YOUNG STAR part 10

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Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017






. . . When Aila went out from the lift, she saw that Manager Dani was angry waiting for her at the apartment door. At the same moment Aila smiled to avoid her arguing and said her.

Alia - When did you come?

Manager Dani - Where have you been Aila?

She took out the key from the jacket and opened the door. They entered the flat.

Aila - I was in our dance studio, there were some of my things and took them.

Manager Dani - Your mobile was turned off yesterday , the whole day Aila, even at night.

Dani was looking at her angrily, she sat on the chair and continued talking.

Manager Dani - I hope that you have not secrets.

Aila took the bottle of the mineral water from the fridge and sat down to opposite Dani.

Aila - Dani! please....

Manager Dani - Where have you been the whole day?

Aila - Are you going to stop talking about this? I have answered already.

Manager Dani - You changed too much these last days

and it is normal that I have the questions.

Aila - I promise you Dani, if something happens I will tell you.

I just wanted to relax, did not want to talk with anyone,

that is why I turned it off. Is there something else

that you want to know?

Dani still was angry with Aila, but did not say anything. Aila stood up and entered the bedroom, Dani also stood up and stealthily checked the bag of Aila, which was in the main hall. She found nothing there and entered the bedroom, Aila was lying on the bed.

Manager Dani - Stand up, at three o' clock we have to be in the TV company.

Aila stood up and walked in the bathroom.

Aila - Where is Nicholas?

Manager Dani - He is in the TV company.

. . . A lot of journalists were in the TV company's entrance, there was being hanged up the big poster of the phoenix group. Nicholas was waiting for in the changing room, there was Luke with him, they were talking.

Luke - The girls are annoyed, they also wanted to be at the conference.

Nicholas looked at him very angrily.

Nicholas - If someone has a pretension, she can visit the TV director.

We have not written this contract.

Luke - Do not be angry ok? I have just said it.

Nicholas - Give me a mobile

Luke gave him the mobile. Nicholas called Aila.

Nicholas - Finally you turned it on. Where are you?

Aila - I have come already.

And she entered in the changing room.

Aila - Luke! How are you?

Luke - I am well, thanks.

He hugged to Aila and happily said her.

Luke - Congratulation your first interview.

Aila - Thanks Luke.

Luke - I will be in the dance hall.

He left the changing room and the two stylists entered the same moment. Nicholas stood up and left the room, too.

Manager Dani - Do not go far, please!

Nicholas - Ok, Boss!

. . . In the entrance of the TV company the journalists were waiting for Aila and Nicholas. After a few second they came, the photographers were taking a lot of pictures of them. Aila and Nicholas were dressed in the white elegant clothes, they were shining as a true stars. After a photo shooting they sat down on the chair. The journalists had a lot of questions about the other members of the group, future plans and kind of this questions.

. . . The other members of the Phoenix were in the TV company's dance hall and were watching the TV. Everyone was happy to see their choreographers on TV, only Sophie was angry, she was standing back to them, she could not endure more and turned off the TV, everyone stood up and Betty asked her angrily

Betty - What are you doing Sophie?

Sophie - What do you think, is it a good behavior?

Luke - Sophie! What is wrong with you?

Nellie - Nothing! She just showed us her claws finally.

I have said that when the person carrying the black iron bracelets

it means that this person is a envious

and the insinuating person.

Betty stopped Nelly. Owen looked at Nellie angrily and came closer to Sophie.

Owen - What is it? What does this look like?

Sophie was very angry she threw the remote controller on the wall and came to the door, while she opened it, Owen asked her.

Owen - Where are you going?

Sophie – To the toilet, can I?

She closed the door very noisy. Owen took the remote controller, turn on the TV and whispered.

Owen - I understand her.

Nellie - So run with her in the toilet, go ahead Owen!

Luke angrily shook the head and shouted.

Luke - It is enough, you are not children!

