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Inspired by BNW this is an episode in one of the many great Narcwerkz companies. Follow the students as they learn the basics and one even learn a bit too much. Sorry for any typos and such. Enjoy!

Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



I had always been very clever compared to my age. At least, that is what they had always told me but to be honest I had never seen anything like this before and my head was spinning with the most curious of questions. Luckily we were all here to learn so our ignorance was rather acceptable and our professor was readily awaiting to fill us with wisdom. However I felt a certain pressure in not knowing a bit of what we had been presented with. I had after all, been appointed the top student in our class if not the whole school. We all stood in a big group and scanned the room for all of its exciting items and in front of us stood our old professor and pointed us towards a big glass tube that almost peaked the roof.

'Tiny things! Tiny, tiny, tiny little mechanical instruments! All working flawlessly together like the spectacular cooperation of the great ants!' Prof. Bruchonko eagerly informed us as he presented an illusionary imagination with his hands only he could see and looked at us through his thick spectacles that had become an iconic part of his character over the years and seemed to be the only thing keeping his big bulgy eyes, that were surrounded with a distinct redness around the eyelids, from falling out.

'Nano robots, right?' One of the students among us asked, and had he not, another one of us would have as it seemed as a reasonable confirmation to assure but Prof. Bruchonko's face melted downwards and formed a stale disappointed look which made the student retract in between us again until he was finally gone from Bruchonko's eyesight. 

'Nano science. Hmpf! Nano robots and Nano magic, that is language for the common folks Anderson. This is the cardiovascular-omni-tool, also know as the magnificent COT!' Prof. Bruchonko yelled as he swung his arms into the air and maniacally presented the COT machine, which was the huge glass tube we had all been staring at for so long. 'First invented by wealthy sportsmen who wished to stay warm during the sports of winter hunts in arctic environments. So simple a desire filled with sloth, yet the passage to the most important invention to date!' He continued and his epic way of painting the words he spoke with his hands made us all submit our fullest interest to the subject.

'But how does it work professor? And what is its function?' Another student asked as he raised his finger to signal his request to ask his question. 'Ah yes! How does it work? A most satisfying question Jespersonn. Please now, prepare to scribble down some delightful notes dear students.' The professor requested in a humble way and his face lit up with excitement to tell us of the COT machine.

'You see students, the science was not that tricky yet we simply needed the necessary equipment to utilize that science! It is like adding science and science together and something new is born! Wonderful, yes?' Prof. Bruchonko started his lecture and we all nodded.

 'The early versions were rather... limited in their functions, yet that was soon changed and the original has stayed the same. We scan in your system of blood vessels and other desired organs and map it all out on our computers. Not the minor vessels and capillaries though, forget them. They're not important. Once mapped out it is just a matter of coding whatever function into...' The professor paused and looked over at Michael Anderson with a fierce attitude and continued in a grumpy manner: '... Nano robots.'

'Once programmed the robots will align themselves together all along the blood vessels at designated locations. Now that is real world magic I'd say! In the early days all they would do was to regulate the body's warmth and keep the hunters at just the correct temperature, but now we use them to administer whatever is desired too! It is true students. We humans are truly magnificent!' The professor clapped. 'Imagine any drugs, any treatment or cure. It doesn't matter! We can treat anything at maximum precision with maximum efficiency!'

I must admit I was truly amazed. This was really a wonderful invention. So basic, yet so useful. We all wrote down as fast as we could in order to store as much information as possible in our notebooks, yet I had it all stored in my mind already. I was sure most of the other students had too, but it was always a good example to take notes and you could see the childish pleasure the professor visibly felt as he saw how we payed interest in his lectures. As he spoke he turned on the machine's monitor and ran a simulation of an actual procedure and we saw how the nano particles would arrange themselves in infinite strings around the blood vessels and most of the other organs.

