Under A Spell

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Submitted: October 06, 2017

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



I was a man tore up.

A little stern with my emotions .

My edges a little rough.

Until I set my eyes

on my lasting dream's prize .

My love can hold too much.

I stood out in the rain

for only a chance to be touched.

You came along like an angel.

With love from every angle.

Made me weak

in my trembling knees.

Falling into a peaceful sleep

praying to dream that familiar dream.

I'm under a spell.

Inside my heart is done too well.

I laugh and cry too much.

Don't slow down .

I don't shut up.

I can't think too straight.

Your beautiful soul

has sealed my fate.

I must control myself

before it's too late.

I'm under a spell.

A genius of love

from the thousand stories I tell.

Love will only but grow.

I'll be locked inside my shell

until my hair turns white as snow.

I talk too much

and I cry too much.

It takes so long.

And life goes too fast.

And I still can't think too straight.

You have me in never ending love

From the spell that you cast.

I'm in too deep

and it's too late.

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