Let's Go Back Again

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Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



I was hesitant in writing this because I normally don't do love stories expect like twice, but hanging out with my "sister" lately it brought up some memories from my past so I decided to write about it.

(If you read my story, “ME” you will know that I moved around a few times in life, and met my now best friend/sister/cousin. What you don’t know is that I ended up moving a year later. This story will be about the “love” I had within that year and that I held in my heart for years.)

We meet in 5thgrade. We had the same class. He was a short boy very loud too. He ran with the popular kids, and I did to now since my cousin was one of them and I connected with them. But Brandon had something about him that made me fall in love with him, and yes love. He was so cute and charming. His sister was one of my best friends, so my liking her brother was weird but I loved him so that’s that. I moved one years later after meeting him and hanging with him. We never dated though. But before I left my cousin told him I liked him and after I left he told her he like me. I wonder to this day if I stayed would we have been together.

Years went by and he was still in my mind. I would hang out with my cousin months at a time and we would talk about him. He ended up getting a girlfriend two year after I left I never really liked her, because she came off as a pretty blonde who wanted attention, in my opinion.

My cousin told me he became depressed and not like his normal self. I would look on my cousin's Facebook to see his account. They only thing you could see was him talking about how his value on this earth was getting smaller. It broke my heart that I couldn’t help him. I was a young kid then and I was too scared to get in contact with him. I guess I feared rejection and that fear covered my need to help someone.

After years passed he was still single and depressed. I still was scared to talk to him, but if he truly did like me he would have picked up the hints that I gave out. Why join a scavenger hunt and not solve the clues? I gave up on him after high school. I still think of him, but is because I want him to be happy. He used to be my best friend, why wouldn’t I want him happy?

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