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The main character, Robin, works for a police department as a secretary for the chief of police. Nothing really happens, her days are pretty consistent and quite boring. One day, she starts to
receive messages from an unknown person. She knows nothing about this person but they know everything about her.

Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



Day in and day out. Same routine on permanent repeat. Get up, get dressed, go to work, type away at a screen, go home, watch TV, eat something somewhere in there, take a shower, go to bed, rinse and then repeat. Same dry piece of toast every. Single. Day. Everywhere you go the walls are the same grey desolate wasteland that never changes. Everyone is the same blank slate with a different frame surrounding the picture. Absolutely boring.

Half the time she fell asleep at her desk. The other half she would type around online while her boss is in a meeting of some kind. If the phone rang more than five times in a single day, it was considered a busy day. Usually it was just his wife asking when he was free for lunch, which was always eleven o'clock. And she would be here, right on the dot, eleven o'clock. And it's always the same, ham and cheese sandwich with a red apple. I asked her once why she never changed the menu. She told me that she read an article online that said the healthier the lunch the more weight you'll lose. She did try to bring a salad once but he told her no, meat was a requirement. This was their compromise. Although, she was not aware of the vending machine in the break room and the stack of quarters her boss kept in the desk.

Today's challenge was to beat her current flappy bird score of 253. The world record is currently 1486, but a girl can dream. Making sure the bird didn't smash into a pipe was the most exciting thing at the current moment. The closest she could get was up to the 200 range then he would plunge to his death while she tried to make the gap at the very bottom. She had gotten up to 238 when her messenger notification went off. Not prepared for it she got the timing off and smacked the bird's head into one of the pipes, "Son of a..." Rolling her eyes, she leaned forward in her chair to see who it was that butchered her bird.



???????: Hello.

Me: Hi.

???????: Whatcha up to?

Me: Nothing.

???????: Well thats boring.

Me: Thanks for the reminder.

Me: Who are you?



???????: BATMAN!!!!

Me: Okay. What is it that you want?

???????: Will you be my sidekick?

Me: Sure, now what?



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Opening the file, she found a filled out police report with four attached photos, of the scene. One description was about a high schooler found dead. None of the photos appeared to be fake and the report was what slid across her desk everyday. There was no mistaking it.



Me: Who the hell are you and how did you get these?



???????: Okay fine, you can be Batman.

Me: Do you even know who I am.



???????: Robin Lane, age twenty-eight, current occupation is secretary of Chief of Police for the West Lafayette division, current phone number is (910) 325-6389, current address is apartment 18J, Red Willow on main street, you graduated high school with honors and went to Purdue College, majored in Criminal Justice only to become a Secretary for the job you wanted.



???????: Your turn, Guess me!


How the hell....

She glanced up at the people across the room from her, no one had flinched when she looked up but that didn't mean anything. She looked to the conference room where the meeting had just started to close up and everyone was leaving. Her boss then proceeded to his own desk and made off with his quarters.



Me: Lucas or Garrett?




Me: Do I even know you?

??????: Not personally. My favorite color is blue.

Me: Mr. Rowland?

??????: Why the hell would your boss waste his time like this?

Me: I'm grasping at straws. Gonna need a hint.



??????: Okay, but first your gonna have to do something for me.

Me: What is that?

??????: Solve it.

Me: What?

??????: Solve the case I sent you. Think of it like a riddle. Get it right, and I will give you one hint.

Me: Why?

??????: Please?

Me: There is something wrong with you.

??????: Possibly. Or maybe I'm the only sane one here. The fact that you haven't threatened to turn me in yet should be proof enough that you yourself have no straight way of thinking.


IT'S NOT LIKE I COULD!!! She took a breath and proceeded to look what he had sent her. Once she looked at it further, the case was of multiple murders that had taken place right here in Indianapolis. One was of the high schooler, one was of a cook for a restaurant and the last was for a sales clerk.

She remembered reading something like this before. Scooting her chair over to the filing cabinet, she shuffled through some of the files and found all of the cases. Each was a separate case that were still in the process of being solved. They were in no way connected.

Ignoring this fact, she looked at the rest of it. The high schooler was found outside of an old bank, gun shot to the back. The cook was out in the middle of nowhere, off in a field, beaten with a blunt instrument. And the sales clerk was on the side of the railroad tracks, decapitation. They were all killed where they were found and none had any major defensive wounds.

She looked up and down all of the files looking for what connected them all together. Hell, maybe this person is just being an egotistical jerk.



Me: You would think that they knew the killer considering that none seemed to put up much of a fight. That said, the person must have drove them out to where they all were found which means that they each trusted the person. But the person didn't know them considering they were each found in spots that they would have never been otherwise. If the killer didn't know the occupation then it was most likely someone who is in the driving service. But it's all just a huge assumption. There is still a big chance that it's all just a coincidence and they are all just separate murders. But I'm guessing you wouldn't have sent them to me unless you thought otherwise.


Minutes scrolled by.



??????: Thank you for proving my point.



??????: You might want to go home early today, you look tired.

She shot up like a light, startling several people around her. She scanned each of their faces looking for absolutely anything. Turning up empty handed, she returned to her computer and started to type once more.



Me: Who are you?


Minutes scrolled by once more. The typing icon no longer appeared at the bottom of the screen. She watched while still scanning some of the other faces in the office. One person made their way over. "Ma'am, are you okay? You look pale?" He was short but slender with his head shaved.



Me: Hello???


"Yeah, I'm fine. Just need to get home and get some rest. Or so I'm told." She watched as the icon next to the username turned grey as they went offline. GOD DAMN IT!!!! Who the hell was this guy and what was he trying to do? Thanks for proving my point? What point? How did he get all of that information? What is he hopeing to achieve? Who......the hell......was that?

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