Paranormal apocalypse

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Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



"Executer paces back and forth." Jericho walks into the room. "There you are. Did you talk with Dexter yet? "Not yet.... we need all of Purgatory. We will show up at HopeRidge Tomorrow Morning. If they don't surrender they're guns then well we will have a fight on our hands." Executer says. They both start laughing. Nessie crawls into the room. "RAWR." Executer bends down and pets Nessie's head....

Theme plays.....

"Dexter I talked with Julia.. she has a shipment of supplies ready for us." Good. Can you get it? Dexter asks Jeremy. "Yeah not a problem." Good how many people do
You need? Maybe just two. Depends we got the jeep. I only need one person." Ok. I trust you take whoever you want. Dexter leaves the room. Jeremy grabs the keys for the jeep. And heads outside. "I don't like this." What Nadine? Dexter asks. "The silence. Something is bound to happen and happen soon. "Well Julia has a shipment of supplies ready for us,Jeremy is going to retrieve it." "Oh that's good I'll go with him." Ok but please be safe HopeRidge needs you Nadine. "Does HopeRidge need me? Or do you need me Dexter?" Nadine says. As she walks towards the jeep. "I'm going with you." Nadine says to Jeremy." "Ok in that case Shotgun" Jeremy says throwing Nadine the car keys." She catches them. And gets into the jeep and turns it on. Mark opens the gate. As Nadine Pulls out,He closes the gate. Jack was inside the church. "We all have faith we are all doing good, god is good We owe it to him to Never loose our faith No matter what happens in this Purgatory we call a world." "AMEN" the church goers shout. Dexter walks in. " Every body open your bibles up and read verse 27. I have to speak with Dexter for a few moments." Jack walks over to dexter. "How are you doing?" I'm doing good actually...No I mean Faith-wise." Oh I think good I pray every night and morning. That's good but we need to see you come to church more often. "Look I know this is important to you I helped build the church but my faith is fine me and god are good." Dexter says. "I know it is just it could be stronger." Jack says. "Yeah it could be." Dexter says. Anyway I wanted to tell you Julia has a shipment ready for us. Jeremy and Nadine are picking it up know." "Good we need all the supplies we can get." There is a grocery store down the street it's boarded up maybe there is food there." Dexter says. "Or a group of survivors waiting for someone to disturb there Home? We can't be too sure. I don't fight. I am a man of god. Jack says. I understand. Dexter turns around and heads out of the church. Jeremy and Nadine are driving down the road. When a few blocks up a bunch of cars are parked on the road blocking the road completely. Nadine stops the car. Jeremy gets out. A man they have not seen before gets out from one of the cars. He points a gun at them. "Tell me who you are and why you are here?" "I'm Jeremy and this is Nadine. We are on our way back home." "Where is home?" A few blocks that way." Jeremy says. "No home is back that way do Not think you can come here." The man says. "Please it's getting to be night time we don't have time for this." "Then turn around." "No" Nadine says. She points her gun at the man as well. "Ha." The man says. Then the car door opens up and a man in a long dark robe comes out. " you two have guts. You may cross". Nadine keeps her gun pointed. "Who are you?" My name is "Adu." And this is Kyle a member of mine." Adu snaps his finger and two cars start to pull off the side of the road. Jeremy gets in the car and turns it back on. Nadine gets in the car. Waves to Adu. And they begin to leave. Executer paces back and forth. I'm tired of waiting I want to visit Dexter Sooner." Jericho enters the room. " I told "group A and B" that you want them to report to you Now." A few seconds goes by and the room starts to crowd. "Good your all here,Nessie is ready. So we are all Going to Pay Dexter and HoleRidge a little visit Right Know!" Hahaha. Nessie growls. Executer grabs his favorite gun and puts it in his pocket. And Executers men Nods in agreement. As they all head out too the cars. To HopeRidge. To rob Dexter of all his weapons and food which they don't have much to begin with.

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