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Fuck. He wasn't really mine, but fuck it hurts.

Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



I knew that there wasn't security.

I knew that you hadn't figured out what you wanted.

Regardless of what I knew,

You still said cute things to me.

Told me beautiful word pictures,

Of life and mentalities.

I began to get more attached. 

Damn. I miss you.

Then you dropped the bomb.

When you were talking to me more,

I thought to myself, why?

I knew it was coming.

Trust me, I knew.

I notice everything.

I came to a conclusion,

You wanted to say you tried.

I am really hurt B.

I went on a date with another.

Just wished it was you.

I've never been like this.

What am I supposed to do with my feelings?

Nobody has affected me like you.

You weren't sure of me,

That told me you didn't chose me.

I was upset and angrily ran.

Crying and running was a first.

That turned to drinking.

I want you.

I don't play games.

I don't give a fuck.

I'm still not okay, my friend.

I remember what you said about hope.

I do want you to choose me.

My heart yearns for yours.

The depths we've gone.

The laughter we've shared.

I want to focus on life, with you.

Life isn't fair, I'll move on.

I don't want to.

You said you wanted someone to fight for you,

I would if you'd let me.

But you aren't sure.

And I am hurt.

Figure it out,

I'm the only me you'll find.

With or without you I'll live.

I think we'd be pretty dopeass,

Just sayin'.

My thoughtful, hardass, and honest B,

I'll always support you.

I'll always make time for you.

I'll always love on you.

Just give me the word,

And I'll put my romantic feelings away.

Why? Because I want the best for you.

Even if I think I am,

You're allowed to tell me I'm wrong,

But I don't think you want to.

I think you're scared of what we could be.

It's scary for the both of us.

Maybe in the future we'll be ready.

You and I will conqure the world,

Together or apart.

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