'Truly magnificent. Truly magnificent, yes.' the old professor confessed to himself in such a low noise it almost drowned in the humming made by the COT machine. 'Do we get them? I mean citizens?' A student asked. I could not see who but the squeaky voice had to be Martin Stern. 'You already have them installed young Mr. Stern. From birth all subjects of the state is gifted this wonder. And not only you young man, the common folks and lower folks benefits from them too. However it used to be different, but we all benefit from everyone using the COT. Mass euthanasia of the lower folks, for an example, used to be so time consuming and costly. Now we can simply administer the action through the COT. We can transfer resources and differently programmed particles to the COT system orally via food and such. From miles away the Controllers can simply administer vital supplements to boost the work force, or cut it off totally with... Other supplements. So efficient!' The professor clapped again and smiled at us so all of his hazel brown teeth sprung out in their irregular order. I noticed a piece of his front tooth had been chipped off.

'I don't get it?' A very nervous and silent voice finally released itself from behind the group of us students. We all looked back at Heinrich Damman who stood behind us, all pale in the face and the indifference almost manifested right there in front of us as he looked back in shame and fearfully awaited the professors respond. 'What?! What on Earth is there not to understand? This should be basic math for a citizen, especially a coming Narcwerkz employee!' The professor roared and it was as if his angered presence filled the room, touching us all on our skin so that our hair rose. 'I'm sorry Prof. Bruchonko, but it just doesn't make sense. I know it should...' Was all Heinrich managed to defend himself with before the professor smacked his hand down onto a nearby table. His head was furiously reddish and I noticed a big throbbing vein at his temple. 'Well then I guess something is wrong with you young sir! I will have nothing of this waste of time before me and my lectures. How you disappoint me Mr. Damman.' Shortly after and while the professor was still scolding Heinrich, two men arrived. They were visibly Narcwerkz employees.

We could not hear what the professor whispered to the men but spiteful looks were at random given to Heinrich as they spoke. We all stood in silence and exchanged confused expressions to each other, as Heinrich Damman was normally a very bright student. I had even competed with him in human distribution class. Now he could not understand this basic lecture all of a sudden. I wondered if it was that hit he took under the physical exercises we also attended together, that had maybe shaken him up a bit. Before none of us could think up a conclusion the two men followed him out of the room. 

'You will of course receive written material on the COT system in order to fine tune your knowledge on the subject, but let us continue now! We have one last lecture which I have eagerly awaited to show you all day students! The production of the lower folks! Haha!' Prof. Bruchonko celebrated as he clapped the student, Jim Fann, on the shoulder and dragged Jim in his direction and out of the door. Jim was clearly graceful of being singled out by Prof. Bruchonko and smiled back at us as we all followed them out of the room.

'Behold students! The climax of scientific evolution! The SPLF in all of its glory!' The professor loudly revealed to us as his hand presented us to the SPLF in a slow moving motion. I had heard of it before. The State Production of Labor Force as it was known in its full name and now I finally got to see it with my own eyes. I had longed for this lecture the entire semester.

We were all outside in the sun now and in front of us we saw a fenced off field that continued as far out in the distance as our eyes could see. Throughout the grassy field sat small herds of naked men randomly gathered and it appeared as if they were sitting and talking to each other. I had never imagined there to be so many of them. At least 200 if not many more were scattered all around the field. 'These are the cattle that will work in the fields. Class A might I add.' The professor added. 'Cattle' was another word for the lower folks and were often only used between businessmen but I found out that apparently all employees in Narcwerkz used that term.

'We neuter them at birth, or should I say we remove the entire reproductive organ to be more precise. The age doesn't really matter that much, however we find it that it is easiest to do it right away.' The professor informed us as we wrote down his every word. Michael Anderson raised his pencil and asked: 'That is to reduce potential male aggression, right? Makes them more manageable too, am I correct?' The professor's face lit up delighted and he smiled back at Anderson to confirm what a good question it was. 'Yes this is true students. It strips them from sexual desires and they care not for social status either. Not only that, they become submissive to any given order as long as they are treated humanely. In other words, they thrive as long as a task is available. The perfect labor force if you ask me. You see, we can use the females. They yield an endless supply of ovulation for a certain duration of time. The males however, not many is needed. A single vial of spermatozoa is enough to fertilize many eggs. Therefore we only use males. It would also be too much of a hassle to remove the females reproductive organs.'

