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A nice afternoon for an adventure.


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Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017






The sky was so blue, nothing my crayon box could ever try to copy. Sitting in the outside front porch, trying to copy such a nice day on my piece of paper but something just didn't feel right. Next time I shouldn't let Kara borrow my crayons. The yellow was stained with black and the white marker had bad green smudges on it. I look up from my drawing to see the islands in the distance. The air around the porch was sweet, the shade from the tree felt great on this cloudless day. The grass was curled up close to the ground, I could see the sand shifting past the small fence ahead. The ocean looked like a big wiggly worm, dancing in its fancy shiny dress.  I wanted to try to draw all of it, but I thought my doodles looked silly. I dug around in my crayon box again to see if I can save something but no luck. This sky is so nice that I don't want to miss my chance to grab that color. I walked inside to see my mama sitting on the couch watching her weird drama show on the tv. I walk over avoiding the table that was in the middle of the room and lightly tug on her gown.

“Mama, Kara ruined my crayons” and I show her the box.

“Honey, these aren't ruined, see.” Then she chips away all the bad stuff from the ruined ones.

“Now, just because something looks ruined, doesn't mean it is. Next time if you are not happy with the way your crayons were treated, tell Kara nicely” she said in her sweet voice.

She turns her attention to the tv again and I look down at my box. The crayons were not sharp anymore, but now they aren’t dirty. My face was disappointed as I continued to look at the box. I look up to say something when I saw my mama’s long nails covered in the bad crayon clay. She bragged about getting them all shiny or something the other day to Kara’s mother. I just quickly hug her and say “thanks mama, but you ruined your nails” she looks at me and smiles warmly, hugs me back and says “they aren't ruined, now go play, I’m guessing Kara is at gate right now”

I climb the couch to see out the window, and there she was jumping over the fence door and shaking her hands.

“Ima go now mama, I love you” I get a pat on the head and she says, “I know sweet pea, I do too, be careful.” kissing me goodbye.

I put my bad drawing and crayon box on the counter and pick up my wooden sword. I run outside to hear her yelling at me.

“Hey! you you you you you, ready for fun today” she says in her squeaky voice poking at me. Something had her really exited today, her voice was so high that sometimes I couldn’t tell what she said.  I open the gate to see her holding her silly wooden wizard staff.

“Look at what my dad bought for me” and then she pulls out a big witch hat from her back and puts it on. “What chu think, I feel very magical now.” She asks me all excited. I was stunned because it was cool and all I had to bring for adventure time was a toy sword.

“Lucky! I wish I had a silly hat like that” I point to reassure myself what it was.

She clenches her hat and slightly backs away, “It’s not silly, it’s cool! just cause I didn't want a stupid sword like you doesn't make me weird or silly” she snaps back at me. I roll my eyes and turn around to close the gate.


I look back again to see the Great Witch Karalak, the burnt ash. I felt a sudden weight around my waist, to find my mighty Great Sword Excalibur.  The grasslands of the countryside, peaceful pastures were always the start of every great adventure. A cow moos in the distance and farmers can be seen working their lands.

My attention turns to my party member, “So what quest did we take today Karalak” I ask her, feeling the words of heroism flow through me like the rivers of Oceanis The Slow.

She pulls out a scroll from under her hat and points at the drawing on it “We have been contracted by the Pop guild to eradicate the fiends who have been terrorizing the Metal Jungle east of the smooth mountain.” she explains to me.

I examine the picture to see horrible fuzzy creatures, with fiendish black eyes, and sharp buck teeth. Their tales were the shape of deadly clouds. “I can see why there was a quest out for them, does it pay well?” Looking up from paper, she laughs and says “you best believe it does, but they won't be an easy foe”

I laugh with her and say, “When are they ever!”.

