I'm only a word

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Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



What’s in a word



I am only a word, no Latin root or gilded pedigree,

Though I exist in all languages and in all times.

I was in the mouths of men when the world was young.

I am downtrodden and violated, yet venerated and upheld

But I’m only a word.


My spirit waxed eager in the heart of Eve

When her tongue first caressed that succulent apple

In the Garden of Eden, in her first mouthful

Dwelt my essence; but I’m only a word.

Men fight for me, cry for me and die for me


But I’m only a word. Throughout the ages,

Kings and peasants have converted me.

Imperial Rome sought to force me from the empire

And the Holy Inquisition mocked me to my face;

But I’m only a word. In the Dark Ages


I was crushed and beaten ecclesiastical arrogance

Corrupted me and brought me to my knees.

Yet men still loved me and spoke my name

In all the dark places and I occupied souls,

But I’m only a word.


Revolutions have ebbed and flowed

And I have been squandered; I’m only a word.

A surfeit of me is the path to perdition,

But without me, hope will perish; I’m only a word.

In recent times politicians have taken me in vain,


Have banded me about like so much flotsam

On the sea of egotism. To undermine my value

Is foolish; I’m only a word.

The young are taking me for granted;

They do so at their peril. I’m only a word


Terrorists usurp me; in my name they wage war,

Little knowing how violence taints their cause.

I’m only a word. I belong to no one and to everyone

And Mankind cannot flourish unless he learns to share

Me, my name of course is freedom but I’m only a word.



© Copyright 2018 Peter Piper. All rights reserved.

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