Twisted Tale

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Description: Welcome one and all, to my little world once more. This is a little spin off to my three stories I wrote a while ago. Remember Fallen Fantasies, Rising Realities and Larger Legacies?
Don’t know how many even read those stories, and maybe this one wasn’t the best idea due to the complicatedness that is hard to explain in one story, but that is fine, I just went with it and it
turned out…. Alright. Anyway, this story is dedicated to Raechelle Adams and NightFalls, whose names I used in this story. I say used because in this story their personalities aren’t quite exact,
or even remotely the same, haha. Raechelle is my Booksie sister and NightFalls is a great friend of mine I met on Booksie, so thank you Booksie and thank you to these two for sticking with me as I
will stick with them :D

Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



Twisted Tale

A pair of purple eyes stared out at the mountains that surrounded her. No matter the distance, she could see everything in great detail, the night only enhancing her sight. Every crevice stood out among its rocky surface. Her attention was mostly focused on the small cave near the top of the cliff. With a hand, she brushed back the dark strands of her hair. Something familiar was in the air, but she couldn’t place it. Her eyes widened, a blinding light turning her vision to white. It was then, that the voice inside her mind spoke up in the form of memories.

“Shada!” It was the voice of her brother, Aspire. “Shada!” he repeated, his voiced raised in an attempt to gain her attention. She remembered it all too well, the way he leaned over, shoving his iPod in her direction. He was always such an avid gamer, hard games only looking easy when he was at the controls. It was her and her whole family there, the rest sitting in the uncomfortable seats of the plane, either on their own devices or looking out the window like she was in that moment, her thoughts more on her stories rather than her brother beside her.

She remembered the plane jolting, everyone going into a panic when it took a dive soon after. She could hardly hear the voices over the intercom, the screams and the unhealthy sound of the engine drowning out any other noise. Everything was moving so quickly, her life practically flashing right before her eyes. Her back was pressed against the seat. She could barely move, her head stuck facing the window. That was when she saw it, a similar bright flash that altered everything.

Shada blinked several times, her sight returning to her. She looked up to the ledge. Their plane had landed somewhere around there and that opening was where they emerged to discover a whole new world similar to the ones she always wrote about. She knew what the light meant. Another was entering her world, the question was, who?


Light escaped through the holes of the cave ceiling. Its thin beams glinted off the long brown coat she wore. The fur was long, cosy around her small body, yet through it, she could still feel the eerie chill in the air. Her padded paws made little sound on the rocks below her feet. She glided through the endless passages, her orange, cat-like eyes recognising every turn. It had been years of searching, years alone. Why was it always her alone? Left behind? She huffed, the air coming out like smoke. The large wings upon her back grew hot with her agitation. At the sight of another empty passageway, the brown and orange feathers lit up in flames for a moment. She had to take a few calming breathes in order to control her fire. She shook her head. There were only so many places she could look, yet it seems they weren’t anywhere to be found. Maybe they left, but none had ever left alone.

She glanced over her shoulder down the path she had just been down, a flash of light just visible in the distance. It disappeared as quite as it had come. It intrigued her. She had seen a similar occurrence before. It was on the day they disappeared. Surely it wasn’t a coincidence. She turned around and pushed her wolf-like body to follow it. At least, she hoped it wasn’t a coincidence. Either way, it was the only lead she had, so she was going to take it. She cautiously walked down the path. Eventually, her keen eyes caught sight of something. She stopped. Her gaze was focused on the figure who sat there. It was then that she realized what she had really been searching for.

The young lady remained on her knees, her body shaking in fear. Her long brown hair fell in beautiful curls around her face. She lifted her head at the sound of footsteps. Her brown eyes locked onto the creature who watched her.

She lowered her head, eyes on the woman at all times. She didn’t want to scare her unnecessarily, but she did want a closer look. Taking a slow step forward, her eyes practically stared into her soul. We are much the same, she thought, her words echoing in the mind of the girl. She looked startled, but the creature just continued. You’ve got a good heart. In the darkness of the caves, only her wings lit up the space around them, the light dancing across the girls face, highlighting her frightened features. Bending low to the ground, the wolf-like creature prepared herself. Before the human could react, she pounced. In that instant, all light disappeared, sending the girl into darkness. She gasped, shuffling backwards until she hit the rocky wall of the cave. For a moment, she remained completely still, not knowing what had happened.

It took her a while, but eventually, she rose to her feet. She glanced around. She was blinded by the dark, unable to make out anything. She wondered how she even got there in the first place, in such unfamiliar territory. She remembered wandering the streets, the sun shining down upon her. It was a hot day, unlike the strange cold that currently surrounded her. She was heading back to her house, and the moment she passed through the doorway, a bizarre flash of light brightened the sky and turned her world to white. Next thing she knew, she was sitting on the hard rocky floor of the cave. She wrapped her arms around herself, the eerie breeze chilling her to the bone.

