the terrifying trailers of texas

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The Terrifying Trailers of Texas part 1

This story also takes place is July 


In a sunny 2015 day with no clouds in the sky. The Nowicki Family set to out Texas. To begin their three week summer vacation. The Excitement only lasted that night. As soon as they checked in at campground Hopper’s plus. They started to unpack their stuff. After all that dad spoke “All Righty that should be good” Dad Replied with a happy voice. We got a 2016 Salem trailer. When we were finally done unpacking “It’s almost 9:59 we need a lot of energy for tomorrow's activities and waterfall scavenger hunt” Mom barely said with her sleepy voice. At midnight there was a thing that almost scared Alex to faint. A KuThump sound woke up Alex up with a scared face. “Wha Wha What was that KuThump sound that I heard”! Alex asked himself with a worried look. Instantly Alex knew that he had to tell Mom and Dad. “Mom Dad” Alex yelled at them to wake them up. “Alex you must come outside now” a voice he did not recognize replied urgent.” Who is this that is calling me?” “My name is Stella Martinovich But you can just call me Stella” Stella Replied happier now that Alex knew her name.” I be right out” Alex called out from the camper. As soon as Alex walked out of their camper Alex got a terrifying surprise. “STELLA YOU'RE A GHOST” Alex Screamed with all of his might. “Alex calm down” Stella yelled .A minute went by and then Alex realized that Stella was a friendly ghost. Then Stella explained something scary” Alex you’re  under a spell used by this trailer that you got and anyone you touch gets frozen” “But But a trailer can’t come to life” Alex Said worried. “When you heard the KuThump that was the trailer’s spell coming to life” Stella explained quickly. "How will this creepy spell on the trailer go away" Alex Cried."Well I don't know how it could go away but an old man named Emmett Lathrop Brown could help us” Stella said loudly.

“Wait are you talking about Emmet Brown from the back to the future movies?” Alex asked excitedly. “Yes I am so we have to use my flying ghost car but for you to use it you have to be a ghost” Stella said quickly. “No No No No if you turn me into a ghost how do we get back to a human and I don’t want to meet the famous Doc Brown as a ghost!” Alex said angry

“Plus my uncle has a  flying DeLorean car that he lets me borrow anytime I need it” Alex said happily Suddenly Mr. King the campground manager came to our site “Could you quit talking loud quiet hour was two hours ago” Mr. King roared with a angry voice. “Anyway Alex how far is your uncle’s home” Stella asked with a curious voice. “Stella my uncle Dave lives in an apartment” Alex laughed. “Alex this is no time for funny jokes in a week the spell from the trailer will be permanent and than your mom and dad will be sleeping for the rest of their lives so how far is Uncle Dave’s apartment”?  “It’s just 15 miles from the Atlanta highway” Alex yelled. “So Stella where are you going to hide?” Alex asked. “Oh I won’t come with you Alex” Stella said softly. At Uncle Dave’s apartment Alex rang the doorbell. “HEY IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING oh hi Alex I didn't know it was you sorry anyway what do you need?” “Uncle Dave yelled “Uncle Dave I need the DeLorean for helping with mom and dad” Alex spoke quickly. And Uncle Dave just handed me the key. As Alex got in the DeLorean to the 15 miles to the campground. “Yay he’s here!” Stella yelled excitedly. But it was not Alex it was the EVIL GHOST HUNTER! And the captured STELLA. Then Alex parked the DeLorean by the Salem trailer.  “Stella Stella where are you” Alex asked softly. Then in the helicopter. “Let Me Out” Stella was yelling in a dog cage she barely fit in. Then back at the campground Alex just found a note that said Alex help me I’m almost to no ghost maximum prison for ghost Stella PS don’t go to Emmett’s without me. Than Alex yelled”Oh no”. And then the campground Manager Mr. King came out “HERE TAKE THIS IT’S A FIFTY DOLLAR CHARGE FOR TALKING” Mr. King roared at me.

