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Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



Strange clatter invades my window pane.

A sleepwalk in the night

I dream of light in which I gaze.

Tree bark eyes

staring into the atmosphere.

A lost love of mine

a heart that I hold near .

She comes to me

like a gift of life new born .

Swallowing the pain

that emerged within my scorn.

Light elevates beyond my distant mind.

For her heart has aged

far beyond life's borrowed time.

Suffer my Want

And devour my need .

I follow the luminance

to cover my greed.

I need you.

Peace will not come

to these hearts still kept at war.

I feel the pull

of a dream and scars so sore .

I could bring you the light

and take you home into the night.

But I am tired.

Why am I so tired ?

I unfold my beliefs

that this life is just a dream.

We are a love

We are conspired.

We are a myth

resurrected by the fire.

You are a saint

I follow higher

You are a glow

and the light that I admire.

So I follow you ..

Still feeling so tired ...

Suffer my want.

Devour my need.

Tuck me away in your heart.

Give this love

some time to sleep.

Suffer for me.

Suffer your love for me. .

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