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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Review Chain

Cinder has always been down on her luck and has turned to prostitution to make it in life. Now that she is getting an opportunity at another life, will she let it pass?

Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



There is a room filled with smoke and a young woman sound asleep. There are bongs lying on the floor and a puddle underneath one of them. The woman rolls over and reveals a lit blunt in her hand. The blunt touches a sheet and eventually sets fire to it, the woman doesn't notice it.

The fire starts to spread and she doesn't wake up. Soon she slowly starts to open her eyes.

"What's that smell?" She notices the flickering orange flames spreading across her bedroom floor and her heart rate rises.

"Shit!."She throws the cover off herself and drops the miniature amount remaining of the blunt. "Shit, shit, shit!!" She opens a window and flames burst out. She shields herself with her arms resulting in second-degree burns on them.

She jumps out the first-floor window and throws off her burning clothes leaving her in her underwear.

"My landlord's going to kill me." She focuses on this fact as runs over to the complex next to hers with the doors on the outside and bangs on one while simultaneously pushing the doorbell.

The door soon opens revealing a groggy man. "What going on?"

"My rooms on fire. Call 9-1-1!" She panics.

The man steps outside, looks over, and notices it. "Holy shit." He runs back inside and grabs a cell phone. "We have a fire on Minor Drive, come quick."

The woman runs back over to her apartment complex and starts banging on the doors near hers. "Get out!!!"

People slowly start exiting their homes and then running outside. Some go back in and gather some of their belongings.

Soon a fire truck rolls up and prepares to put on the fire that has yet to leave the woman's room.

She looks down at her potential scars."Never smoking alone again." She sighs as she notices an ambulance rolling up and walks over to it. They soon start to clean her wounds and prevent scarring.

Her landlord later arrives and starts to scold her. 

"I said I'm sorry." The woman states.

"Cinder...You are too irresponsible."They reply. "This isn't the first time you've broken something and this is worse than just breaking something. I can't do this anymore, Maybe if you kept up with your rent I would give you another chance but..." 

"You know I always catch up." Cinder begs.

"Yes...You always catch up but it's not worth it when I always have to someone come over here and fix something for you. I'm going to have to evict you." Her landlord responds.

"Greg, please." She gets on her knees. "I'll do anything."

He walks away.

A few weeks later Cinder is walking the streets the of Los Angeles. After looking for a new place to stay and ultimately failing to find one. She eventually loses her job as she was found living there.

One night someone approaches her as she sits under Vincent Thomas Bridge.

"What is a pretty lady like you doing on these streets?" They ask as they sit down next to her.

"I have nowhere else to go." She states without looking at the man.

"How long have you been here?" The man asks as he fiddles in his pocket trying to force out his wallet.

"Not long." She states as she places her hand on his signaling she doesn't want his money.

"Why don't you go to a shelter?" He asks as he takes his hand away.

"I guess I haven't given up yet. Why are you here?" Cinder replies as she pulls her legs up and wraps her arms around them.

"I don't know. I just felt like coming down here and since I think you're the reason why." He states slightly flirty

"Whatever. If you're trying to get something out of me I'm not interested." She states as she pushes herself away from him.

"I just want to give you an opportunity if you ever decide you need." He goes back to pulling out his wallet and later hands her a card.

"A brothel?" She asks disgustedly.

"I can always use more girls." He replies as he forces his wallet back into his pocket.

"I'm not interested." She gets up and tries to hand him back the card.

"Keep it just in case." He leaves.

Cinder throws the card on the ground and goes to sleep.

She job hunts for another three months until she finally breaks and picks up the card again. 

"Drystan Welsh. What kind of name is that?"

The next day she visits the brothel that works under the front of a standard pornography studio to see if the offer is still available. She walks in and Welsh greets her.

"You look terrible but, we can fix that. I knew you would come along eventually jobs just aren't that easy to find nowadays." He states.

"So I can have the job." Cinder states obviously annoyed by his statement.

"Of course, I don't see why you would have to ask. You're beautiful and the guys will love you." He claps his hands. "Ladies please clean her up."

"Yes, sir." That's when three women pull Cinder to the back, bathe her, do her makeup and put new clothes on her. One of them leaves and brings Welsh to the back.

"You look amazing." He states as his jaw drops.

Cinder walks over to a full body mirror and stares amazed. "I didn't think I could look this good."

"I'll have you go out tonight unless you wanna just get your first one out the way." Welsh states.

"Why don't I just do porn instead? It seems safer." Cinder asks as she walks towards him.

"Once you do porn it's very difficult to get out of it and work somewhere else. No one has to know about this." He replies."But, if you want to that instead it's fine." He pulls out his phone and prepares for her answer.

The brothel probably has a higher chance for Stds and is illegal but porn obliterates any chance at a normal future after this. "I'll do it tonight."

"Okay, I'll schedule you." Welsh leaves the room as he types in his phone.