But in the letter from Stella there was an enclosed map showing the way to the Prison. Alex started to pack stuff into the little space in the DeLorean and he grabbed Food, a phone, a gps, a laser that was strong to cut the Cell open. Then Alex got a call from his Uncle Dave. “Alex you can keep the DeLorean” Uncle Dave Whispered. Then Alex jumped into the DeLorean and pushed all the buttons to make it fly it took off flying. Soon the helicopter was landing on the small island where the prison was. Someone put handcuffs on Stella. Stella YELLED “LET GO OF ME” but she was locked in the cell anyway and they put an ugly necklace on Stella that made her that she could not go through the walls and she could not take it off only a human could. Then they threw Stella into the cramped cell with a lot of other ghost.  “Can’t we just go through the walls?” Stella asked. “I’m sorry Stella it’s not possible” Baylee the ghost said with a sad voice. “How did you know my name and why is getting out of here not possible?” Stella asked with a strange voice. “Stella the way I know you're name is because it is printed on the jail clothes that you are wearing and you can’t get out of here because when the captured you they put a thing on you  that makes ghost not able to go through the walls anymore” Baylee said loudly. Then the next day when the sun was starting to come up Alex was arriving at no ghost maximum prison for ghost. And then Alex heard “Everybody it is time for showering and brushing teeth and eating” the jail warden yelled through the intercom. “Stella what would you like to eat”? Bill the guard asked.” The bacon egg and cheese biscuit” Please Stella asked nicely.  “NO MCDONALD’S FOR PRISONERS” The mean prison guard yelled at Stella. Then Alex was flying up to the jail gate he got a surprise visiting hours were not for another for two days. “GREAT SCOTT” Alex yelled. “How will I be able to save Stella” Alex whispered. “Oh i have a time machine” Alex realized. Then Alex had to land to fill up Mr. Fusion with coke. And Alex set the time circuits to go to Wednesday July 24 2015. Then Alex had to get the car up to 88 MPH. Suddenly a prison guard came down by Alex’s car and startled him. “Hello who would you like to visit?” the guard asked in a deep gruff voice. “Stella Martinovich please” Alex asked nicely “FINE JUST GO LEAVE ME ALONE KID” the guard roared 100% meaner than the campground manager Mr. King. “Gosh you don’t have to yell at me” Alex said in a calm voice. Then Alex drove into the prison. And Alex said bye to Tray the ghost.  Right when Alex drove in he knew something didn't look right about one of the prisoners because he looked like he had a mask and his name was Burger. Alex walked over to Burger and pulled off a mask. “MR. KING! WHY ARE YOU IN JAIL you're not a ghost” Alex looked confused “Well Alex I'm here because I was working late in my classroom it was about 7:00 pm and I heard a knock at the door and i opened it” Mr. King was saying in a worried way.  “Mr. King what was at the door?” Alex asked “Well when I opened it there was this man probably about 6 foot 8 and he had a bag he distracted me by saying someone was breaking my car I looked at my car he put a bag on me and that's all I remember until you pulled this mask off me” Mr. King explained. But a man put handcuffed Alex! “LET ME GO” Alex yelled. The guard ignored Alex and picked up a walkie-talkie.

“Sam I got an intruder that pulled off a mask off of prisoner King 56454 what should I do?” the guard asked “Lock him in high security like Stella but make sure they don't have any contact” Sam told the guard. As the guard escorted Alex through the prison Alex knew it would be a maze trying to get out after about 3 minutes of walking even though it seems to Alex like 1 day them came to an elevator. The guard shoved Alex in the elevator he shoved a key in the slot and then he pushed a button labeled maximum and then they got off he shoved Alex in cell B-99 and undid one hand of the handcuffs and locked the other side on a bar in the cell. “Oh you will spend a lifetime so you can have food the guard said mean. But Alex just kicked him out!