. . . The conference finished The TV director was taking the pictures with Nicholas and Aila a few minutes and then went to the dance hall, which was on the second floor. While Aila and Nicholas entered the dance hall, the director said them, with a happy face.

TV Director - I am proud, thank you very much for this feeling.

He breathed out deeply and continued.

TV Director - You are free for now go.

Nicholas and Aila were smiling and looking at him till he was waiting for a lift, the director looked at them smiled, shook the hand and entered the lift. Nicholas put the hands on Aila's shoulder and came in the dance hall. When they entered everyone was clapping except Sophie. Aila saw her reaction and asked friends to listen to her.

Aila - I know that you are angry with me, but it does not depend on me and Nicholas,

we can not do the same as before. Yes, I have known about the rules,

but it does not mean that you are not members of The Phoenix.

Neither contract is not ideal, there is always something that

you have to concessions. There is not the other way, we have to take

these rules or dancing again in clubs. I will do everything for us

to become only stars at the sky. We are the big family, true family,

except you guys The Phoenix is nothing. But you have to know there are

a lot of people who wants to be a part of us, I do not forgive you

tattling behind my back, is there something that you do not like in it?

Ok! just say it loudly. Is there someone who does not like

the contract's rules? Alright, say your claim and if there is someone

who thinks that this contract is just for me, then please leave the group right now.

Everyone was standing quietly, Nicholas looked at them smiled and said.

Nicholas - Excuse me but when we start the rehearsal?

Or we still have something to consider?

Aila came to the equipment and turned the music on, she clapped angrily, every dancers took the positions and the rehearsal started.

In the evening when they finished Aila was sitting on the window-sill and Nicholas, Betty, Nellie and Luke were standing close to Aila, and other members of the group were going out from the dance hall. When everyone left Sophie came to Aila with Owen.

Sophie - I want to say sorry.

Nellie looked at her very angrily and tried to say something but Aila stopped her.

Sophie - I really respect you, you are my ideal and you know it.

But for a moment I really was angry with you. I am really sorry for it.

Nellie could not wait anymore and said.

Nellie - No Sophie, you was not angry, you envied.

AIla angrily looked at her.

Nellie - Alright! I am quiet.

Sophie - I really do not want to leave this group. I am happy to be this family member.

Aila - I am sorry too, I said too much.

She hugged Sophie and Owen whispered in a low voice.

Owen - I was angry too, I am sorry too.

Aila smiled and pushed him. Sophie took her bag and said.

Sophie - Ok guys, till tomorrow!

Owen also took the bag and called Sophie.

Owen - Wait for me! Bye guys.

When they left the room Nellie sad in a low voice.

Nellie - She has a bad aura, when I met her for first time , I said the same.

Nicholas - We have a kahuna.

Everyone smiled and Betty repeat Nellie's words, she took the bag and went to the door.

Betty - Bad aura....When are you going to grow Nellie?

Nicholas and Aila were looking at them and laughing. When they stayed alone in the dance hall. He said to Aila with a very seriously voice.

Nicholas - Please do not turn off the mobile anymore!

They were sitting on the window-sill, Aila smiled, touched his cheeks and said.

Aila - Do you have a claim MR Nicholas?

He also touched her cheeks and answered.

Nicholas - I do not like it, when you do this!

Aila - What did you say darling?

She was squeezing more and more.

Nicholas - Stop it Aila Stop I said!

they were in the dance hall till midnight and talking kind of things.




. . . The popularity of The phoenix was growing and growing. They were taking part in every concerts, almost everyday had photo and teasers shoot for clothes brands, for new mobile brands and these kind of things and besides it they had rehearsals everyday. Nicholas and Aila were staying till midnight to create new special effects for the shows. When Aila was coming back home she was met Tom. He was waiting for her at home, they were sharing the news to each other, sometimes they were going to the old dance hall. There Aila was exercising and repeating the new moves not to lose time. Tom was sitting in the corner and was looking at her. She did not go to meet grandfather anymore, she even did not remember him. Aila was walking every day through the square as if there was not him.

