A child's Oath

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Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



We lie and wait in the shallows .

The only friends to help us home

are the tears of our troubled shadows.

A gentle heart beats slow.

While the steam of my misfortunes

Reveals the courage for my soul to grow .


A pain engulfed by rage.

Left alone without guidance

Makes it harder

to get through the days.

I miss you

and hoped you would stay.

Through the storm

I stand hard as a stone.

This is a child's oath.

To be seen and heard

to draw in every word .

To be loved and free.

Sky blue ribbons

for you and me.

Disarm the danger

lurking in the night.

There's heartache around every corner.

Waiting to grasp the light of life.

This time ,

I know I'm to blame.

Without you

I am not the same.

The ocean's a little bigger tonight.

Overwhelmed by the tears

our shadows cried.

Disgard the falling memories .

I am dying inside

and nobody knows it but me.


Sky blue ribbons for you and me.

There's something unpredictable

a feeling so unknown.

Brushing brilliance on a face

stained by the over growth . Love.


This is a child's oath.

To vision the hands we deal

to keep a gentle heart ...


As time goes crawling by.

The ocean rises

when the shadows cry.

Disarm this fright ..

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