THE END find out what will happen to Mr. King Stella and Alex in part 2

Author Alex Nowicki



The terrifying trailers of Texas part 2 Buy Alex Nowicki

When Alex kicked the guard out of the cell the guard turned to stone And Alex remembered the words Stella told Alex Alex you’re under a spell used by this trailer that you got and anyone you touch gets frozen. Just then a prison guard came over to Alex “Alex you know Stella is an evil Ghost” as the guard tried to tell Alex.  “You’re lying to me,” As Alex yelled at the guard. Then the guard reached into his pocket and Alex feared the worst. But he was holding a Smart phone. And he showed Alex a video from a camera that showed Stella talking to some other ghost that Stella was telling them that when Alex and his parents reached the campground she would use Sleeping powder in Alex’s parent’s food. And that when she told Alex they had to go to Doc’s place it turned out to be a trap!  “Stella why would you do this to them all this time you were trying to take me on a wild adventure” Alex’s voice filled with rage.  “Hear Alex save Mr. King and here is the time machine keys and don’t talk to Stella” As the guard helped him out by giving him the steps to

Get out of No Ghost maximum prison for ghost. “Oh and by the way when Stella told you her last name she was lying to you and good luck” And Alex ran up to the elevator and pushed the button labeled 4th floor.  Suddenly as the doors opened Stella was there and yelling at Alex in a much more mad voice than before.  “So you were you going to try and save Mr.

King well too bad” As Stella pointed her ghostly finger to the right!  And Alex saw Mr. King sleeping with Stella’s sleeping powder! But then magic happened as the sun was rising by a window and Stella shrieked and left the room. “Of coarse ghost weakness is light” Alex thought is his head

Then Alex bolted over to Mr. King the campground manager and the 7th grade teacher at LMS. And hopped into the time machine making it go faster than it had been ever before. They were hitting speeds over 200 Mph!  “Ugh my head hurts so bad” as Mr. King spoke like he was tired. “Mr. King you’re OK” As excitement filled Alex’s voice.  “Where are we?” 

Mr. King was confused “you’re in a time machine powered my Mr. Fusion home energy reactor” Alex told Mr. King