. . . Nicholas and Aila become very popular and famous choreographers. Their fans were contriving some stories about them. The fans thought that Aila and Nicholas were in love with each other from childhood, they were writing in the social networks that they were the best couple. Nicholas and Aila were wearing white clothes when they had a interview or were guests in the presentations.

The manager Dani was feeling that the during last period Aila changed too much, she was smiling even when if some dancer was doing mistake at the rehearsal, she was happy and was joking about everything, she really looked as a child. Sometimes manager Dani was checkingher mobile to find something, she thought that Aila had a boyfriend but could not to proof it. Aila knew that Dani was checking her messages and because of it she was not saving them, she even saved Tom's number as if he was a girl. But Nicholas knew everything, he exactly knew that Aila was meeting with that waiter, but he was not saying anything, just was watching from far.

. . . Even an half an year was not passed from the first debut of the phoenix and they have already had the millions of fan and almost all of them were fans of Nicholas and Aila, paparazzi were trying to catch them together, they wanted to shoot the photo which could proof their love. Every newspaper, magazines and blogger were talking about The Phoenix's choreographers.

. . . There was the first September when The TV director invited all the journalist at the conference in the TV company's hall. There were only Manager Dani and Him, they saluted all of them, then sat down and The TV director started talking.

TV Director - Thank you very much to find time to come here.

I have good news and want to inform you about

the first solo concert of The phoenix it will be

on the eleven the of December.

When the journalists heard about it, everyone was asking the questions together, there was such a noise that the TV director could not hear the questions and then he said them.

TV Director - Please give time each other. Every questions

which you have, you can ask the phoenix choreographers.

Thank you very much all of you.

. . . And when he finished the sentence, Nicholas and Aila entered the TV company's hall, they were dressed on white clothes as usual. They were looking amazing and very fashionable. When journalists saw them they started to ask a lot of questions, they even did not let others to finish the questions. Aila and Nicholas were answering all off them during one hour. After finishing the interview Aila asked manager with very tired face.

Aila - I need to rest today, ok?

Manager Dani - Are you ok? You look bad.

Aila - No I am well, just a little tired, I have to rest today.

Nicholas was standing behind Aila, he signed Dani to say yes, then he kissed to Aila on the cheek and said.

Nicholas - I let you go!

He walked to the exit and said loudly for Aila.

Nicholas - Be here at eight o' clock tomorrow, try to not be late.

Aila - So ten o'clock is not it? I will not be late.

manager angrily looked at her and said.

Manager Dani - Just try to not be here on time.

Aila smiled, came closer to manager, took the sunglasses from her costume's pocket, put it on and went out.

. . . Tom was in the Aila's apartment, he was in the kitchen and was cooking a dinner for her. When Aila came back home and when she saw Tom with a apron started laughing, Tom suddenly turned back, looked at Aila and starting laughing too. She came closer to him, hugged and whispered.

Aila - I am the most happiest human in the world.

Tom - You are liar!

She let him go, stepped back and angrily asked him.

Aila - Why?

Tom - Because, I know another one

Aila - No, not.

Tom - Yes, it is me, I am the most happiest, that you are in my life.

He was walking very slowly to Aila and was smiling.

Tom - So, who is the most happiest?

Aila - I am!

He stopped smiling, took of the apron and sat down on the armchair.

Tom - So if it is you, finish the dinner, please.

She suddenly started yawning and went to the bedroom.

Aila - I am so sleepy, why? Usually I do not go to sleep so early.

Tom was looking at her aping and was smiling. She entered the bedroom, changed the clothe and when she left the room, she heard the E-mail's voice from the laptop, she sat down on the bed and opened it.