After our jesting was nice and satisfied, it was off with us to the Metal Jungle. We walked past all the farmers, they were nice enough to point us in the general direction. we crossed some trenches that connected with a long slender cave. The water was being sucked up, nobody knew where the water went, and few have dare to try finding. The magician’s capital was close to the Metal Jungle, so we decided to stop there for much needed supplies.

Walking down the enchanted entrance, I was immediately fascinated by all the decor banners and the smell of brews filled the air.

It was Oakey with a hint of ginger root.

The way all the buildings hunched and slanted felt like they were bending over and looking down at us. We kept walking the food district, seeing normal foods like bread, but I also saw things that were cauldron made. Frogs burning in bubbly pots and potions that could out-swirly a pig’s tail. They also sold pigs tail. To my right was the cold house were they kept the animal and monster meats for later consumption. Oddly enough, this was the same place where they used the ice to make frozen treats.

We walked until a tall elder wizard stopped our trudging to give us a couple words of wisdom. His beard was so long that he had it wrapped around his neck like a scarf. His robe was flowing and white, no stains whatsoever. His staff was withered but you can feel the power emanating from it. He gave me a look of disgust. Then he turned his attention to my companion.

“My child, are you sure you want to take this quest, your elder brother took and he came back wounded.” said the Elder warlock, you could feel your own old age within his voice.

“Don't worry about me father, I can take care of myself, besides my brother didn't have Toddonious, Champion of the people with him when he went to go fight the fiends.” she reassured him.

When she pointed me out, I felt a little more heroic. He gives me a long look and turns his attention back to Karalak. A look longer than I has ever noticed someone give me.

“Really, this mere pawn is your knight” he shouted

“Yes he has saved me many times, you shouldn’t speak so ill about him”

“My dear daughter, look at his arms. He isn’t impressing anybody with those arms and that sword. If it wasn’t for that enchanted sword, he wouldn’t be the champion of anybody.”

My pride took a good swing there. I look down at my sword and wonder, Am I really that reliant on it?

“Father! we really must leave before it becomes sundown if we are to make it.” she urges him.

“I really insist on you not talking this quest my child, but I could never say no to you. Just heed this warning, do not let them swarm either of you.” he explained to us vaguely.

We both nodded and continued our merry way. We left the capital and began to walk down the wooden deck that led to the great lake of Chlorineas.  We charted some turtles from a royal guard for transportation. The Metal Jungle was not far from us now. As we drifted ever closer to the island, we were quickly attacked by a great demon that was lurking from the cobalt blue. Her black hair was matted all over the place, wet from the briny deep. She had saggy skin, to wrap her victims in. Her large demon bosoms covered in a thinly black cloth. Nothing tasteful was coming from this creature.

She quickly splashed my partner. I look over to her and direct my turtle to her way. I swing my weapon severing the beasts hand.  The beast wails and dives down for another attack. I wrap my arm around Karalak and prepare for the next attack. There was silence in the lake, I waited with sword in hand, for what felt like an eternity. The water to my left explodes as the demon revealed itself and I went for the stab the heart. I Naraly dodged the blow a dove into the water. My swimming speed was best known in the land and jetted over to the chest of the beast. She did not foresee my holy sword piercing her unholy heart. Success. Her black blood began to ooze into the lake. I was about to swim up for air when her disfigured fingers secured onto my dear foot, her grip was mighty. I thrust into the palm, but unsuccessfully to find almost permanent refuge within. I could not unsheathe it from this beast's flesh.

Like any good human knight, I begin to panic and my lungs began to fill with water, was my journey to end here? Vision was loosening when I felt a pair of hands wrapping around me.

Black, darky darkness. Its spooking me how dark it is


A torrent of water explodes from my mouth, expelling the tainted water from the great lake of Chlorineas. I cough, trying to recover some air instead of water into my lungs. I look up to see my partners face worried, almost in tears. She hugged my ragged wet body as we drifted closer to our objective.

“Hey, you know a demon like that can’t kill me” I sarcastically say to her, it almost did.