And for some reason Mr. King believed him. And 55 miles later

Alex stopped at the gas station called Greene’s surprise today. Alex filled up the gas tank. And Stella appeared out of nowhere!  “Why hello Alex nice to see you again” as Stella whispered to Alex.  And Alex heard the soft sound of ghost behind him!  Ghosts were trying to capture Mr. King!“MR. KING drive the time machine away from here” As Alex was yelling at Mr. King to get out of the gas station as soon as possible!  And Mr. King drove away in the flying time machine.  “GHOST GET MR. KING FOR ME” Stella was yelling with rage.  And Stella flew away to another place.  And Alex got out his secret time travel train.“Ok now to use the tracking chip on the DeLorean time machine to find Mr. King” Alex thought to himself so Stella could not hear Alex talking.  “Ugh where is MR. KING” Stella yelled at the other ghost.  Stella we did not find the time machine or Mr. King sorry boss” as one of the other ghost that were with Stella told her.“I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT YOU WOULD BRING MR. KING TO ME TODAY AND WE HAVE 20 MINUTES TO 12:00 AM” as Stella, roared at all of the servants. “And you know if midnight passes then the magic will wear off!”  Stella told the other ghost that she was demanding right in front of her. “Yes Stella we know if it's tomorrow and he goes back to school to get things set up the magic will wear off forever” as the smallest ghost told Stella he knew.  “Then what are we waiting for midnight will pass now go” Stella yelled at the other ghost to make them go find Mr. King.“Ah so he around Hawaii” Alex spoke softly as the gps radar got in range of the DeLorean time machine.  But when he got just over New Mexico he got a big surprise! “Why nice to meet you now pull over this big train please” one of Stella’s helpers asked Alex in an evil soft voice.  But as soon as he got done talking to Alex Alex just had the time train go faster.  “Oh bye bye sir” Alex yelled out from a window in the train. “Oh Stella I can’t keep up with this train” as the ghost said sadly to Stella. “But you know we have to hurry because when I told Alex that one week ago the spell would be forever” Stella told her ghost helper.  Suddenly a helicopter appeared out of the sky! And a bright light shined onto Stella and the other ghost.  “You’re under arrest ghost!” as one of the prison guards from the no ghost maximum security prison yelled to them. As Stella and the other ghost tried to fly away a guard put on the necklace from before that made them not aloud to fly through walls.  “Oh no not again” Stella yelled at the guard’s as the pushed the evil ghost into the back of the helicopter.And Alex was coming up to the Hawaii islands. “Ah so Mr. King is just 15 miles away” As Alex said with relief. Beep Beep Beep suddenly the alarm screamed at Alex. “Oh no we’re out of coal we have to get some more” Alex sighed.  “Wait what this book is doing here” Alex asked himself confused.  The title printed in bold letters said Stella’s magic tricks and how to reverse them too.  “Woo Hoo” I can finally stop Stella’s sleeping potion” Alex yelled out happily.  But with all the excitement Alex forgot that the time train was running out of coal! 10 minutes down the road the time train crashed onto the earth’s hard ground! “Where is Alex he should have been here a long time ago with how fast the time train can go” Mr. King said like he was mad.  Suddenly Stella appeared by Mr. King and she escaped again!  “Stella what are you doing here” Mr. King yelled at Stella.  “Oh Mr. King we don’t need to see you today we just need to see the inside of the time machine” Stella laughed like she was an evil ghost. “Well Stella guess what oh you guessed correctly you can’t see inside because it’s not yours” As Mr. King laughed from the joke.  But one of Stella’s helpers held Mr. King back against the wall!  But back on the time train Alex tried to contact Mr. King by using the phone that was linked to both time machines.  Ring ring ring as the phone in the time machine started to ring.  “Yes Alex did you find my book” Stella asked Alex like she really needed it.  “Well yes Stella I did but I will not give it to you because I saw what spells were in it” Alex tried to explain calmly.  “WELL YOU BETTER GIVE IT TO ME OR I WILL USE THE TRACKING DEVICE TO FIND THAT BOOK” Stella roared into the phone like a lion that was trying to roar as loud as it could yell.  “Stella I will give it to you if I take all the bad spells out of the book” Alex tried to offer the book nicely. “WELL GUESS WHAT I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE TRACKING DEVICE” Stella roared into the phone again.  “But Stella I broke mine so if you do get the tracker working you won’t be able to find me anyway” Alex told Stella in a soft voice. But the line went dead after Alex was done talking. And Alex found another load of coal in the storage device and smashed it into the coal-powered engine.  “And Stella does not know that the time train has an invisible feature that I installed” Alex said happily. So Alex got up into the air use the button. And Alex thought it was funny when he passed Stella.  “I feel Alex right about hear but we can’t see him” Stella was saying confused.  And after all of that Alex revealed his hiding place by making the time train visible to Stella! “Oh there you are Alex” Stella said as she drifted over to the train.  Stella along with other ghost trying to find Stella’s book. But Alex threw it down to the ocean instead! “Oh well It’s not here maybe back by the campground” Stella told the other ghost.


What will happen to Stella Mr. King Alex the prison guards find out more by reading Part 3 coming up?




By Alex Nowicki October 3 2016

Last time on our story we eventually find out that Stella is an evil ghost and uses sleeping powder to try and put people to sleep forever! What will happen on our story now? Welcome to the terrifying trailers of Texas part 3 the final part to our story. Let’s begin.


“Oh No Stella is going back to the campground!” Alex screamed in horror!  What will we do when Stella comes?  Alex was wondering “Mr. King Help” Alex yelled at him. But some sleeping powder made Mr. King fall asleep for some time.

