The Biggest Lie

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story about a love that was ruined by the mind jumping to conclusions.

Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



The Biggest Lie


He stands in front of her building as the sky splits open. They were once so good together, so happy that it hurt to spend time apart. He knew she loved him, she did once anyway. Then as their relationship got more serious, he could feel her start to pull away from him. He loved her so he wasn’t going to let her go without a fight. He begged and begged for her to tell him what was wrong, if he did something to make her think twice about them. But her answer was always the same, a sad quiet “no.” His heart was breaking, for himself and for her as well. Once he saw that when he would bring up the subject she would get agitated, he stopped bringing it up. They lived in a world where they passed each other like strangers in the night instead of people that were supposedly in love. But he couldn’t take the animosity anymore, this was the last straw. He was done with the games, with the absent “I love you’s” and the ache. So he’s standing here now. Deep breathes in and out, trying to work up the courage to walk up to her apartment and demand answers. He was so scared this would turn out as a lie, that he was wrong and every I love you from her mouth was a lie, but he needed answers. Now.

20 stairs. That’s how many till he reaches her apartment on the second floor, apartment 2D. Each step is a stuttered breath, so many scenarios running through his head. He comes to her door and hesitates, his knuckles resting on the cool wood of the door wondering if this is a good idea. But his head be damned, and he knocks. Seconds pass - feeling like years – before someone answers the door, and not just someone, a man. His heart catches fire in his chest and burn to ashes, shock sets in shutting down any normal response. Anger never comes up, only numbness. His head falls to look at the hallway carpet, strength leaving his body and leaving him drained. One deep breath in and he turns to walk away from her, them.

*It was all a lie then. She never really loved him, never really cared; and now he didn’t either.

Girl: “Who was that at the door Derek?” she says as she walks out from the kitchen. Her brother has made a last-minute trip so visit her. She moved three states away from her home town and never gets to see her family much, so she was crazy excited that he came to visit her for a while. “ No idea sis, some guy, must have the wrong apartment because he didn’t even say anything.” She thought that was odd, but nodded her head anyway because it was totally possible. She hands him his drink and they sit on her couch to catch up. She tells him all about her life here, tells him about the great guy that she has been dating, about how she loves him and about how she hasn’t worked up the courage to tell him about her spiritic depression episodes. She confess that she was in an episode lately, and how he was worried about her but never gave up on her. Her brother smiles, so happy for his sister because she deserves love after all she’s had to deal with.

Little do they all know dominos have fallen from their place, creating a mess of a lie.

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