“Just shut and don't scare me like that again.” she says, sobbing. I held her back and comforted her as time went by. We sit side by side as the land go closer, and we chatted for a bit.

“So, I’m guessing this quest is more important than other jobs we have taken before?”

“I want to show my father that I’m not living in the shadow of my brother” She spoke with passion in her eyes.  

“ah I see, then let’s show them how we get things done.” I hold her hand to try to calm her down. She looks back at me with a warm smile on my face, and after that lake dunk. I was cold.


We have arrived at the island, there was a stillness in the metal vines and trees. Monkeys could be seen climbing the bars up and down. The sand beneath us was almost grey and many skulls were piled around the ground. The air was deep cooling chill. I look over to see Karalak clenching her staff. The sound of the leather bindings tightening in the wood could almost be heard a mile away from the solitary silence.  We began to walk into the jungle when we heard the loud squeaking of the unknown take place. The trees began to bend forward then backward as they tried their best imitation of the ocean waves. One of them charged us, so I grabbed him the jaw and help it open. “Now Karalak!” She stuffed her magic staff down the fiend’s gullet and blasted incantations. Her words were sharp and unintelligible to me who knew not of magic.

“getthehelloutofhereyoustupidfacea” she said quickly, fire in her eyes.

The beast fell to its side, defeated. Two charged at us again, one from the left and the other on the right. I quickly block the one on the left with my sword. He wails of frustration as I kept the beast from tasting my flesh. If a lake couldn't kill me, what thinks one fiend would. I push him back and pierce his fluffy brown fur. Another one was down for the count. I look over to see Karalak rolling out from his lunges and blasting fireballs in his face. “youdontbelonginmybackyardyajerk”

That was to be believed the last one, she gave me a happy smile when her expression changed to horror. An explosion of pain coursed through my back as I flew forward. I landed roughly on the sand, everything felt dizzy. I heard my party member yell for me and run to my side. The sound of a bottle being opened, and I felt the cool, fruity taste of a potion go down my throat. I slowly get up to see the biggest fiend was squeaking over from where I was hit. Trying to get up, I stumble. I still haven't fully recovered from the attack. The fiend looks at us and begins to charge, I reach for my sword, but it is no use, it was too far for me. What do I do in this situation?!, Karalak picks up the blade and tries to protect me. The fiend and Karalak clash. His claws were trying to pierce the blade and she held it tightly not budging. They stand in a locked battle until the fiend swings his mighty claws around her thigh. She loses focus and the sword splits in twine, the hilt landing in my reach.

She falls to the ground as the beast growls overhead. I get up and scream at the beast while pounding my chest plate, my knightly war cry. Achieving his attention, he begins to charge once more.

Karalak looks over to me. “No don’t! Toddonious, its suicide!”

I look at her and smile, turning my attention to the beast and take the impact head on, stabbing the hilt of the sword into his soft head. The beast trips and lands to ground with an impactful thud.

It was done, he was the last one. Karalak quickly limps over to me and has another potion in hand. I refuse it and insist she drink it. We look at each other and laugh, “So, drinks on me?” I ask her.

“How about dinner, then you have a deal” she replies.

“Deal” and I shake her hand.

We look once more at the Metal Jungle when I hear my mama yell out to me. “Todd! Sweet Pea! Dinner is ready!”

I look over at Kara in her big wizard hat. “I will see you tomorrow, I’m glad we got swim in your pool, and scare some squirrels away” I tell her.

She gives me a weird look “You make it sound so boring like that, that's why I get to tell the story. I’m sorry I ruined your sword.” She points over to my toy sword near the fence of the backyard.

“Just because it looks ruined, doesn't mean it is.” I tell her.

We say our goodbyes and hug. I ran over to my house next door and saw that they sky was now a nice shade of orange and red. I run inside to see the crayon box, looking inside to see that the exact shade was in the box, I guess I'll doodle it after dinner.

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