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Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



June 25, 2017




I left the crowded room.

I tucked my feet under my thighs

and I breathed for the first time in hours.

It hurt when the air ripped my chest in half.

My chin rested upon the back of my hands, as my arms began to pulsate with the heaviness of my unfiltered thoughts.

I counted the hairs on my left arm.

I studied the brush strokes on my chipping paint nail polish.

My eyes grew tired of the buzzing carpet floor.

The curve in my spine started to strain my lower back.

I breathed for the millionth time.

My eyebrows grew closer together and they became tired.

I welcomed the newest wrinkles on my face.

My eyes stopped shifting, and they grew tired and dry that I began to cry.

I cried without looking.

I cried without caring.

I cried without tears.

I cried with my eyes.

That’s when I unfolded my body, got up, and left the crowded room.


-Ellie Carp

© Copyright 2018 Ellie Carp. All rights reserved.

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