What is love?

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Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



If you ask me a year ago what the word love means I will answer "I dont know, something only lucky people feel, something that will break you and leave you more alone. Something i've might never feel"

A few days ago I was laying in my cozy bed with picture with me and my friends above me. I like those pictures. They are good memories and i get happy thoughts because of them. I was thinking about the word love and what does it exatly mean? Have i've ever felt it? Will i ever feel it? I asked myself. After some thought I realized how many times i got my heart broken by boys that made me feel loved for like a while, like a moment. But i dont think they really wanted me, they were more inlove with my body instead to love me. Maybe love is a pretty hard word, maybe i should use like, but its easier to express what i am feeling, or at least, i thought it was love. I've got my heart broken more then i've ever wanted. I've cried myself to sleep more then you will ever could count, it's alot what i am trying to say. Have you ever felt nothing? Like, an empty souless person and with a hundred of knives in the stomach? Like you are screaming and begging for help but no one can hear you because you are in a big box, alone screaming your lungs out. 

Maybe I love this boy. By the way he touch me he make me feel safe. By the way he kiss my lips makes me wanna feel like that forever. I've never felt like that before. I just want to feel loved and needed. Maybe it's not love. Maybe is just need. Like, bodyconnection need. But also, this guy really make me happy in a way no one can. Is that something? 

Love is like coming home after a long and bad day. Love is the feeling you get when you are with someone who make you wanna spend all your day with. Love is when you dont want the person to leave the next day because you need them. Love is when nothing is fine but there's the person who could just make everything fine again. Maybe that's love? 

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