. . . Tom finished cooking, put the main meal on the table, with the berry cake. He took out the little red box from his pants's pocket and opened it. There was a very beautiful small ring, he smiled and whispered in a low voice.

Tom - My beautiful lady!

He again put the box on the pocket and entered in the bedroom. Aila was sleeping as a child, next to her was opening the laptop, there was turning on the lasers show. He closed it, then took the bedspread, covered her and he also lie down closer her. He was touching tenderly her tattoo and after a few minutes he also fall asleep.




. . . All the members of the Phoenix were standing in the dance hall, Aila and Nicholas were opposite them, they were explaining the new show for the solo concert to the dancers.

Nicholas - The first performance on the stage will be Luke's,

after four second you will enter the stage Evan,

then both will stop, turn opposite to each other and one, two...

He was showing the new elements of the show, after a few minutes he stopped and continued talking.

Nicholas - And when the music stops, all of you will turn off the light

and in the middle of the stage Sophie starts whirling,

a fire will be behind her and after a few elements as if

she takes a fire, throws your plates and

one after another turning on the light.

. . . The rehearsal continued till eleven o'clock, they added very complicate acrobatic elements. Aila did not think about the show, in every five minutes she was looking at the clock, because Tom was waiting for her in the country house. When they finished the driver took Aila home and went. Aila did not entered the apartment, she was in the main entrance, took out the black veil from the bag, covered the mouth by it, put on the cap and went out.

. . . Tom was sitting in the armchair and was reading the news in the laptop and he accidentally found the photo of Aila and Nicholas at one of the site, on the photo Nicholas was hugging Aila from the back. Tom angrily turned off the site and opened The Phoenix fanclub page, there he saw a lot of photos of Aila and Nicholas where they were hugging, touching and kissing on the cheek to each other. Tom was reading the comments, the fans were writing that Nicholas and Aila loves each other from their childhood, they also were talking about their engagement, that soon the company will officially confirm their relationship. Tom was very angry, he closed the laptop and threw it ibidem. He took out the ring's box from the trousers's pocket and before he opened it Aia entered in the house.

Aila - Tom!

She threw the bag to the corner, put down the pizza on the table and came to Tom.

Aila - You look angry, what was happened?

Tom - Yes I am angry, because of you I forgot the taste of hot meal.

Aila - I have known your reaction and because of it I have brought a pizza.

Tom - So, you will not eat what I have made.

She kissed him and entered the kitchen.

Aila - I will eat everything what you have cooked.

She was preparing to sit down when Tom stopped her.

Tom - Have you washed your hands lady?

She shyly smiled and entered the bathroom. Tom lighted the candles, took the hot meal and pizza from the table, then put down a chocolate cake and glasses of the champagne, switched off the lights everywhere and sat down. When Aila entered the kitchen and saw everything, she smiled, hugged him and kissed.

Aila - So, you are not angry anymore!

Tom - Yes! but...

Aila smiled and sat down opposite him. Tom poured out the champagne in the glasses and gave her one. they were sitting quietly for a minute, Tom was looking at her, he guessed that Aila was worrying and trying to say something

Tom - Aila! Do you want to say something?

She stopped eating and looked at him sadly.

Aila - I love you too much.

His face changed when he heard that words from Aila, he was very happy, faster took out the ring from the pocket and before he gave it to her, Aila continued talk.

Aila - What will be the reason to decide break off with me?

She again stopped for a second and continued

Aila - What has to happen?

Tom - I did not understand this question.

He put the ring again in pocket such stealthily that Aila did not see anything. Tom could not stop his hands they were trembling very faster.

Aila - What will you not forgive me? What will be the reason to stop loving me?

He sat down next to Aila, then put on his hand on her cheek and said.

Tom - You are such a deep in my heart, that if I lose you I would stop breathe.

Aila - I do not want such a big love, I do not want to make you angry, I do not. . .

He angrily stopped her.

Tom - Aila, please just say it.

