how long do spiders live

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short poem about an encounter with a spider.

Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



How Long Do Spiders Live?

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The coffee maker

Sits on a shelf

Which is above a cabinet

With no particular purpose.

It’s a “stuff” cabinet which

Rarely gets opened.

Above that is another cabinet

With glass doors

Where you can see

Three shelves of coffee mugs.

It gets opened a lot.

And between these two

Cabinets is a blank wall

On which appeared out of

that vast empty space called


A huge brown spider

About the size of a B29

At least it looked that big

To me.

In reality

It was maybe half that size.

With lightning speed

I rushed to find an


Spider clobberer

But when I returned

The critter had disappeared

Behind the refrigerator.

I think.

Standing there holding

the clobberer

I waited for him to come out

But he never did.

Now when I slip past

the refrigerator

I go with trep-a-da-tion

Expecting to see

The Spider!

I would be happy

If he went to spider heaven

And I wouldn’t have to

Think about him anymore.

They come unannounced

And uninvited.

But I’ll always wonder

And wait

And have an appropriate

Clobberer close by.


@Bobbie Burnett

September 2017

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