The war in my head -chapter 1-

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A young girl finds out she has an extra ordinary talent, but what will be come of her? Kathleen has no idea what type of power she holds inside just that it's there. With hunters starting their
chase after her, her life is on the line. What type of friends or enemies will she meet along the way, who knows? Guess you'll have to read to find out.

Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



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 The War in my Head

I can hear their footsteps following me through the night. Step by step they run not sure if they're after me or not but I will not risk it. I have a great feeling in my head they are after me and they’re not here to catch me. As I run for my life I grow angrier and angrier. I can feel me turning, my sight goes red and I stop. My body seems to move by itself but for me this is normal. I found out I had this special ability since I was in second grade. Back when I was picked on by school bullies. I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend Chet was by the bathroom and I was walking toward him when the bullies came out of the bathroom where we were standing. “Well, well, well what do we have here,” said the biggest bully Ryen.

“Dead meat” exclaimed one of Ryan's followers Josh. I stood there in full shock as they picked up my friend by the collar of his shirt. That was when I noticed my hands were clenched in a fist. That was when my eyes went red.

I screamed, “PUT HIM DOWN NOW”. They all looked at me with shock in their eyes. They slowly put Josh down. Then they turned on me.

“Oh, ya come over here little girl so we can teach you a lesson on respect”. To their surprise, I came just in full sprint. I ran straight at them. First I punched the biggest bully Rayen in the gut.

“My name is Kathleen and don't forget it”. Looked at the other two there. They looked at me with terror and sprinted off, as they ran I returned to normal. Chet looked at me with shock and then said, “Kathleen what did you do?”

“I...I don't know. I...I saw you in trouble and got angry, then that happened.” as soon as I finished the sentence I heard moaning in the corner and I looked and I saw what I had done. For the first time, I was afraid of myself.

Its funny that things don't change much, that was about 4 years ago but on that day my life had changed forever, I had ran away that day never to return. The people chasing me they are the same bullies from middle school. Although they did find jobs as assassins they have been chasing me for about 2 weeks now. At first, I had ran away to think about this not knowing if it was a dream or not. I hated myself but after a while, I accepted what my fate was. For now, I stay in hiding and alone. I haven't seen Chat since I ran away. Most nights I sleep in an abandoned factory. Probably used to make cheese or something, I don't know. I wish it was different sometimes I wonder why it was me and why I am alone.

They're coming closer, I hear a footstep right behind me then it stops.

“Well look who it is, Kathleen have you been working out?” he circles around me then notices my eyes are bright red and filled with anger, shocked he stepped back about a step then he went on taunting me.

“Why so angry, it was your decision to run away. OOF!” he was behind me and I had slammed my elbow into his stomach. “I will not take your taunting” I had said yet it wasn't quite my voice it seemed a bit deeper. Then I ran off. As I ran I heard something running away when I turned they weren't just chasing me they were chasing someone else. She seemed to have some sort of power too. But her eyes were bright blue not red. I slowed down a bit so I could take her by the hand because she wasn't as fast as me and they were gaining on us. I pulled her into a dark alley where we continued to run until we were certain we were safe.

“Huh...huh...huh who...huh...are...huh you?” said the girl panting. In the darkness of the alleyway, I can just barely make out her face. She has light pale skin with dark brown hair and bright green eyes. It looked as if she didn't get out much but then again neither did I.

“My name is Kathleen. Now, who might you be?”

“My name is Bethany and it's nice to meet you, Kathleen. I didn't know that there were other people like me in the world.”

“Neither did I tell I met you,” I said. We talked for awhile and when we noticed it was getting dark I asked if she wanted to stay at my place and she agreed, so on the way there I told her that I had found this factory and that where I live. She told me she had found an old parlor shop down the road from there. I had found it funny that we didn't run into each other before. When we got there we set up a meal then head off to bed. Before we went to bed we made a plan to leave in the morning because it was becoming too dangerous to live here.

“I think we should head east that's where the mountains are.”

“Ya but that’s also where the bandits live and we don't have enough control to take them yet.”

“True, what about west we can take a raft down the river and pull off just about north of the waterfall climb our way down into the forbidden area and settle at the edge of the woods. There’s tons of clean water from the waterfall and tons of animals down there that we can hunt to eat too.”

“Looks like we have a plan, let's get some sleep we’ll have to slip out before the sun rises so not draw attention to ourselves.”

“Alright, let's do this.”

When we tucked into bed sleep came easily to Bethany, within the hour she was sleeping soundly me on the other hand not so much. I want to know how Ryan knew where me and Bethany where. I mean he may be a good fighter but he’s as dumb as dirt. I mean he didn’t even know we went in an alleyway which is just plain stupid if you had asked me. So how did he know where we were. I looked at the map I had drawn up several weeks ago. Then I remembered the fact that she had the glowing blue eyes like my red eyes just blue and when we got away from them they returned to normal just like mine just her eyes are green not brown like mine.

Could it be that they are tracking the energy of whatever we have in us? If that was true then there could be others their tracking, and we might just be able to get information about what we are, from whoever is running their whole chase they have going on. There’s also the question of who is the leader of this operation, cause again Ryan is dumb as dirt. Who is smart enough to be able to not just think of, but make a way to track people like, well like me.

“Rise and shine girly we have a big day ahead,” I said shaking the sleeping girl awake.

“Mmmmm….. Five more minutes.”

