the principle. He was sitting in a black leather chair facing me,

¨Alright Jarrard, would you like to explain what happened?¨ I left his office soon after, feeling like my entire body was now full of lead. I walked slowly back towards Mr. Jones classroom. But when I entered, it was to my satisfaction that I saw a large bruise dominating Mariah's back. I felt like I had just won a war, with minimal losses.

I returned to school the next day, my spirits were high that day, though I wasn't sure why. I entered my classroom and took a seat at my desk, only to find Mariah and her friends staring at me from the corner of my room. I'm getting an ominous feeling from them. The morning's lesson, (multiplication time tables) flew by. I went to lunch, my little brown bag clutched in my hands.

I took a seat a one of the far tables and opened up my lunch bag. There was a cupcake, a peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chip sandwich, and a box of apple juice. I took a bite of the sandwich first, it tasted extremely sweet, punctuated by bites of dark chocolate bitterness. Then I wolfed it down, following the sandwich, I ate the cupcake in seconds, and the juice box was empty in a flash. I threw away my bag and ran outside to the playground.

This time, instead of heading to the monkey bars, I found a tree on the school grounds, sat down underneath it, and opened up a book. It didn't take more than five minutes for something to go wrong. Mariah and her friends were approaching me,

¨What do you guys want...wait, are you here to fight?¨ But they didn't say anything to me. One of Mariahs friends jumped on me, knocking me onto the ground,

¨Hey! Stop!¨ I shouted, but they all circled around me...and started kicking me as hard as they could. In seconds the wind was knocked out of me,

¨Stop it! Stop it!¨ I wheezed, but they would not stop. It felt like they had been kicking me for hours before it all went wrong. I heard a loud crack emanate from my nose, followed immediately afterwards by a burning, throbbing pain so intense I screamed.

¨Oh my god!¨ A playground monitor screamed and ran towards me, she picked me up and looked at my face. I couldn't see her through the tears clouding my vision. What happened next passed in a whirl of sounds and color, I think that kick to the head had given me a mild concussion.

The coming days were a hailstorm of doctors visits, phone calls, and interrogations. I was excused from school for a few days to recover. But eventually I had to return, but I was greeted at the front doors by the principal,

¨Please come with me Jarrard,¨ he said gently, ¨I have some news for you.¨ I obeyed silently, following him into his office. He offered me a seat, then took a seat himself,

¨These last few days have been quite stressful, haven't they?¨ The principal said, trying to strike up conversation.

¨I guess, but sir, why am I here?¨ I asked, halfway between nervousness and excitement.

¨I think you will be glad to know that Mariah, her friends Marlon, Carlos, Stacy, and Jacob have been expelled,¨ he said, smiling at me. My eyes widened, I couldn't believe what I had just heard,

¨I'm glad you were able to recover, and I hope that the rest of the school year, passes without further trouble for you,¨ The principal said.

¨Thank you!¨ I exclaimed, the principal smiled and excused me from his office. I walked down the corridors towards my classroom, the events of earlier this year flashing through my brain. And I realised I had one defining quality, one thing that kept me going the whole time, resilience.



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