Jupiter 42

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T229-5741[Kash]- is the youngest and second most talented fighter pilot on the Jupiter 42- after his brother, A117-9875[Akira]- on the Jupiter 42. He is aloof, impulsive and doesn't work well in a
team, but he's good at his job. When Kash loses his best friend and brother to an accident in the lab he isn't convinced that his superiors are telling him the truth so he starts trying to find the
truth. Turns out the truth involves an alien invasion and a cargo pilot named Santino.

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Submitted: October 06, 2017

It was March when Takashi knew he was completely and thoroughly screwed. The scene could be set as a day that didn’t seem like it would... Read Chapter


Submitted: December 12, 2017

Kash couldn’t deny the fact that Santino was good, for a cargo pilot, but a lot of work still needed to be done. He didn’t seem used ... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 15, 2018

Callis stayed behind to work but she had sent Kash home. There was really no danger in walking through the station’s halls late at nigh... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 21, 2018

Work felt like it lasted a lifetime. There was never anything to fight, the fighter pilot job had always been to run drills and sho... Read Chapter