i want to be free

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This is a poem I wrote because Its what I feel, Its a very depressing and I know that I just thought I should share it because I know some people might feel the same way and I want them to know
that they aren't alone... sometimes it's hard to remember that. I hope you like the poem and feel free to comment I would love to hear your opinions.

Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



I  want to be free 

What I want to be free from is myself 

to be free from the thought of wanting nothing more than to die 

at night, when I'm alone in the dark it gets worse 

the thought never leaves my mind, unable to sleep at night 

constant reminders everywhere 

so all I want to do is leave 

feeling like a ghost 

yelling, screaming, punching things 

hello, can anyone hear me? 

no answer 

so I make myself bleed to remind myself I'm still living 

but even that's a constant reminder that 

I'm weak 

I can't handle it

unable to move 

cannot see straight 

heart beating fast 

punching the glass 

 in the mirror 

One cut 

Two cut 

Three cut 

knees weak 

feeling my eyes rolling to the back of my head 

Feeling numb 

A tear running down my face 

smiling very weak 

" This world isn't for me" I whisper quietly

I fall to the ground

feeling nothing, finally free

then finally I'm not breathing

feeling free

no more thoughts

I finally don't hate myself

I guess this world truly isn't for me...





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