Turning around, she was sure she heard something. She took a step forward, strolling down the path to find out what it was. The more she walked, the clearer her vision got. Soon enough, she could see everything in such detail; as if it wasn’t dark everywhere she looked. She could see every crevice that stood out among the rocky walls. Every bump and notch was as clear as day. She ran her hand along the rough surface. She wasn’t keen on wandering into possible danger, but something was guiding her. It was against her will almost. Up ahead, she could see an opening in the cave, where a ledge jutted out and a drop not far off. Instead of stopping, she merely sped up her pace from a walk to a run. The cliff was getting rapidly closer, the walls blurring around her. Something pushed her to keep going, and soon, she jumped over the edge. The rush of air blew her hair into her face. She quickly brushed it back, wanting to see what was keeping her from falling. Down below, she could see the forest. It looked bare apart from the orange leaves that littered the ground. She looked up, a pair of large wings the only thing keeping her airborne, the same wings the wolf-like creature had.

“What?” she said in disbelief as she soared through the air. She lowered her eyes back to where she was flying, a tall tree greeting her. She gasped, colliding with it. She soon plummeted to the ground, landing in a pile of dry, scratchy leaves. It wasn’t long before she got to her feet, feeling fine even after crash landing. Looking around her, she thought about what she would do next. Without any idea, she began to walk. The leaves crunched beneath her, her eyes darting around the unfamiliar scenery. Mountains and bare trees were all she could see, but she continued on in hopes to come across something useful, to give her some idea of what to do or where to go. She came across a clearing, sighing in relief at the sight of small houses in the distance.

She immediately began to run up to it. When she reached it, however, her hopes were crushed. The houses she saw from afar were the only houses standing. Other than that, every other was reduced to rubble. Not a soul was to be seen. She stopped; the stone path beneath her feet cracked like a severe earthquake had struck. “Hello!” she called out. No one answered. She frowned in concern. “Hello!” she tried again. For a moment, there was nothing, but then she heard something. She turned to one of the few houses still standing. Standing in the doorway was a man.

“Hey,” he greeted. “I didn’t realise there was another.”

“Huh?” she questioned in confusion.

“First, introductions,” he said, clapping his hands together. “I’m Jayvier, who may you be?”

“Raechelle,” she replied. “What happened here?” she then asked.

“Well, that’s a long story. You sure you want to start with that question?” he responded. He then gestured to his house. “Why don’t you come inside and then we’ll talk.” He turned around and led her inside. The lounge was rather small, but she wasn’t surprised considering the size of the building as a whole was more like a cottage. He showed Raechelle to a round table where she sat. He then proceeded to grab a book from a nearby shelf before joining her. He sat the large book in front of them. “I’m guessing you’re new here, much like a few others who passed through our village a few years ago. You’re not alone.” His eyes were lowered on his book as he opened it and flicked through a few pages. “The Cave of Spirits must be getting pretty empty I’d say.” He glanced up, meeting Raechelle’s confused gaze. “That’s the name of the cave you found yourself in where you were attacked by a strange creature.”

“How’d you know?” she asked.

“It’s happened before, to a family of five.” He leaned back in this chair. “I’ve explained this to them as well. That creature that attacked you, that was a Morphian.” He had the book open about half way but there was a tear where the page he wanted used to be. “I don’t know how I lost this page,” he admitted. “I know the whole book word for word though. It explained what you really are.” He took in a breath as he thought back to what it had said. “The Morphian is one half of a whole. They are four-legged creatures who search their whole lives for their other side, a human usually. The two, while born separately, share some sort of distant bond, almost like they’re twins. They aren’t connected by blood and can be as far away as different planets.” He paused for a moment. “I thought that gateway between the worlds had closed, but obviously not.”

“All I did was walk into my house,” Raechelle replied, “since when were doors gateways to other worlds?”

Jay raised an eyebrow. “Really?” he asked in shock. “Well, that’s not good. It doesn’t usually happen that way.”

“This doesn’t even make any sense, and you still haven’t told me what happened here.” She waved her arms out in a wide gesture, getting frustrated with the lack of solid answers.

“Oh, yes, maybe we are moving too fast, but as for my village, it was a quake of sorts. It only targeted our area though, which I thought off as strange.” He sighed. “It demolished almost everything here, except the trees outside. I’ve been trying to figure out what caused it.”

“Any luck?” Raechelle questioned.

“Yes,” he said, his gaze dropping to his book. He went silent for a moment. “Actually,” he added, a thought coming to him. “Maybe these events are connected.” He quickly turned over a few pages, stopping when he came to the one he was after. He looked up at Raechelle again. “This whole area, the mountains, to the village, right to the lake down the road, has been known as a soft spot in paranormal activity. This is mainly due to the creatures that live around these parts and the cave where you found yourself. It’s like a magnet for energy. That’s why that place is always where the portals open up. When that energy builds up, it has to go somewhere.” He paused for a moment, glancing down at the book.

