Truly A Misstep

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A poem about being in someone's else's shadow.

Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



There’s no fun in always being the one behind

In the corner, in the shadows, in the quiet

Alone. A spectator that no one bothers to find,

And left to indulge in a harmful diet.


What defects will I discover next?

A simple glance in the mirror only brings me nearer

To imaginary foreboding and coded text.

Foggy glass. How can I make my image clearer?


Images for images, those moving and frozen.

Do I fit within the still or the still in motion?

Maybe neither. I may lie amongst the ones un-chosen.

Do, pray tell, express that notion.


I feel comfort and discomfort in living

In one’s shadow…


But one day late, I was soon given

Or pulled out of the dark where

My shadow was hidden

How strange! What I did find there


Others in the corner, in the shadows, in the quiet

Living behind me in a place so cold.

There were one too many crouching by it,

A fire that I’d fed in a dark place, now old.


I cast myself into water, still feeling the burn.

To be pulled out of darkness is to be pulled into light?

And just whose table was it to turn?

I see my own shadow, but day is still night.


May no other yank me from the darkness

To toss me deeper in.



© Copyright 2019 Quinlan Keranova. All rights reserved.

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