And than Mr. King’s radio picked up a signal from Stella’s news broadcast!  “Well hello all of you great listeners this is the first news about Stella and I also shut down this old radio station” Stella was laughing with an evil laugh.

“Oh and I am trying to take this Salem trailer to get inside it so Alex you have 24 hours left of this 1 week so hurry up” Stella said like she knew Alex was listening to the station.

“We have to hurry up and get back to the campground before the 24 hours ends” as Alex was crying in panic.

And then Alex realized he had a time train and started to program the time machine to go back to when we first arrived at the campground. So without wasting anymore time Alex filled up the time machine and set off into the past!  And when they got up to 87 MPH Alex realized he could get Mr. Martinovich to help him before Stella was able to use her sleeping powder. So Alex did not time travel through time.  AndDing Dong as Alex ringed Mr. Martinovich door. But Stella answered the door! And she was floating towards Mr. Martivionich with sleeping powder! But then like magic it was raining but the clouds went away. And Stella shrieked as the sun hit her body. But she survived again!  “Well Mr. Martinovich me and Mr. King did it” as Alex was doing a happy dance. “Well did you forget about us?” Alex spun around to find Stella’s friends! “Oh yeah we forgot about Stella’s helpers” Alex told them with a voice that sounded like forgetting something. “Well you can start by swimming down into the ocean looking for Stella’s Spell book” As the fat ghost yelled at them.

“Well I have it right here” Alex said like he did not care giving the spell book to them. And just then they all flew away! “Where are we” As Mr. King woke up because the sleeping powder wore off. “Well we are right by Mr. Martinovich house” Alex replied happy. “Why did you give Stella her book back?” Mr. King was replying with a strange look. “Well Mr. king what I did is I have the original copy which I hid where Stella and Stella’s friends will never find it so I made a fake copy and went to a store to copy the original but with the evil spells I told them to cut off the words” Alex was replying with a happy look. But Alex looked at his watch and saw what time it is!

“Get in the car now we have 10 minutes left till the 24 hours gets up” Alex was yelling in a panic!

So in like no time everyone piled up into the time machine. Alex Alex set the date to go to when Alex’s family but a few hours earlier. So they got the machine to go up to 88 MPH! And in no time at all they traveled to 1 week ago! “THERE’S ME” Mr. King yelled at him in his campground job. “Quiet Mr. King if he sees you the consequences could be horrible and destroy the entire universe!” Alex was telling Mr. King  “Ok let’s go over the plan again ok so I will sprinkle sleeping power in the Salem and then I will make an KuThump sound and tell Alex that  we need to go to Doc Brown’s  place” As Stella was speaking quietly. “There are Stella and the other ghosts” Mr. King was telling them quietly. And Alex knew who to call. “I was going to call the prison” Alex was saying. And then Stella was looking for something and passed right by Mr. King, Alex and Mr. Martinovich! Ring Ring Ring as the Warden’s phone was ringing. “Hello this is no ghost maximum prison for ghost how can I help you?” the warden was asking nicely.

“Do you know Stella the ghost?” As Alex was asking politely. “DID YOU SAY STELLA?” the warden was asking!

“Well yes I was in there like a few minutes” Alex was telling the warden.  “Well it’s ok that you got on but Stella is wanted for using sleeping powder all the time By” The warden hanged up! But then Mr. King saw the spell book fly! “Wait I read the book over and over again so I know the spells” Alex was yelling. But like Magic Stella appeared by Alex!  “You are here early anyway Hurmdidewjdk39dfjjwd” Stella yelled as she was looking at her spell book. “Kd4dwjduwiwdidnuiw” Yelled Alex. CRASH the two spells that were hitting each other made a boom sound and disappeared! “What How Did you know that spell” Stella was wondering with fear. “Hey keep quiet please” as Mr. King the campground manager yelled at them.  “Oh and Stella I was practicing spells too” Alex told Stella. But then Stella’s book was stolen from her! “Well Stella thanks you for this spell book and you are under arrest!” As Tray the ghost from before appeared. “Nice to see you again Tray” as Alex shook Tray’s hand. “What do you mean I have never met you before?” Tray was wondering. Then all sudden Stella tried to dart away from Tray! “Where are you going Stella” The warden asked?