“This brings me to my theory,” he added, tracing his fingers along the open page. “I think that energy build up was what caused the quake, but it can’t be the cause of the increase in portals. I think there is a being that is doing it. This creature is the source. It can actually rip open portals in time and space itself. This sort of power would wreak havoc upon our world if it is overused.” He sighed. “Long story short, the fabric of our world is wearing thin due to someone misusing their powers.” He tapped on the page. “This guy here, the NightStalker or NightFall, or something like that…”

The heading of the page was written in bold, red and black letters. ‘NightStalker/NightFall’ stood out among the smaller words that followed. “The details are rather cryptic, but it says it lives in the same place as the Morphian,” Jay continued. “It’s something much different than anything I’ve heard of before. It doesn’t even show a picture. I would like if it said whether the Morphian got along with it or not.” He shrugged, closing the book. “Well, guess that’s the history lesson over.”

“Huh?” Raechelle asked. “Did it really not say anything else?”

Jayvier shook his head. “This book likes to use as little details as possible in some areas, but then overflow with them in others,” he replied, standing from the table. He put the book back on the shelf. “Anyway, I don’t know what you plan to do now, but I’m going to do some cleaning up. Outside is a mess as you can see.”

Raechelle nodded as she too stood up. “Okay.” She left the house with Jay following behind, a shovel in his hands. She looked around at the rubble that littered the lands. “Do you need a hand?” she asked. “That looks like a lot of cleaning.”

“Na,” he replied, immediately getting to work. “I’ve been at this for days and it still looks the same, but when I do finally clear it all, I will be feeling very proud of myself.”

“Hm, okay,” Raechelle said, turning to leave the destroyed village. She began walking down the path, wondering what she would be her next course of action. She could find that NightFall creature; maybe it would be able to get her home. She sighed. “Why do I feel like I’m meant to be looking for someone else?” she asked herself. It was a strange feeling. From what Jayvier said, she has somehow been merged with some other creature. If that is the case, maybe its feelings are rubbing off on her. “I don’t know,” she sighed. “None of this makes sense.” She stopped walking, the ground growing dark around her. She looked up, the sun and blue sky disappearing under a blanket of darkness. “Huh?” Day turning to night, even time was messed up. She could even see the moon and stars twinkling above.

There was a howl from somewhere. She looked around the landscape but saw nothing. She began to walk again. She stopped, hearing a growl from behind. Slowly, she turned around. Standing strong on all fours, she saw a pack of wolves. Their black fur appeared more like shadows, blending in with the darkness around them. They all bent low. One stood out amongst them, his red eyes narrowed. Spinning around, Raechelle ran down the path. She could hear them begin to chase, their paws rustling in the overgrown grass, an occasional twig snap and leaves crunching as they sped after her. She jumped over a tree root that stuck out of the ground. She didn’t slow down, knowing they were close behind. The wolves growled and howled as she continued as fast as she could.

They stopped. She could no longer feel their presence. She presumed she had lost them, as unlikely as it was. Their howls and growls were silenced, their paws in the forestry were no longer there. She heard nothing. Eventually, she slowed her pace. There was no point in running from nothing. She began walking, her breathing heavy. Glancing over her shoulder, she was relieved to see a clear path. No monsters, no beasts chasing her, nothing. Turning back around to keep an eye where she was going, her legs froze in place, that same large, red-eyed wolf standing before her, blocking her way. Before she had a chance to react, it charged. It had her pinned to the ground in an instant.

The wolf stared down at her. Hello there, she could hear its voice within her mind, deep in tone, scary overall. It was a strange creature, while anything but human in appearance; it looked at her as if it was something else. It shook out its shadowy fur, its body shifting, changing in shape. Before long, it was a man rather than the beast-like wolf. He smiled at her. “Sorry if I startled you,” he said as Raechelle slowly got to her feet. “I just wanted to talk and you took off like you saw something terrifying.”

“What?” Raechelle asked. “You were the one who looked like a great big wolf and started chasing me with a whole pack.”

“Oh, yeah,” he replied. “Well, my intentions were genuine.”

“Uh huh,” Raechelle nodded.

The man cleared his throat. “Well, I’m NightFall.” He waved his hands out in a dramatic gesture. “I’m actually looking for someone who is related to you.”

“No one I’m related to is around here,” Raechelle replied. “So I don’t know who you’re looking for but I don’t think I can help.”

For a moment, he was silent. “That’s right,” he finally said.

Raechelle looked at him, trying to decide what he was getting at. “But it sounds like you know my situation.”

Night nodded. “That is correct, for it is I who brought you here.” He turned around, his back to her. “The Morphian that you are now bonded too, well, it had a family, but they all disappeared one day as a plane crash introduced a group of humans into this plane of existence.” He faced her again. “Well, I want to find that group because they are all like you, the thing is; only your Morphian side would be able to find them because it is linked to them.”

She stared at him for a moment. “So, I have a second family?”

“Sorta, now you just have to find them.” Night responded.

“Huh, interesting.” Raechelle turned away from him, thinking about what he had said. Question was, how would she be able to find them? It was then that something came to her. She looked up, her eyes scanning the surroundings, her sight picking up every detail. She could sense another. She backed up as something jumped out from within the trees and shrubbery. A wolf with purple eyes and wings was standing there. Soon, she began to shift into a semi-human being. She stretched out her wings and smiled at them. “Hello, I’ve been told I had a sister,” she waved. “I’m Shada.”

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