As the professor lectured us we all witnessed how multiple trucks from the State Carriers arrived at one end of the field close to what looked like a medium sized storehouse. Rows of coffins that hung from big metal structures were then pushed inside the semi trailers by Narcwerkz employees. Every one of us recognized the coffins as they were the universal transportation devices used to carry human cargo. They were even used by citizens who cared not too much for their reputation and were introduced into mass use during the war. It was much easier and safe to simply bury the civilians and retrieve them after all the chaos. The Professor leaned himself over the fence while resting his body on his elbows while a warm satisfaction gleamed through him as he took in a deep breath and proudly enjoyed the view.

'But certainly this lot is not enough for the whole commonwealth, sir? Forgive my hasty judgment, but is it not true?' I had to ask as the numbers did not add up. Unlike the others I felt no hesitation in asking my question as I needed to know. I did not know why but I felt a powerful urge to have it all make sense, which it did up until now. The professor clapped his hands sending a shockwave through the group as the action came out of nowhere. 'Of course not!' The professor followed his sudden clap and looked me straight in the eyes as if I was about to be scolded. Then he continued with a sudden smile that erupted after some twitchy motions in the space between his eyes and his nose: 'Did I not already tell you all that this is the climax of it all, students? These are top grade laborers. The finest of them all. They are Narcwerkz-quality, I tell you. Carefully engineered to one sole purpose and that is to be the best!' It started to make sense now and before the professor told me I had already realized.

'They will end up as specialists in their fields. When hundreds are needed, only twenty of ours is needed! Efficiency, students. Remember that word.' The professor added and looked at his watch and the expression it gave him was that of sadness. The class was almost over and with a clear signal from his hand we all started to walk over to the elevator. What an exciting day I remember thinking as we walked and discussed what we had seen and learned that day. Before reaching the elevator the last thing I heard was someone yelling, or maybe they tried to alert us. Then I saw some sparks and everything went black.

'It was truly wonderful Director. They took in the knowledge as if it were to prolong their life force! I saw it! Every word spoken they scribbled down.' I recognized the professor's voice say but I could not see anything. I heard footsteps walking around and I noticed how they stopped behind me. I was laying down. A lighting bolt of fear struck me as the idea that I might have gone blind came to me.

'What about the...' The strange voice asked but was interrupted by the eager professor who took over the talk: 'A simple malfunction which was spotted and taken care of right away. This is to be expected and this time it was only one out of twenty that did not pass the test.' I could not make any sense of what they spoke of but it sounded as if they were talking about Heinreich Damman. I tried to move my body so that they would know I was conscious but to no avail. All that I could do was lie down and listen while I imagined I was in some sort of hospital room. 'How many got destroyed the incident then?' The strange voice spoke again. Their voices seemed much clearer here in the darkness. 'Seven... The rest is turned off and on standby in the hospital.' The professor answered and somehow it appeared as if they were talking about what had happened earlier in front of the elevator.

'And this one?' The stranger spoke and his voice got louder as if he was right next to me. 'Ah... A real waste of potential. What a shame.' The professor said in a displeased voice. 'Our most advanced model. It sucked in information like none of the others. We can get the hard drive retrieved easily, but it was equipped with some serious experimental stuff that is damaged beyond any repair. Secret stuff, if you get me.' The professor spoke in a serious low voice and his words almost killed me as I instantly realized exactly what they were talking about.

'Such a shame. Turn it off then. Get the hard drive and do not worry about fundings for new models. I see a great promise in this whole ordeal.' The stranger assured the professor.

I panicked and tried to move. I tried with every inch in my body to jump up and run away as fast as I could, but no matter how hard I tried to move nothing happened.

'Hah! I am delighted! Thank you, thank you Director! Let me just find the switch. Ah here it is!'


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