But Stella used one of her magic spells to make the warden disappear! “Stella don’t do that and hytiejdiencijdhuf43434” Alex yelled. And Stella was screaming because Alex used a spell that moved the clouds that were blocking the sun! And after 4 minutes of constant screaming Stella disappeared! And when she was floating away into the early morning sun!  “How dare you do that to Stella” as one of her helpers was going over to the site that Alex’s Salem would be. And she tried sprinkling some sleeping powder but she did not know the spell! “Rsnyuidwukdk!” Alex yelled. The spell book burst into flames! And the only person that could bring the book back was Alex! But then all of the ghost was arrested! But Stella appeared again. But she was a human??? “Stella why are you a human?” Alex asked.

“I came back alive now that I have been exposed to light and jwfdjwqdkwqjieiu!” Stella yelled. Alex leaped out of the way just in time! “Rst 83m Dj Wik Wj” Stella yelled! Then when the spell Mr. King he froze and flew away! But the spell went out of the area and Mr. King was okay! 

Then Tray used his vacuum to capture Stella’s helpers!

“Oh No I forgot Stella is a human now Oh No now she is more powerful than ever!” Tray was shouting. “Now Alex if you would give me my spell book back NOW” Stella was trying to act mean. “Well Stella that might be impossible because Alex used the spell that burst your book into flames” as Tray was trying to tell Stella. Stella flew into a rage! “I NEED MY BOOK” Stella yelled! Stella tried to fly away but because she was a human she could not fly!

“I will just use the spell that makes you frozen I will just touch you after!” Stella yelled. “Arsnv7420yshwhdhewujhnyd!” Stella yelled! Crash the spell only made the campground snow. “No No this can’t be not that spell I need my book!” Stella was yelling at Alex. “Krnsi84hdywbdghwdgwhuyh784” Alex yelled and the spell book came back and floated over to Stella!

“Yay wait Alex THIS ONLY HAS GOOD SPELLS NOT EVIL SPELLS GIVE ME THEM BACK” Stella was yelling at her. Beep Beep Beep as Stella and Alex heard police coming. And they arrested Stella and just threw the book into a fire pit that was on fire. Stella started screaming when the book started burning! “I NEED MY SPELLS” Stella was yelling! But the police started to arrest her!

“Alex but wouldn't the time machine despair along with every this else” Mr. King was asking.  “Mr. King you are right we can’t have that happen” Alex was saying. So then magically Stella remembered the spell to make people disappear. So the police vanished. And Alex used the spell to make her forget that spell! And Mr. King Mr. Martinovich and Alex traveled back to the past to stop everything that they had done. So when they were done with all of that Stella still did not have the evil spells. So Alex filled up Mr. Fusion up with some rotten food some soda and other stuff to make it turn food into energy.

And the time machine boost to 88 MPH.


And when they got to the future all of Stella’s friends along with Stella were still in prison! “nosleppingtoiday85ujfhijduiwdj!%$@#” Alex yelled and the Sleeping powder spell died off! “Alex why is it already 1 week already?” Dad was asking. But Alex was unable to answer. Because after that it was July 4th and this was all a dream! So Mr. King was no longer a campground manager he was a teacher at LMS, Mr. Martinovich was still a Teacher and Stella along with everyone else that we met never existed. And later that night when the sun was setting on the lake there was a major firework show!

And Alex tried to use spells that he learned but none of them worked because the spells were made up! In his dream!


This has been The Terrifying Trailers of Texas.

© Copyright 2018 uwillneverknow21. All rights reserved.

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