bully in love

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A bully fall for a girl who has blood cancer and was about to die .But how he fall for her after bully her so harshly?

Submitted: October 08, 2017

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Submitted: October 08, 2017



Hiro was famous for his craziness and insameness in the whole school.

He was in his own world not caring about anyone.

He was a ganster and can kiss anyone's girlfriend .

Anyone don't had the courage to go against him.

Here's enter ,the Shelley .

She was as white as snow from her heart.

She was calm,and have no friends.

On the first day at hiro's school, she accidentally fall on hiro.

She bullied by him but don't respond .

He got irritated and pushed her aside .

Her hand striked on the wall and started bleeding.

Everyone staring at the situation ,but don't had the courage to go against him.

She don't got angry , instead leave without saying anything.

Days passed but she don't showed up.

After many days ,she came and teacher allotted her the seat just before hiro's.

After the teacher leaved ,he take her hand and pushed her towards the wall.

Everyone was watching but again don't said anything .

He holded her hand tightly and stucked them on the wall with her linning on hims.

"What do you think ,you can ignore me " he said.

She again don't replied.

He gets irritated , and pressed his lips on hers harshly.

She reckely moved her hands to stoped him , but don't succeeded.

After he finshed and was leaving .

I voice came from his back "stop".

It was Shelley's voice , she moved towards him.

She slapped him, everyone was shocked .

"What's your problem,what's you think if i don't say a word ,then you can do whatever you want " she said.

Everyone was focusing towards him, but this time he don't said a word .

She left and he sat quietly on his desk.

Again she don't showed for days.

When many more days passed and she don't showed up.

He got her home address and leaved for a visit

It was in a Dusty street where all the homes were empty .

He rings the bell but no one replied.

His gaze shifted towards a broken Window .

He enterned from it

It was dark inside .

He goes upstairs and entered a room.

Shelley was lying on the floor collapsed .

He suddenly take water from the table and drop some drops on her face.

She gained consciousness and surprised to see him.

"Are you fine" he asked in a very caring and innocent way.

"What are you doing here?" she asked in a surprising way .

"Oh about that i was just passimg through this street so i came" he said.

She knew that he was lying but don't said anything .

"Why don't you showed up for days?" he asked.

"It has nothing to do with you" she replied.

Suddenly a earthquake came and she fall on him .

There was only a inches distance between their faces.

"You have to go now" she said

"But..........." before he could completed his sentences , she pushed him from that window where he came from .

Next day she came to school .



He confessed to her but she rejected .

"But why" he asked with tears in his eyes .

"Because.......c.......au"before she could completed it she collapsed.

At hospital docter told him that she had blood cancer and don't have much time.

He got heartpained and understood why she don't, showed up and rejected him

She got consciousness and find him holding her hand and weeping .

"I don't love you just leave " she said .

He hugged her tightly and weeped hardly.

They kissed.

Next morning he found himself sleeping next to her .

She had a very sweat smile on her face .

Doctors took her dead body .

After someday he made her funeral in her house and maked a deep curve.

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