Cinder performs well her first night and quickly gets the hang of things as she gets along with the other girls. She works for a few years and builds a name for herself as Ash.

One day she gets a new customer and after they finish.

"Why do you do this?"They ask.

"I can't find another job. I started this because I couldn't find one and I've never stopped searching." She replies as she lights a joint.

"That sucks." They reply as they look up at the ceiling.

"Yeah but, this pays well and it gives me a place to stay if I end up between apartments." She rolls over to the edge of the bed.

"What if I told you, you don't have to do this anymore?" They ask as they turn towards her

"You have a job for me?" Cinder asks as she turns towards him.

"Not exactly. Become mine exclusively. I'll have you whenever you whenever I want and you never have to work again. You can live with me." He states as he grabs his phone and starts scrolling through pictures.

"I don't think I can go back to one penis after doing this for so long. I'm kinda used to it now." Cinder states as she rolls on her back.

"But I have a nice place and you can have whatever you want whenever you want." He replies as He hands her his phone. 

"That would be nice but I'm not sure I just want a sugar daddy either. I like having my own money. Tell you what I'll think about it." She put out the blunt and goes to the bathroom. 

The man becomes a regular requesting her frequently.

"So will you come with me?" He asks again.

"Fine. It'll be better than moving around so often." Cinder replies as she hits a blunt.

"Why do you move around so often?" He asks as he faces her.

"Guys find out where I live occasionally but It's more because I'm clumsy and have a bad habit of breaking things." She responds.

"I don't care about that. I find clumsy kind of sexy." He replies as he rolls over and hugs her.

"I guess that's cool. To be honest, the only reason I'm accepting is because I'm tired of you asking." She states as she curls into him.

"Want to go quit now?" He asks as he snuggles her.

"I'll give them proper notice tomorrow morning. I should go clean up before I fall asleep here." She goes to the bathroom.

The man follows her. "Let me go with you tomorrow."

"I should be fine on my own." She closes the door behind her.

"You never know. You might need the backup this isn't a normal business you know." He states as he leans on the door.

"I'll be fine." She replies.

The next morning she goes to leave a letter of resignation.

"That's not how this works. We are running an illegal operation we can't just let girls go." Welsh states smugly

"What happened to this being so I don't have trouble finding work and moving on."Cinder replies angry.

"That was before you became one of my best girls." He states with a sinister grin. 

"I don't want to do this forever!" She replies as she slams her hands on Welsh's desk

"I don't care what you want. And I mean whatever you found couldn't possibly pay more than this." He crosses his arms.

"But it has more security than this. Anyone could call the police and shut this place down and then I'll be screwed." Cinder falls back into a chair.

"No one would do that. All our customers and girls are happy." He tips his chair back.

"I don't want to risk it anymore." Cinder replies trying to calm down.

"What can I change to get you to want to stay?" Welsh asks.

"Didn't you just listen what I said? It's not like you can't make brothels legal." She leans forward.

"I meant anything else." He replies.

"No, then."Cinder gets up and starts to walk out.

"Who said I was going to let you leave. If I did you wouldn't come back." Welsh states as he gets up and walks towards her.

"I have people on the outside and they will call the police." She hesitates to respond.

"If we get busted you go down with us." He leans over Cinder.

"If I go down I'm taking you with me. Let me quit and none of this ever happened." She replies.

"I'll call your bluff." Welsh pulls out his phone pushes a button on his phone and some women enter the room. "Take her to studio six please." He states with a huge grin.

They pull her into a room and lock her in. Cinder pulls out her phone to find no service. She types a text message to the police for in case she gets lucky and it sends at some point then begins to pace.

Sometime later they let someone in the room with her and It's the regular. He walks over and whispers in her ear.

"Why are you here like this?" He begins to kiss her neck.

She whispers into his. "They won't let me quit."

He comes back up and nibbles on her ear. "They told me not to talk to you. I'll get you out."

When they finish the door opens and they have the man leave.

A couple of hours later Cinder hears sirens outside and the police soon kick the door in. They cover her with a blanket and guide her outside. Where the man greets her with a hug.

Cinder whispers in his ear. "What did you do?"

"Told them the company was forcing some of the girls to stay. I said I've done a scene here and found out. Technically I wasn't lying."

Cinder hugs him tighter. "I guess I should thank you. I would rather go back to being homeless than having no freedom at all."

"Let's get out of here before they get to questioning." The man states as he guides her to his car.

They arrive at a large condo by the beach and pull into a garage. "Welcome to your new life. By the way, what's your real name." 

"Cinder. I never actually learned your name either. They just sent me whoever they sent me." She states as she unbuckles her seatbelt.

"Cody. Cody Welsh." He unlocks the doors, starts to walk in the house but Cinder doesn't follow. "You coming?"

© Copyright 2020 Wyn. All rights reserved.

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