As The Rain falls

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16 year old boy encounters a little girl abandoned and alone. little did he know that this ordinary girl has experienced things normal humans haven't. Her parents sold her soul to the devil for
fame and money. Now Jamie is caught up in the middle of a battle for her soul as he tries to protect her from the monsters that lurk in the underworld.

Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



I could feel all the blood rush down to one part of my body and I knew what it was. I felt full of intimate desires, I couldn't control myself in the slightest my mind was going blank. I blacked out and came back to me carrying Becky, in a not so safe position. She was sitting on top of me while her hands were on my shoulder and her shirt was half off. She was looking at me with teary eyes and a blushing face like I was some animal. What she said next really scared me because I never said anything like that.

“Jamie, you can do it if you like. You said it was my way of repaying you for all this so ill let you this time.”

“Wait what!! Becky whats going on and when did I say this, I would never ask anything like this of you!?” she looked at me with a semi serious face and got off. I stood up and asked her what had happened.

“What do you mean jamie, you were the one that burst into the room almost completely naked and asked me to give you something in return for letting me stay here.”

“ I would never do that becky, how is that possible?” I was there standing not even embarrassed about what just happened because I didn’t really know what happened. She still look really tired as if she hadn't slept in ages. “I'm sorry to wake you Becky, but I really have no idea what happened. last thing I remember was me eating a lot, throwing up, feeling hot, and blacking out.”

“That's weird then, sorry for you know the whole do me jamie part.”

She apologized but it wasn't her fault, I was to deep into thought to respond and say that though. I was still baffled about what just happen. “Wrath,Pride,Lust,Greed,envy,sloth, and gluttony. Could they be a cause for this?” Becky looked at me like she just figured out the cure for cancer or something.

“Jamie, that's it. If your powers are related to the 7 deadly sins then your past 2 actions can be explained. Listen you said you ate more than you could handle and threw up right. Then that would be gluttony. Since gluttony is not necessarily eating but the act of mistreating your own body by doing something way past the limit your suppose to do it at. Then there's the you know the incident which could be explained simply by lust. You were consumed by your desires and were being blind to the potential consequences.”

Her explanation was so on point that I couldn't argue against it. “Wait Becky if that is true, which it most likely is then when do the other 5 come into play?”

“Well I think that you're just awakening all 7 of them to be able to use the powers correctly, so there needs to be a situation where it would come into play. Like for example the plate of food and me sleeping in the other room.”

I thought a lot about what she said and it must be true. That's the only reasonable explanation.

“Jamie, try to control yourself from now on please. I'm going to bed, want to join me?” I looked at her with a baffled look. “ Jamie this is your house I don't want you sleeping on the couch because of me”

“It's fine Becky you can sleep in there I’ll just sleep out here till I can fix up the spare bedroom for you.” She nodded then disappeared into the room. I thought more about my new found powers for a while but then doze off to sleep. I was awoken by the sound of the alarm in my bedroom and walked in to turn it off. I turned it off and saw that Becky slept right through the alarm. As I got ready for school I heard thunder and then rain start to fall lightly then get harder over time. I got ready skipped breakfast and was off out the door. I left a note on the table telling Becky to help herself to anything and to not worry about me. I also promised her that I would get her into my school this year so I'm also working on that. As soon as I walked out I felt the stinging sensation of tiny droplets of water on my skin. I opened my umbrella and head off to school. On my way there I could see other students running to school without umbrellas and others sharing. As I got lost in thought I got bumped in the back by somebody so I turned. I turned to see emily. Emily has been my best friend for almost 8 years now and because of all that has been happening I totally forgot I was going to walk with her to school because she broke her umbrella a few days ago and couldn't get one because of the constant rain. Right before I met Becky I actually just finished walking her home.

“You dick!! How could you just leave me to die like that!”

“Come down there em you weren't going to die.” She was soaking wet and had her bookbag on her head, trying to cover the rain.

“Well it felt like it. Why didn't you come pick me up, I ran here because I was going to be super late waiting for you.”

I couldn't let her find out about Becky because she would freak and want her to live in her house instead, and I wasn't going to let that happen. I explained that my alarm woke me up late and because of the rush I completely forgot. She did scream at me a few times but forgave me so I got away with it.

“Well since you were the reason for my morning soak, your going to help me change into spare clothes I brought last second because of this.”

I was going to say something but I didn't really have a choice. She pulled me into a freakishly large changing room the gym had for some reason and started taking off her clothes. Emily was a beautiful girl with pale skin, short dark hair, brown eyes and a really nice body though she seemed not to think so. She handed me her wet clothes and stood there in her underwear. It didn't faze any of us really because we've literally taken baths together but it kind of made me a little nervous though I didn't show it. This is because I'm not some crazy anime character that can have a beautiful childhood friend and never fall in love with her. I am madly in love with Emily but I’ll probably  never tell her just because of our relationship. She just finished changing and looked at me with a smirk.

“So Jamie, like what you see or what.” She made a really cringy pose and we both laughed. It was all fine until my nose started bleeding and I…..blacked out again. When I woke up I had emily against the wall with her shirt unbuttoned. She looked to the side super flustered and was blushing while her eyes watered up.

“HA HA just kidding em, you know I wouldn't do this. Well it was your fault for asking if I liked what I saw.” Somehow, and I thank the gods for this somehow I managed to convince her it was a joke, and she just punched me in the shoulder and laughed. We walked out and ran to class since we were about to be late. The whole day I was waiting for my powers to activate and somehow I made it to lunch time. While me and emily ate on our table in the back I saw this guy. This guy's name was chuck. He was picking on a little boy with his little group of 5 and I usually don't say anything but I was so infuriated. He looked like he was enjoying it. I wanted to feel that joy no matter the cost. I lost complete control over my body and stood up.


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