“Get up, I ain't your mom,” I say as I lift off the mattress tossing the girl to the floor. At first, she looked like she wanted to yell at me then she did something unexpected.

“Yay, it's time to leave!” she yells

“Come on come on come on, let's go we don’t have all day.”

“Ok, ok but keep it down remember, undetected.”

“Ok, let's go” she whispers.

Off we ran toward the river about two miles from where we were. It took us a while the first mile because we had to run in the streets for a little bit so we had to keep jumping into alleyways so no one spotted us. It is kind of weird to see two kids running in the street before dawn and we don't have time to stop and lie to people so it's easier to hide. Once we hit the woods it was easier to get to the river undetected.

We used an old canoe left on the shore, which I found odd was there, but use your resources I was taught long ago. The river was calm due to there not being rain in a few weeks, which is also unusual especially for this area, but that was a good thing for us. We were able to pull off just before we hit the current that pulls you down the waterfall. Once that was down we kicked the canoe back in the river and went on our way. We watched the canoe go through the current and down the waterfall and when we got down the slippery wet rocks of the waterfall we were able to see the debris of the once whole canoe now scattered into splinters.

By that time the sun was rising so we started to look for a good spot to set up an area to live. We found this nice spot that was in the center of the woods that was flat and big enough to make a good sized home to fit the two of us and we can still build more. We started by pitching the tents, then we collected firewood, after that, we split up, I searched for food while Samantha searched for clean water.  

It took us little to no time setting up camp. Using the camping supplies we found in the back of the warehouse, we set up a small camp. When the sun started to set we started cooking, the beautiful deer I caught smelled almost like steak cooking on a barbeque. After eating we said goodnight and went to sleep. I stared at the ceiling of the tent wait for the sounds of soft snoring next door. When it finally came I drew a quick breath and unzipped the tent. The woods seemed fuller than they were during the day probably due to the shadows seeping between the cracks.

I stood up, looking around nothing seemed out of place. Slowly I closed my eyes listening I could hear animals moving around in the forest but I heard nothing of the ordinary except, of course, the soft snores of Bethany in the tent. With that, I took off. Sprinting through the forest instinct stepped in and my eyes started to glow. Knowing that the hunters will be after me soon I went as far from camp as I could, keeping in mind Bethany's safety.

It didn't take long for the hunters to find me, proving my theory of tracking me on my energy signature.  This will be easier than I had expected. It didn't take them long to find me, mainly cause I was staying in one spot. My plan was easy, stay put and get captured. I’ll get answers one way or another, as long as Bethany was safe.

“Well, well, well,” oh boy here we go.

“I can’t believe it, it really is you, Kathleen.”

“Where’s Ryan, Josh,” surprised to see him.

“When Ryan said you were alive, we didn't believe him. I mean who would big lier, but surprisingly he didn’t. Hehe… I guess there is a first for everything,” he says ignoring, of course, he would.

“Where is Ryan,” I ask a second time.

“Oh don't get your fur in a bunch he still back at the hangout, probably whining about his injuries as we speak, pathetic.”

Fur, where would he get that idea. Can’t think of that now. I can feel my eyes starting to change, I cannot let that happen, I must willingly go with them. At least if I fail then Bethany will be safe, but that I can only hope.

Chapter Two

Josh seemed awfully surprised when I didn't give a fight, though I didn’t care I just need to get this over with. We walked for about a quarter of mile before a berg came to view, which is odd because I still don’t think Ryan could A. afford this and B. be smart enough to build this. Though I was tied up i was surprised at how smooth the ropes where. When I looked I realized the rope was really a cord, which means my probability to breaking out was slim to none, but that’s not what I was planning.

I was thrown in a dark hatch, when I sat there for maybe 2 minutes trying to think of the plan so far when the ground started to shake, as if we were being lifted into the air. There was barely any light in the small metal room, the only way out of the room was the slide door that, no doubt, was locked. There wasn’t any items, furniture, or clock of any kind in the room. Just blank steel walls, so I decided to lie down and close my eyes.

I woke up to the sound of talking outside the door.

“It’s her.”

“What do you mean it’s her. It can’t be she ran away over 7 years ago. There’s no way she’s still alive.”

“Believe me sir I hav no idea how she’s still alive but it’s her for sure, Ryan really wasn’t lying when he said she was still alive.”

“Take her to me in 2 hours, but for now keep her in eagle eye view. I have no doubt of why she let us capture her.”

“Let us, sir?”

“Yes she hasn't been caught tell now correct, so why show up all the sudden? Any way show her around and like I said 2 hours my office.”

“Yes, sir”

Listening to the conversation the one calling the other man “sir” was definitely Josh, the other man voice sounded terribly familiar but I had no idea who. Five minutes later I heard footsteps coming my way. With a loud swoosh the big door of metal opened. Standing in front of me was Josh with his brown greasy hair and two men behind him in black suits with black hair carrying tranquilizer dart guns. I stood up from my kneeling position of meditation and walked up to them. They directed me towards the door and followed me out.

The halls were plain white. Almost nothing stood in the bare hallways except for three tall doors two opposite of each other the third stood at the end of the hallway. We walk to the door on the left. As we wait I look around, it looked so different then whatthought of it. When the guard opened the door there was a small flight of stair leading to what seemed as an basement. As we walk down I wonder why they put no restraints on me of any kind. Hmph their mistake.

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