Avia The All-Mother

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Avia is an all powerful being that created a world from her blood. After sleeping for generations, she awakes to the terrible future of her masterpiece.

Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



I am Avia, the creator of all. My body shimmers with the lights of the cosmos, my feathers fluorescent as starlight. From nothingness I was born, and so from nothingness I born the world. Upon this egg I carved valleys and trenches, and I sculpted mountains and hills. To finish my creation, I brought my talons to my chest and drew blood from my veins. The blood rained upon the land and become the world’s waters, and from the waters came my greatest triumph. Life.

From this life I chose one group and gave them the power of choice. The ability to be aware and have a hand in their own fate. I named this life Humanity.

Satisfied with my work, I decided to leave my completed creation alone and rest for a while. I am unsure of how long I slumbered, but it doesn’t matter how long it was. All that matters is that I rested for too long.

When I awoke I gazed upon my world and stared in astonishment. The beautiful world I had created filled with the sounds and emotions of despair and anguish. “What has happened to my masterpiece?”, I had wondered. Disturbed at what I would find, I shrank down my size and flew to the land below.

I landed in a small clearing by a cluster of large structures made of some sort of sleek, reflective stone. Upon looking at it more, I noticed the area was full of with humans. I realized I was in some sort of city!  

To avoid disrupting whatever sort of order this place held, I made my form invisible to the eyes of my creations. I wandered around the city, looking into shops, homes, and places of worship. At first, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the society. Thinking that this place was not a source, I almost left, but right before I could I heard shouting in the distance. Worried, I rushed towards it, and found a group of humans surrounding a small child and their mother. Confused at their intent, I only watched in perplexity. Yet, after I noticed the slurs and violence that were being thrown at the innocent pair I could no longer stand idle.

Still not revealing my form, I breathed deep within my core and released a great wind to disperse the assault. The group scattered and I blew them away, unharmed, towards the other end of the city. Immediately I looked to see if the victims were okay. The girl was not harmed, but the attack hurt the mother and tore her headdress. I healed her wounds and reconstructed her ripped clothing. Not waiting for their reaction, I left and decided I would need to view the world at a much faster pace.

Back in my normal size and outside the confinements of my world, I reached deep within myself and sent the vision of my mind to the corners of planet. With this I saw everything.

I saw two men picking up their child from school yelled at by a man with a cross, before attacking one of the parents. I saw a group of people that had lived where they had been for generations, but still the angry mob told them to leave with raised fists and insults. I saw groups of people protesting in the streets, holding signs calling for peace and equality, before a group of people in hard armor threw bombs of gas at them and bludgeoned them with clubs. I saw scholars trying to improve society and its flaws, but people scoffed at them in ignorance and the world still filled with hate and smoke. I saw people born with different minds than everyone else hated because they didn’t fit the social cue. I saw people rushing from exploding buildings, I saw children alone in rubble, I saw people with different backgrounds and beliefs called inferior and discriminated against, I saw… I saw so much. I saw too much. I had seen enough! With conviction burning in my eyes I knew what I had to do.

I looked upon my tainted world, the world I had wrongly left to rot, and revealed myself to the world.

To my unguided children I called to and said, “I am Vrye the All-Mother, the creator of Earth and the womb of all life. For too long I have had done nothing as atrocities happened around me, for too long I had remained ignorant due to my own laziness and ego, but no more! I have watched as arrogant leaders due nothing but spread lies and hate, this world where I had thought all would be equal has become imbalanced. So to make up for my crimes, and to end your sins, I will cleanse this world of impurity in three days’ time! To those who are corrupt and wrong, beware. But, for those who have had to live through this tyranny themselves, to the ones who, even if they were not the oppressed, still fought for what was right, and for the children, the ones too young to be of blame and still able to see the good in the world. These innocents, these honorable, will be saved while I make this world anew.” I made this decree with a steady voice, despite the sadness and self-loathing I felt, and went on to my next proclamation.

“Although, I will still give one last chance to the depraved. If you give up your wicked ways now, and instead move your efforts towards paths of peace and acceptance, you will be spared and be able to have a second chance in the future to come”. I made this last statement in hopes that I wouldn’t have to hurt anyone. After all, to bring my creations pain is pain unto myself.

The hope I had felt, however, diminished in an instant. The corrupted people I had given one last way out to salvation, all continued their path of needless violence and hate. Even after my plea, and even after the three days, they still continued due to their own self-righteous bigotry.  First, I felt disappointment, but then, I felt rage.

Before I could begin the cycle, I first had to save the innocent. So I plucked out some of my feathers and sent them back down to the world below. Each feather split up into many feathers, and each of those feathers in turn turned into the arks that I would save the worthy of humanity and save the life that hadn’t become corrupted, the animals and plants that stood loyal to their birth. After that, I did what I had to do.

Distraught, I did what I had done so long ago. I took my talon to my chest and let loose the life waters once again. The waters that first gave life, would then take it away. I dug deeper into my veins than ever before and a tidal wave greater than any storm imaginable crashed down to the Earth. The humans and nature I had protected survived, but the others died horribly. Their bodies ripped to shreds, their bones crushed to bits, and their minds did not even have a moment's realization before death came upon them.

After the storm cleared and the extra water returned to my being, I set to rebuild my world and set right what I had wronged.

To the people I set standards. The people now knew of me, but their religions I kept the same and let them believe what they wished as long as it did not harm others. Anyone could romantically love anyone as long the people consented together and the people themselves of able to consent mind and age. Beauty was relative, science was for the good of all, those born differently were treated equally in society as everyone else, and a person’s origins were all treated with respect and equality.

This world could have existed long ago if I had done something in the first place. If I had been doing my job of making sure the world was a better place and helped those who needed it the Earth would never have had to go through such turmoil. It is the act of committing ignorance or turning a blind eye that causes such problems in the first place. If something does go too far, if people are subjected to unjustified actions then it is the job of society to try to resolve it peacefully.

But do not mistake me. If there comes a time where a force only offers hate and refuses all reason, if there is a time where that force hurts and kills others for no reason but their own stupidity, then the time for being peaceful has passed. If someone brings violence and negotiations fail, sometimes the only answer is the simplest one. There will be a time where the only answer is to fight back. There are those who say to combat hate like this is hypocritical, but I know the truth. The ones who started this brought hate without reason, but for the ones who have had to live through this it is their only chance for survival. The survivors do not hate needlessly, they hate because they want to live and they want the ones they care about to live. These two types of hate are not the same. They are not equal, they are not comparable. Only one can be justified. Change will not occur without something to lay down the foundation, something to plant the first seed, something to ignite the first spark.

I am Avia the All-Mother, and I say that sometimes the only true path to peace must be fought for.


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