Aila - The TV director thinks that if me and Nicholas will say as we love each other

and we are going to engage then this will increase more our popularity.

His planing to say it at the conference.

Tom angrily stood up and went in the living room, Aila also entered there.

Aila - I swear this is just for popularity, nothing more.

Tom - Popularity? Really?

He was very angry. Tom was trying to keep calm.

Aila - Tom! Can you listen to me? I will explain.

Tom sat on the sofa, he was nervous and angry. He could not stop his legs, was trembling and trying not say to anything.

Aila - I swear, really just fro popularity. I wanted to say first before you hear it from others.

He suddenly stood up, looked at Aila with heated face and shouted.

Tom - Do you think that people are fools? Once said and that is all?

Do you think that this is a game Aila? And then what will you cogitate?

The wedding to make happy your fans? And then?

then what Aila, tell me!

She angrily slogged him to face.Tom took the laptop, opened it and shouted.

Tom - Look at it AIla, it is enough, I have tried not to think about this rumors,

I have been quiet. But I can not anymore, this is too much, enough for me,

every place where I go I just listen about you and Nicholas, Aila and Nicholas

how much they are love each other, so cute they are.

Ok I could understand it because people wanted to believe it but

what about these photos Aila, he is touching you almost every part of your body.

A throat, a cheek, a forehead is there a place where he did not kiss you?

Are these photos also the rumors? Tell me Aila, I am listening to you.

He stopped for a minute and then shouted in a very high voice.

Tom - Tell me!

Aila was listening to him very frightened, she could not move and was standing quiet. Tom was walking in the room forward and backward, he was very angry. Suddenly he stopped and continued in a low and tired voice.

Tom - A girl who I love much more then myself, someone is hugging and kissing her

and even my friends are saying that you are the best couple,

I am listening it everyday, I can not say that you are mine and

now tell me Aila what I have to feel after all of it!?

He took out the ring from the pocket and threw it to Aila.

Tom - Today I wanted to ask to marry me, but you spoiled everything, you. . .

He smiled and again continued.

Tom - And you are telling me that tomorrow your company is planning

to make a statement about your engagement.

He came closer to Aila, put his hands on her cheeks and asked her in a low voice.

Tom - Tell me, what is happening inside my heart.

Aila's eyes were full of tears, she was looking at him quietly. Tom suddenly took in the box, opened it and took the ring, then looked at her and said.

Tom - Right now I want to you decide, you will stay with me forever or you will go.

Before Aila answered him, Tom kissed her on the lips unexpectedly and then cleaned her tears. Aila was still looking at him quietly.

Tom - If you leave me now, then I swear, you will never hear about me anymore.

Aila - You are everything for me, I love you too much Tom, but you have to understand me...

He did not let her to finish the sentence and asked

Tom - Ok, I will ask you again in that way.

He stepped back and asked her in a low voice.

Tom - Love or career?

Aila was looking at him with full of tears, she suddenly remembered her childhood that how her mother used to beat because of dancing, that how other dancers used to laugh at her in the ballet school and how she used to practice all days and nights. Aila remembered almost everything and was crying quietly. Tom was looking at her very aggressively. He ordered her to answer.

Tom - Answer to me Aila!

Aila turned, took the jacket and walked to the door.

Tom - I swear Aila if you open this door then this is will be the last day

when you hear my voice.

She continued to walk, even did not turn And before Aila closed the door she said.

Aila - This is the end, Tom.

And when the Aila closed the door, Tom threw the laptop to the door. he was throwing everything what was in the living room, Tom was shouting as a mad. He could not forget photos of Aila and Nicholas, he was repeating Aila's words, then stopped in the middle of the living room and sat down on the sofa.

. . . Aila was crying the whole way, she could not stop. When she came home, took of the jacket, throw it in the hall and entered the living room, lied down close to the big windows. She was looking at the city till the dawn and was remembering every part from her past.


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