Words we never got to say

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A poem about having time to be there for your parents and when they are gone, thinking of what they may have gone through with their own parents

Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017




The moment I first saw you 
My heart burst inside
Life then changed forever
Infinite loving pride

Held your in my strong arms
Protection started then
Gave you all the strength I had
Forever loving men

Watched you take your first steps
The path into a man
Held your hand when you fell
Smiled when you first ran

My eyes they grew some lifelines
The smile shall never fade
The love I have is sunshine
The pride I have is shade

You blossomed to a young man
Walked in sunshine and rain
Made your mistakes yet learned
That with happiness comes pain

You flew the nest so quickly
Memories hang from the wall
Time it moves so slowly
When I await the call

Life gets so busy
When the boy becomes a man
Time is quickly passing
You call me when you can

Reflections of my father
And the things I could have done
The words I never said to him
With you have just begun

Each time we are together
We fall into routine
My heart it never felt so proud
Love that’s so serene

For time is what life is made of
It can be snatched before our eyes
Regrets that are a burden
That weigh us down with sighs

Are we too proud to say it?
Just what we feel
Love is three immortal words
Life is too surreal

If the time comes that I lose you
Remember these words before I leave
Life is yours to change my boy
Your heart is on your sleeve




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